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  1. Pitch black. Got them with my head lamp
  2. Had 3 does bedded right under my stand. Noticed 2 new scrapes around as well hopefully it's a good morning. Here til 10am
  3. Team Hoyt

    Lots of birthdays today

    Happy birthday
  4. Team Hoyt

    Favorite stand snack

    I don't take anything to stand with me. But tomorrow I'm doing a all day sit, so I'm packing a lunch and keeping it in the sidexside
  5. Team Hoyt

    are you into sports?

    Watch ALOT of the yankees try probably 85% of all there games. Love the ohio state buckeyes. And Sundays we all get together for football
  6. Team Hoyt

    Stand height

    I've got 3 stands. All of them are 16 ft. Wouldn't mind to get to 20, but I figure come the rut, there not paying attention. Time will tell
  7. Team Hoyt

    Young 6 pt Buck

  8. Team Hoyt


    I like to with the rifle. Especially if there's some snow on the ground
  9. Team Hoyt

    Some Nice Ones So Far

    I'd like to make that page
  10. Team Hoyt

    Whats your go to stand

    Ladder stands, feel safer. Fell out of a hang on while trying to get it hung. My fault should of wore my harness. Haven't used 1 sense
  11. Deer in all the fields coming home from work. To bad I've got football practice
  12. Team Hoyt


    Very nice