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  1. No it was thawed before putting in the brine. I used instacure 1, sugar, pickling spice, cinnamon stick, kosher salt, sugar, garlic cloves. I followed a recipe on hunter, angler, gardner, cook website
  2. Tomorrow im taking the venison out of the brine. Its been in for a week now. I see that I need to simmer the venison in water til a internal temp of 165. The roast im using was already frozen. Should I cook it tomorrow and refrezze it. Or can I just freeze it and cook later when ready to eat?
  3. How do you get them on backorder. I've looked and see nowhere for that.
  4. Can we get the recipe for the pastrami? I'm in the process of brining corned venison. Would i brine it in the same brine then add the seasoning?
  5. So is it best to put $20 in and let it sit for awhile. I literally am learning as I go lol
  6. Thinking of getting into Amazon, Microsoft and tesla because its mentioned alot on here. Never done stocks before. Is it best to put $20 in each and let it go and once I make $100 on it to cash out the $100 and keep going or what
  7. Just sent a email and got these response, hopefully tomorrow a real person will respond. Thanks
  8. I just made $250 on my bitcoin, not to bad for not knowing stocks. I think I'll cash my $250 out and keep my original $100 in to keep going. How can I join in stocks thats easy? Through a app?
  9. Day 6 last night was my best night yet. Not as congested today, hopefully on the home stretch of getting over this.
  10. Day 5 taste/smell are gone. Its a odd feeling. Still congested but maybe not as much
  11. My sense of smell... gone. I was hoping to be rounding the corner by now
  12. Feels like allergies this afternoon/ tonight. Itchy watery eyes, sneezing, congested.
  13. Day 4. Congested still. Sucks
  14. Day 3 still congested. But the sinus headaches last night... rough
  15. Day 2 of isolation even though my symptoms started Monday. Still just congested. No worse then the head cold I get every year.