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  1. Are you sure your not my long lost brother lol
  2. or ill keep
  3. Happy Birthday
  4. Or trade for model 70 depending on condition + fair cash
  5. $850 for bow with rest u pick up $1000 complete setup with a dozen new arrows
  6. 280 in model 70 we may be brothers from another mother . Love my Winchesters
  7. $1190 you pick it up
  8. 5 years of working at beating it
  9. It's a sad state of affairs we have come too. The snowflake liberals just keep having thier way because very few will fight . If you all don't feel it I do. We are in a civil war again but unlike the last this one is being fought without honor . God save our country from those that wish it destroyed.
  10. thanks guys 270 win and probablly a Leupold vx31 3.5 to 10
  11. Love my Winchesters
  12. awesome grampy happy for ya
  13. $1300 all set up less than 50 shots through cant beat my target panic .Trades considered would mainly be Model 70 but shoot me a pm with what you have.60lbs 27dl but with right mod will go to not a scratch or imperfection cbe pro sightt elite stablilizer elite quiver elite qad rest will throw in a dozen arrows