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  1. Agreed the more light from the moon, less to no deer travel in the morning
  2. Yeah I eliminated all the weeds with 41% glyphosate
  3. I lost all of my plots. Guessing no rain and didn't do a soil test. My fault 1st year doing plots so I'm learning. They started out looking good but now its gone
  4. I'm guessing its going to be solar powered, or you don't care about the generator noise? Awesome stand though
  5. Yep meat would fill the freezer and its pretty cool looking
  6. I started having my brassicas growing good 2 weeks ago maybe 2 inches tall. Planted August 1. Go check it today and nothing is there. Idk if they got ate because just down the trail they are still there with not much new growth. Frustrating.
  7. I've had a few show up but not all of them
  8. I received it to. But I already have that tag printed off when I purchased my tags at the town office. Do I have 3 tags now?
  9. Do you get anything for sending them in?
  10. Team Hoyt


    Whats it taste like. Appreciate the offer
  11. Team Hoyt


    How is it, kinda wanna try it but don't wanna buy a case then not like it