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  1. Would you hunt deer with a 9mm ?

    Hell no ! I like to kill clean not torture critters
  2. What you totin on sat and why....

    Model 70 Lightweight 30-06 why because it works!!!!
  3. My first muzzleloader buck

    Thanks all!!!!
  4. Shot him Saturday morning my biggest buck and first deer with muzzleloader.
  5. trigger break weights

    Not really decided on model what range of adjustments are
  6. 1968 model 70 in 270 Win

    I'd say $500 would be ballpark for very good condition it's not a pre 64 and in the second most produced cartridge.if it was a 7x57 264 win mag or 6.5 swede you could expect to pay $640 to $800
  7. For Fun, Pick my weapon!!!

    32 spcl primary 243 win secondary for fun
  8. For Fun, Pick my weapon!!!

    32 spcl primary 243 win secondary for fun
  9. Love me some model 70

    Yes sir rare indeed would love to see pics
  10. first lasting snow = elk fest

    Best of Luck
  11. Love me some model 70

    Mine I just got 2 months ago have t shot yet but she is at gunsmiths now having channel opened and trigger done . It fondled enough before. Bringing to smith to know she carries and points like dream
  12. Love me some model 70

    He meant is same as I believe?????? All three of. Them are mine and have two more I just like them
  13. Love me some model 70

    Mine is 06 and will have a Vx3i just got
  14. Love me some model 70

    s couple of my model 70 s anyone else like them
  15. 2 crossbows