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  1. Team Hoyt

    Bird I.D ?

    Ostrich or emu? Lol maybe a robin
  2. #1 idk if I've ever heard of this. I'll be looking in to this thanks
  3. Team Hoyt

    Air drop rabies vaccines

    Try it, does it taste like chicken?
  4. Team Hoyt

    First Shot Daily Pics

    Come on deer season
  5. Team Hoyt

    Broad head of choice?

    Unleash the rage! 100 gr
  6. Team Hoyt

    Pennsylvania Bull Elk Lottery Winner

    Ive lived in that area my whole life, 10 minutes from allegany state park and we have never seen, heard any elk. If they were here word would spread fast lol
  7. Team Hoyt

    Hoyt Power Max

    I might be in the market for a new bow. I already have a hoyt lazer tech that I use now and have had great luck with it. I wont be switching away from hoyt. Anybody have any reviews with the power max? Thanks
  8. Team Hoyt

    Preseason Trail Cam Pics

    I'm barely getting any pictures. I'm thinking maybe they aren't moving to much? Anybody else having this problem
  9. Team Hoyt

    First Shot Daily Pics

  10. Team Hoyt

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Went with the trifecta tonight. Smoked beef, ribs, and chicken. Corn on the cob and a cold beer.
  11. Team Hoyt

    Latest Pull

    Cant wait for the season to get here
  12. Team Hoyt

    Treestand types

    So what's everyone using. The past couple years I've been sitting in 16ft ladder stands. I've used hang on stands to start with. I'm thinking of going back to the hang on. They look to be cheaper as well
  13. Team Hoyt

    Anyone Have A Tip To Share?

    I just got a cub cadet this year. Great tractor, mine has the hose attachment I use it every time I mow. Works great, just need to remember to lower the deck at the lowest setting
  14. Team Hoyt

    Hunting Licences on sale

    I was hoping to get a doe tag for 9r, no luck