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  1. Seen him in concert a couple times. By far the best concert to see. RIP
  2. Team Hoyt


    It's a Hamburg kind of night
  3. What's everyone having luck with for woodchuck bait. We live in a village and cant use a firearm so were stuck with a havaheart. Hes old and smart.
  4. Rotisserie chicken on the grill. Giving it a try
  5. Whatever we decide to cook up at the fire house lol
  6. Same I here, I'm up to 10. Been using a bucket with half full of water and sunflower seeds on top.
  7. Been watching alot of whitetail habitat solutions and getting some great ideas on my food plots and general hunting. Hes always talking about building water holes. Anyone try these and your results? Thinking of trying it out this year
  8. Looking for a field disc or atv disc in the western ny area. Thanks
  9. Ok so were getting into food plots this year. Well be planting in old logging roads. I came across a cheap spring tine harrow from a farmer. Would we be better to buy a disc or go with the spring tine to get the soil prepared for seeds. Well be using a atv for the process