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  1. Added a 7600 carbine in 35 whelen to Arsenal.
  2. Savagehunter

    Knife Sharpening ?

    Send back to Buck knives for $6.95 they sharpen and return
  3. Savagehunter

    East Aurora Buck

    What did it weigh
  4. Savagehunter

    Snow in Delaware county 4W

    Half hr from there . Theres snow but crunchy
  5. Savagehunter

    Antler restriction

    Someplaces definetly need no dmps like by me our herd is way down
  6. Savagehunter

    Antler restriction

    If you think that makes you successful you have no clue what Hunting means and I think your kids need another mentor
  7. Savagehunter

    Cigarette smokers

    Yup what I used to do too same thing as Grampy I’d bury them
  8. Savagehunter

    450 marlin, minty!

    Model 70 lightweight 30-06
  9. Savagehunter

    450 marlin, minty!

    Any trades?
  10. Savagehunter

    Antler Restriction Results Poll

    Bullshit #s. Pulled out of someone’s ass!
  11. Savagehunter

    Antler Restriction Results Poll

    The guys who used to shoot a young buck for meat are now killing does doe can equally many deer in just 3 years.hate antler restrictions personally
  12. Savagehunter

    What gun to use in the Adirondacks?

    Are you serious? You still have to make sure you can hit the target with a shotgun too! You owe it to the animal
  13. Savagehunter

    870 youth stock

    dang Nabit!
  14. Savagehunter

    870 youth stock

    is this still available
  15. Savagehunter

    Favorite Whiskey Thread

    JD Green Label and Tullamore Dew