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  1. We have these scattered all over the places we hunt. Great if you want to move around during the day you've always got a spot with some concealment
  2. You looking for one for bow hunting?? I dont use a blind for bow hunting since I use a climber. But for gun hunting we use home made ground blinds. Have them scattered all over the areas we hunt. Find them a lot easier that being confined inside a blind all day
  3. A little late to this topic, but have been busy with hunting season and with the holidays and a vacation last week so was away from the computer. Picked a spot to sit on 10/30 that was across a ravine from where I wanted to sit opening day of gun season and had built a ground blind. Wanted to use this just for a little scouting over looking some thick brush with quite a few runs running through it that crosses the ravine in a few spots. Got down to camp kind of early on Friday, relaxed for a bit and headed for the woods a little after 2. Found a decent tree for my climber, about 20 yards up the hill from an opening in the brush below and got set up. Had been in the tree about 30 minutes when i heard a crashing noise behind me. I turned around a saw this guy heading down the hill after he had just jumped into the woods after crossing the road behind me. I was in the woods about 40 yards that cuts down the middle of the hill I was hunting. After watching him rub a tree for a few seconds and make a small scrape under another tree to my right he started walking down the hill and cut right through the opening in the brush below. He stopped a little short of where I was hoping to have him stop but I couldn't wait. I drew back and let the arrow fly at 20 yds. Shot was a little high but he rolled right over and crashed. Tried getting up after a couple minutes later but he ended up dropping. I lost him in the brush after that so I waited for an hour and then headed back to camp to get my buddy. Found him about 20 - 25 yds down the hill in the brush from where I had originally shot him. My biggest bow buck to date. Just thinking about this is making wish bow season started next week.
  4. Yup shouldn't be like that. Shouldn't be reactive. Should never be reactive. It is a shame what it has turned into
  5. The marches yes, breaking into the capital building and vandalizing it?? They should all have been locked up. Shouldn't have sent the national guard there unarmed. Should have never been allowed to gain entry into the capital building to begin with
  6. Optics, that has a lot to do with it. Was watching the coverage all day and when this all started they said that they didn't want to turn the "protesters" away as soon as they arrived so the guards or cops, whoever was there basically gave them a free walk right up to the front door
  7. Especially after the vice resident says the will all be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. None of them should have even been allowed out of the building
  8. Problem is stuff like this and what Trump has done and said the last 4 years have ruined the way people look at the Republican Party. And now that it looks like Democrats are going to take the 2 spots in the runoff for the senate the Republican party could be down for a long time. I am actually more scared to think of what will happen now over the next 4 years than I was about the last 4 years. Im seeing new gun laws or bans, us paying for health insurance for any illegal immigrant, health insurance for every US citizen, higher taxes to pay for it all and that is just the beginning. Going to be one hell of a ride
  9. boo711


    I have had a couple campers that I have towed. Also towed boats and snowmobile trailers. When it comes to the campers or anything of that weight I wouldn't tow them without a 3/4 ton diesel. I had a 1/2 ton with a 28 foot camper, used to take me a couple miles to get up to 65 on the highway. Was at 65 in about half a mile with the diesel. They are pricey but if you are going to tow a camper, large boat, snowmobile trailer, contractors trailer, etc that are pretty heavy i wouldn't get anything but a 3/4 ton diesel to tow with. Just my opinion from my experience with pulling a camper and different trailers
  10. I love the Cabelas comfort trac 2000. Best boots I have ever owned for hunting
  11. boo711

    First Deer

    No. Near some railroad tracks near our house. He got spoiled. Deer ran and dropped near the tracks. He walked 50 yards and got his truck, had to drag it 20 feet after dressing it. Wait til he has to drag it a long distance. Lol
  12. boo711

    First Deer

    My cousin started hunting this year. Thought it would be easy. After no deer during the regular season he borrowed a muzzleloader and got his muzzleloader license. He got it done on the last day. Got a big doe at 3PM. Meat in the freezer!! He is happy!!
  13. boo711


    I know things pick up until the next full moon just wondering if anybody has been trying any light rattling yet and seen any type of results??
  14. I'll give another vote for Summit. I'm not a big fan of ladders or heights. But I dont mind in these stands. Very solid, secure and comfortable