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  1. Team Hoyt

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Fresh venison Italian sausage with a side of mac and cheese
  2. Team Hoyt

    How are the wood-burners doing?

    Yeah I've burned 2 cord since October sometime. Seemed like alot for us so far. Figured it was just me. But oh well plenty of wood, and gotta love the heat
  3. Just made 20lbs of venison pepperoni, 10lbs of snack sticks, 10lbs of Italian sausage. Have about 10lbs more to make. Think I'm done for the season
  4. Team Hoyt

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Venison onion burgers. Just add salt and pepper. Very good!
  5. Team Hoyt

    Good rifle for daughter

    Savage. I love all of mine
  6. Team Hoyt

    European deer skull

    Just recieved my 2 European deer skulls. I have a wood stove in the room I'd like to hang them. I move my 2 shoulder mounts to the opposite side of the house (2 rooms over) when were burning wood so they don't dry out. Will a European mount dry out or are the safe in the same room
  7. I had that problem 3 years ago on a big 7. It was Remington core lok ammo. Jacked a 2nd round in and it fired. Haven't used that ammo since and no problems. Could be the ammo?
  8. 10lbs of pepperoni snack sticks in the oven
  9. I don't know why the picture is always sideways? But got my skulls back from my crossbow and rifle buck
  10. Team Hoyt

    Need an Opinion

    Avoid the scents. Any deer I've seen when I e used them get very alert and know something is up. I haven't used scents in years because of that. If I was you since you have a dmp I'd shot the first thing I saw, the kid would love it
  11. 85 acre lease. It's our first year on it and I e seen deer every day I've been out except for 1
  12. Team Hoyt

    Gun safe dehumidifier

    I just purchased the Stack On Total Defense 40 gun safe. I've got moisture in my house, and every so often I've gotta wipe the guns off. So I finally purchased a good safe with an electric outlet in it. What kind of dehumidifier do you guys use. I already have the rechargeable ones, and them are a pain because I always forget about it. Just curious to see what works for you guys/gals thanks.
  13. Team Hoyt

    Deer activity when it’s Super cold

    I've never got or seen a deer in these cold temps. You'd think they would have to move. But my observations disagree
  14. Team Hoyt

    nocturnal rutting

    Do you have any ravines, old logging roads, or brier bushes? Deer love all of them I've noticed