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  1. It’s getting worse and worse man. I don’t get these guys and women who are trying to recreate their youth. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I don’t mind killing a day to hunt… just these nice spring weekends are packed to the brim with shit to do, on top of trying to be a good dad. Shits tough as many of you good dads know! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. It's fair. The term is obviously what got under your skin and I guess it was the wrong choice of words. My point is that many, many, many woman can pull back a bow and it seemed that you were imply that they just couldn't. I think we've beat that to death. My whole food plot journey is chronicled on my youtube if you're interested in checking it out. I just popped a tire on my kunz mower so she's down for a bit, which is fine as there hasn't been any rain since I planted my clover lol. Going to be a long while before I have to mow it. but the orchard grasses are about knee high already too.
  4. totally flaked again this morning. Was ready to go, but I just don't have the drive for turkeys like I do for deer. I think it's the time of year. We had baseball from 8-1 yesterday and then I spent the rest of the day doing yard work and crashed around 8. Another full day today and the thought of being whipped just didn't get me out of bed at 4am. If I can get a nap in I usually do ok, but otherwise I find myself being shot for the day. Anyone else? With a business trip this week I just felt the sleep was more worth it. We get a new puppy on Saturday so I honestly only see maybe 1 or more hunts this year...
  5. Boys made it to 3-1 this morning with some great hitting and pitching. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. We're close to mid-season already as sad as it is to say. What's the consensuses for everyone? Normal season, quiet season, active season? I don't have a great history on the property I hunt so it's hard for me to determine, but it seems the activity has been less than last year. I've had gobbling and yelps, but only eyes on 2 birds.
  7. if you're on this site and haven't seen that movie it should be an instant ban. Once you've seen the movie you can rejoin haha
  8. dude I have a pretty demanding job and 3 kids under 10, I've been getting up at 4 to turkey hunt and in the afternoon putting in a big ass food plot, I can barely remember what I had for breakfast. If I posted a meme from a porn that wasn't porn then I broke zero rules. Despite the fact that I piss some people off with my opinions, I have been and will continue to be one of the biggest advocates for this site and community. Now some may say that my opinions hurt this site because it creates drama, and maybe they're right. But I have always stood up for what is legally and ethically right and have always promoted less non-hunting BS, removal of the political section and a more family friendly site. I think the difference between me and some others is that I know who I am. I accept that I'm a dick from dicksville (that's the joke btw), while some others are just dicks and don't know it. They think they're some great white knight in shining armor here to change the world.
  9. so to be clear. We should allow crossbows into archery for teenage girls? You've now peaked my interest in this porn that I posted. I've always followed the rules of this site, but if you're the mayor with a sharp as a tack mind, so be it. I'm sorry for posting porn I guess. If you can PM me the pic, I'd like to have a chuckle too. that's it for me tonight. off to baseball.
  10. be careful now that charts says apex's daughter and close friend are abnormal in their inability to pull back 35 pounds. Archers profile Recommended draw weight Small children (till 8 years old) 10-20 LBS Larger children (8 till 13 years old) 20-25 LBS Teenage female (13 till 18 years old) 25-35 LBS Teenage male (13 till 18 years old) 30-40 LBS Female (18 years and older) 25-35 LBS Male (18 years and older) 40-55 LBS
  11. To be clear, you know someone who is 38 and in great shape, no disabilities that can't pull back 35 pounds? Has your teen soccer star ever tried to pull back 35 pounds?
  12. dude you basically said that we should allow the crossbow because women can't pull back a bow. I have 2 female cousins, neither of which are beefy by any stretch that have harvested multiple nice deer. I just texted one of them and asked what she drew. She said 55-60 and her younger sister 50-55. I asked what she thought about 40. Her reply was that if you can't pull back 40 you probably can't climb a tree either. which made me laugh, but we digress. I stand by my statements of 870 toting pumpkins. What of it? I still don't know what porn you're talking about though. Can you refresh my memory there? I've never received a single infraction on this site and sure as heck don't recall posting any porn. I posted my wife in a bikini once... that's all I can think of and if you think that was porn, then her and I are flattered.
  13. I post porn? When and where? again with the personal insults Rob. I was generalizing new archery hunters, that's why I chose arbitrary ages (sorry if that's a big word I learned with my fancy degree). My reasons for not posting deer pics are my own, and I really don't care what you think of me and my money, my family or my opinions so I guess I just don't understand why the need to make it personal. If you want to make crossbow available all season long so a 14 year old girl can go archery hunting just say that and leave it at that. I guess I didn't realize soccer players developed strong upper bodies. I stand corrected again. man ya'll are sensitive. 100 lb. bow? What? lol
  14. so if I confused what you meant, why not just correct me instead of slinging insults?
  15. I chose 55 as it's generally the recommended weight for normal NY deer hunters. I guess we will agree to disagree on 55 being difficult for the average able bodied teen or adult.
  16. I was not the only one who read between the lines in your comment. If you didn't mean what it seemed you said, then no biggie. However 55 pounds is not difficult for any able bodied male or female above the age of 14. Period. For those that are elderly or disabled, we've covered that already. next.
  17. Oh that's the point, I WAS out there... but in a different spot. This spot is pretty swampy but tends to get active as the spring dries out. I'll be there next sit for sure, if anything just to switch it up. I'm like 0 for 3 with pissed off hens in my turkey career. I bring them in all angry and not once with a dude in tow.
  18. I knew having cell cams out would piss me off. Times an hour off Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Had a hen yelp back at me a few times early, otherwise quiet on this beautiful morning. Will be hunt #3 and the first without any gobbles if it holds. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. we're in full swing
  21. i thought they did away with the back tag requirement? I might be thinking of another state.
  22. and you know my feelings on the elderly and disabled grampy
  23. So my point with the early compound compared to traditional is that traditional (outside of sustenance cultures) never really took off mainstream. They exist, they're there and they were there back in the 12th century. But they were hunting to survive, not how we hunt today in north america.
  24. I don't know a woman that can't pull back 55 pounds. Pretty sexists comment right there. And I know plenty of 16 year olds who can as well. You're saying they can hold a job, play sports, drive a car but can't pull 55 pounds?
  25. I've never had the patience but they're digging holes all over my orchard right now. Do you guys just setup on a hill and glass? Time of day?
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