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  1. ginseng easy to find with berries
  2. Very nice !!!!
  3. I know Bill and have seen this gun looks better in person if i had the money it would never had made it to classifieds
  4. Centerpoint sold
  5. Willing to trade ki for 30-30 or win/ R.E.M. Shotgun
  6. which way im going to Massena for my brothers wedding in 3 weeks
  7. Stamford NY willing to drive a little
  8. Happy Birthday
  9. Killer instinct 2017 furious frt 370 fps one month old $500 Centerpoint Sniper 370 two months old $240.
  10. selling mine bought two months ago $240 will throw in 3 black eagle executioners
  11. just beat mine after 3 years.i would highly recommend a stan more x hinge to practice and learn true back tension for hunting you can go to a shootoff or sx3 .get the same size release and finger # for both.I shoot a black jack and a shootoff trio medium.
  12. Ummm yeah how'd you know