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  1. My Ruger American stock touches on the left hand side too. I think I'm going to re stock mine with something aftermarket. I thought mine was an isolated incident, and didn't bother mentioning it when comparing the two guns on here. Good luck to the original poster. Hope you are happy with whatever rifle you end up buying.
  2. Tikka makes a really nice rifle. If I was in the market for a new toy, Tikka would be one that I would seriously look into.
  3. I own both. Ruger is a light weight solidly enough built gun that will reliably print good groups on paper and in the field. My only gripes with the ruger are the stock is really flimsy (even more so than the cheap 700 plastic stocks supplied by Remington) and the bolt handle has a habit of lifting when you don't want it to while wandering around the woods (it likely gets pushed/moved by my clothing/pack). The trigger is good enough on the ruger, and I really like the removable magazine. I definitely like the 700 better. You can pick a cheap version up for less than $500, and customize and modify it as much as you want to fit your needs. I own, hunt and shoot both, but if I had to choose between the two, it would be the Remington 700 all day.
  4. http://www.winchester.com/library/targets/Pages/Targets.aspx Here is another one.
  5. squirrel, grouse, rabbit almost every day. basically just long walks in the woods, not too much luck this winter, I think the hawks, owls, coyotes, foxes and feral cats are eating well near me. flushed 3 grouse out on Monday but only had a 22 with me, then brought out shotgun on Tuesday and didn't flush any birds
  6. I have had a skunk brush up against my boot years ago, and last year had a gray fox stalking my decoys after I shot my bird last year.
  7. congratulations on the 2 bucks and the doe. I do hunt the area. I live here and own some land. I've been hunting here ever since I was old enough to hunt.
  8. a can of coke in the crock pot does the trick. that's how we do it. cook for 4-5 hours on high, then drain the coke, shred the meat and add a jar of dinosaur bbq sauce. put it on a good hard roll and you have a delicious little sandwich
  9. always has been shotgun only. welcome to hunting in the lisle area. good luck out there.
  10. not sure which will be more accurate. I'm sure either of them will be a 200 yd gun without a problem. I think brownings are nice, but I am a Remington guy. I kind of like the pump better than the lever, and I like American made guns better than Japanese made guns.
  11. Buy the brinkman or a commercial series char broil and save your money for hunting gear, unless you're keeping up with the jonses. I really don't see any quality issues that account for doubling the price for a webber.
  12. Nice job on the yotes broome county guys.
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