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  1. Team Hoyt

    What's for dinner tonight?

    How do you like it
  2. Team Hoyt

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Seasoning her now. Cant wait to be on the patio bbqing. Half propane, the other half charcoal. The bottom is a smoker/ oven
  3. Team Hoyt

    Gun Raffle has me PISSED

    So now theres a new information I found out today after talking to the person I bought the ticket from. The actual "seller". The guy that received the gun decided to put his name on the ticket as the "seller" which clearly he wasn't. Definitely sounds like this POS club wanted certain people to win guns. Unreal. Help me out and get the word out that Randolph rod and gun club is a POS and dont bother supporting this organization. As I talked to the president he said that bad publicity will not affect his organization. GAME ON
  4. Team Hoyt

    Gun Raffle has me PISSED

    The other guy
  5. Team Hoyt

    Gun Raffle has me PISSED

    The president admitted my name was drawn.
  6. Team Hoyt

    Gun Raffle has me PISSED

    So I bought tickets from Randolph rod and gun club. Raffle takes place I get a call the next day saying I've won a ruger American predator 6.5 creedmoor. Sweet. Dealer tells me give me 2 weeks the gun will be in. I wait just over 2 weeks call the dealer back to see what's the status. To my suprise I'm told theres a mistake you didn't win now. WTF. (I understand it's not the dealers problem) I then call the president of the club, and explain we have a problem. I've won a gun now and now I'm told I didn't that it's a mistake. The so called president states yes I heard last week that your name got drawn but it was a sellers gun and you weren't the seller. He then states the sellers name. I'm sorry i didn't purchase tickets from this seller. He then goes on and says this is very confusing now, I'll see board members tomorrow night and I'll make this right for you. Perfect. Tonight I get a call from this joke of a president and says yep it was a mistake were not doing anything about it. WTF after a few heated words. In summary I won a gun now I'm denied it saying it's a mistake? I've purchased a $400 scope already with no return for this gun, and all I get is it's a mistake. Not even a apology. This president then hangs the phone up. The board couldn't even call to say hey we screwed up, I hear it from the dealer. If I would of got a call I'd be ok no problem were humans. I am really pissed now, any suggestions for next step?
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  8. Team Hoyt


  9. Team Hoyt

    Holy Crap!!!

    Hes doing a fox mount for me. Can't wait
  10. Team Hoyt


    Good night for a fire
  11. Team Hoyt

    Barrel Rust

    What's the best way to get rust off of my gun barrel. Noticed it this morning. It's not pitted. I wiped it down with some wipes. Thanks
  12. Yeah it is, I just no longer need it
  13. Team Hoyt

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Stuffed pork chops, green bean casserole, fries, and a tossed salad.
  14. Team Hoyt


  15. Cub Cadet 1541. Has a snowblower and mower. Runs good, I just no longer need it. $1200 or best offer