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  1. Switched from rage to slick trick, ill never switch back now
  2. I just purchased a dead ringer beard buster sights. Ill be installing them.on benelli supernova and mossberg 835. They fit on the vent tube. I cant find any info online on where to place the rear sights. And if I'm shooting high,do I move the rear sight towards the shooter or towards the end of the barrel
  3. Got it done today. 26lbs. Awesome hunt. We ended up getting a double.
  4. It feels like a good morning. Rain just stopped, ready to hear some gobbling
  5. I also have hevi shot #4 would that be ok or is that steel
  6. Getting things together for tomorrow turkey hunting. I've got a benelli super nova. Should I use the benelli full choke tube or a hevi shot mid range choke. Im shooting Winchester super X 5 shot. The benelli choke says no steel shot.
  7. Heard the same from my pool supplier
  8. Got the opportunity to take a youth out this season. The kid has been raised around hunting but in the past year he's been involved with some rough times. He talks daily of wanting to get out hunting some gobblers. I haven't been out in years, kina lost the passion and only cared about whitetails. Well I decided im taking this kid out. Told him yesterday he could join me, he eyes lite right up. Now im all sorts of excited to get out there and chase some gobblers. I guess I should be thanking him for getting my passion back. Hopefully we'll get some yard birds to take a dirt nap.
  9. Its that time of year again. Getting ready to spray my first round of gly to the new food plot areas. I will be doing a soil test this year and applying whatever is needed. Who uses liquid fertilizer once the plants start growing and what are you using thanks
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