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  1. Team Hoyt

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Stuffed pork chops, green bean casserole, fries, and a tossed salad.
  2. Cub Cadet 1541. Has a snowblower and mower. Runs good, I just no longer need it. $1200 or best offer
  3. Team Hoyt


    I dont know why its sideways
  4. Team Hoyt

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Fish Fry with some BlackBerry Kolsch from Ellicottville Brewing Company
  5. Team Hoyt


    Yeah I'm curious. It's a new product. Definitely be trying it this weekend
  6. Team Hoyt


    Beer run
  7. Heard about this earlier today. Unfortunately I think this is only the beginning of the long road ahead
  8. Team Hoyt

    Coyote hunting

    Yeah I've got the foxpro that connects to the machine. I was talking about the coyote decoy that looks like a coyote
  9. Team Hoyt

    Coyote hunting

    Has anyone used one of them coyote decoys. Been looking at them and thinking about buying one. Idk if they help or not. They look like the legs collapse into the body so it won't be to bulky to get in the field.
  10. Team Hoyt

    Alps pack

    It's got good reviews. Order 1 and let us know lol
  11. Team Hoyt

    Coon calling

    Has anyone tried calling in coons to hunt. Been watching YouTube videos. Looks like fun
  12. Team Hoyt

    Whatcha got for a temp ?

    -10 here, idk what the windchill is
  13. Team Hoyt

    Coyote hunting

    Thanks, I'll be calling him Tomorrow
  14. Team Hoyt

    Coyote hunting

    I'm thinking about it lol