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  1. Savagehunter

    What's Wrong with Shooting Young Bucks?

    Hunting is a personal experience that really can’t be measured because there are so many intangibles involved. It is perhaps why it’s the king of sports. There are many things that go into a hunt that can’t be weighed or measured. How do you talley the hard work,difficulty, or skill it took on any given hunt?How do you rate the memories and bonds forged in the woods? You simply can’t ! Sometimes the best hunts end with nothing on the table
  2. Savagehunter

    Remington 7600 35 Whelen Carbine

    Should have said sold pending funds
  3. Savagehunter

    Remington 7600 35 Whelen Carbine

    Still For Sale !!!!! Price drop $650
  4. Savagehunter

    How would you rate yourself as a turkey caller ?

    10 or 0 . 10 if they come 0 if they don’t.
  5. Savagehunter

    Savage 99 .300 Savage

    Is that a slip on pad or aftermarket grind to fit?
  6. Savagehunter

    Savage 99 .300 Savage

    Beautiful gun and awesome mild recoil cartridge. A true classic!!!!!!
  7. Savagehunter

    Remington 7600 35 Whelen Carbine

    Man the Whelen with a box of 200 gr Barnes I’d throw in would be a hell of a Moose gun!
  8. Savagehunter

    Remington 7600 35 Whelen Carbine

    Thanks guys!
  9. Savagehunter

    Remington 7600 35 Whelen Carbine

    It’s already a carbine 18 inch lol
  10. For sale $710 .I have two I put a peep on this one and scope on the other. Unfortunately eyes have aged .I have shot 2 shots through. like new with box and peep if you want .will put pics up later.PM me reasonable offers .
  11. Savagehunter

    Buckmaster>>Good Article

    Tracking either love it or hate it. It’s my favorite
  12. He was awesome as Cheyenne in the series of the same name