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  1. So ,when will we know if any of these proposals passed?
  2. 607. I have thought on food plot,but I only own just over 8 acres.It is also quite wet most of the year.Like I said, buy the land.You will be happy with it.
  3. I have a camp in northern part of Redfield. Here is what i have found after being there 7 yrs.The snow is brutal, usually not to after Thanksgiving.When deep snow comes, the deer leave where I hunt.There are deer there but you really have to work for them. I have gone 3-4 days without seeing any.Bear are almost non existing. To shoot a 3 and 1/2 yr old .You will go a long time without a deer.We have got 9 buck since we started hunting it.(3guys),but only 2 would be that old.If you like to snowmobile, you are in the best area you can be.Buy the land and enjoy all the other things that go with it.Salmon river fishing,etc.We love our camp and I could. not be happier.
  4. I have a camp in Redfield.I agree with Daveboone.Once the really deep snow comes, the deer migrate out of there. This past deer season when we got 3 feet at Thanksgiving time ,the deer left .Been that way for the 7 years I have hunted it.Also on snow depths,northern chateau.com is very accurate as they are live cameras 24/7.Some seem to add on a little more than there is.
  5. Thank's for all the tips guys .Wooly,. for taking the time to post pictures. All are very helpful.If I have any luck ,I will report back.
  6. It is an Primos Gobbstopper set with hen and a Jake
  7. I just received a set of decoys as a gift.Having never used them before, I need a few pointers.Should I just put the hen out alone first? How far away? I might add that I don't have access to any fields.Just woods with maybe 40 yds max.If I do put out both, how far apart? Thanks in advance for any tips.
  8. Thanks guys. I was a little concerned, I have never seen such extreme case of it.
  9. Got this trail cam picture of doe with not much hair on her side. Fawn is following on far left.Any thoughts on her condition?Have not seen this before.
  10. Looks great Joe.I bet you wont bring that one to camp and throw it up in the loft!Ha! Ha! With the others.
  11. I think I read they are only issuing only 250 permits for gun and 40 for archery.The moose hunting is about as bad as the deer hunting is here in Vt.
  12. I have a camp in 6n. Been ther 5 yrs now. We have killed 8 buck so far with about 3 hunters average per season. Also have killed 2 doe with bow. Largest buck was 165lbs to date ,have several in 140-150 lb range as well.You won't see deer every day and you have to work for them, but I am happy with it as it is now. Not a lot of hunting pressure either. I guess it is all in what your looking for.. I don't snowmobile but there is plenty of snow for that if you want that also.I am happy with the way it is and glad I made the investment in camp & land.Also there is plenty of state land close by also.
  13. This is what I put up this fall. 4ftx4ft, 1inch square tubing frame under fabric. Windows on all 4 sides.12 ft high on P.T 4x4's.Built it all for less than 500.00 including blind. Keeps you dry . Only thing is ,it is not really set up for bow,better for gun or crossbow. It is also 6ft 6 inches high
  14. My son and nephew got these deer at my camp in 6n. First week of nov. 6pt. 150lbs and 4pt. 125lbs.Got them 3 days apart.
  15. I had the same problem with my cable breaking like gunner1.Moose plows make a pulley that bolts to plow frame and it raises cable angle up.I put it on late last winter. It was fairly inexpensive. That way ,you don't have to do anything to your cable.
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