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  1. I'm doing the same thing next year, but was thinking of using food plot mixes since we have no food plots and no clearings to make some
  2. As the good lord has blessed me again this year with a extra deer for sausage. I process my own meat and will be making Italian, brats, summer, snack sticks. In the past I've bought high temp cheese. Thinking this year I'll just buy store bought shredded cheese. Anyone with experience with it, will it work?
  3. We got ice in cattaraugus county. Accidents all over the fire radio
  4. I just ordered the Walker razor 2 weeks ago for $20. It was a prime special. I love them so far cant wait to use them for shooting
  5. With 2 in the freezer already, I'm taking today off for "The Game" OH...IO
  6. No luck here. It's been a tough year. All I can think is the weather, and plenty of acorns. I'm thinking they have no reason to move. Wish we'd get snow
  7. Giving it a rest today. Very frustrating year. Deer aren't moving and it seems rifle season hasn't opened yet. I've heard 2 shots all weekend
  8. I shot a doe Saturday with them. 150 yard shot first deer I got with the 30-30, destroyed both shoulders couldn't get much meat off them. I was very suprised since I usually use 06 or 308 and not a big problem