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  1. That's my thought not really a cover scent, but another trick to add to the call and decoy
  2. The scent wick can looks it would be easier and less chance of a mess.
  3. As I'm doing research and trying out to figure out predator hunting, would it be wise to use some kind of scent around my caller and decoy. I'm thinking a rabbit smell or wildlife research coyote juice, or whatever. My thought is place it by the caller and if a dog comes downwind it will smell that and possibly hide my scent better?
  4. Dont know til you try
  5. Been looking around at ammo safes to keep it secured and organized. Do I go with a fireproof safe or not?
  6. I dont know if youd be interested but I've got a single shot 243 I'd sell
  7. So I won a coyote decoy. Will this help? How and where do you place it