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  1. Just had the bow out for one last time. Got the hunting closed washed yesterday and they are outside for the next couple of days. Just need to get a couple things organized between the small pack I’ll use for a coupe ladder stands I’ve got and some stuff I’ll need for my climber. Looking forward to getting out this weekend. Who’s ready for opening day?? Anybody 100% ready??
  2. Doe permits are available until 10/1. Amy leftovers for areas will be available 11/1.
  3. Ithaca 12 Ga Deerslayer. Simmons 8 point scope. Federal Power Shok slugs. Will also have the Browning BPS 12 Ga with rifled sights out. Federal Power Shok also for the Browning. Looking for a cantilever barrel for the Browning if anyone knows someplace to find one. If they have a second one I’ll take 2 (brother has the same gun). I can’t find one anywhere. Even Browning doesn’t have any. I’ve heard barrels are hard to come by no matter the manufacturer so I’m not holding my breath on finding one this year.
  4. Glad your surgery went well. I hope your recovery is smooth and quick for you!! Don’t over do it the first couple of weeks!!!!
  5. I’ve talked to some sheriffs in my county and the county where I hunt. They do not think these are constitutional. There department policy is they will not be out “looking” for people violating these laws. ECO officer I talked to at 3 rivers WMA last week basically said the same thing. They are not going to be out making sure every person in the woods has permission to be there. They don’t have the resources to do that and don’t want to get into having to take guns. Actually said the head of the DEC has told the legislature that some of this wording needs to be changed to avoid this issue for hunters.
  6. I think there is a bigger hurdle for the Republicans in November. I know people who voted in 2016 & 2020 that voted Republican. With the Republicans stance on abortions around the country and some states signing laws against abortions they will lose that vote. After seeing the results of some primary votes In the state and the country I think midterm elections are going to be a lot harder for the Republicans than they think. I am hoping I am wrong because we definitely need a change at the top in this state.
  7. Yes all licenses are concealed carry in this state. I may have misunderstood what you were asking. My apologies if I was off what you were looking for
  8. I’m waiting to hear from someone who tried to buy ammo to see if background check system is in place.
  9. Any language in this new bill will only refer to conceal carry. That is what this whole new bill is all about. If you had a permit PRIOR to this being passed, and it was a sportsman permit, or one for employment or dwelling, it DOES NOT automatically became a concealed carry or no restrictions permit with the Supreme Court ruling. You still need to apply for a permit upgrade. May even have to fill out an amendment form for the upgrade. I’d check on the amendment form. But all permits do not become concealed carry because of the law. If you have a sportsman permit and do not apply for an upgrade your permit is still a sportsman permit. got this below from Q & A on Syracuse newspaper. If I already have a restricted pistol/revolver permit, can I now carry in public? No. You’ll still have to apply for the unrestricted permit, also called a concealed-carry permit, according to New York law enforcement officials.
  10. If you apply for an upgrade after 9/1 and live in the counties listed above you will need to take the training.
  11. No restrictions is concealed carry, or full carry. If you live in the counties listed above you will need to take the courses to get an upgrade after 9/1. A sportsman is NOT now considered No restrictions. You must write to the judge asking for an upgrade from sportsman to No restrictions. Same applies for all previous permits that were not No restrictions. Dwelling, employment, etc all need to upgraded
  12. Heard a judge heard arguments last week on some of the law suits filed against these new laws. Anyone heard when a decision may be reached on this. I was hoping something would be released today. I talked with a couple troopers today. Was told nothing that goes into affect tomorrow is in place. No one has been hired for any training, background checks not in place. Going to be interesting to see what happens tomorrow if this stuff is not in place
  13. Was just at the gun store today to buy ammo. They told me they don’t see anything changing come 9/1. Tries it with the safe act and it didn’t work. No, coos can’t just walk in and check your safe. If you buy ammo out of state you do kit need to register. The way the law is written if you run into gas station to grab a coffee and leave your gun in the truck you are committing a crime. According to the county sheriffs and troopers I have talked to they will not look to enforce that
  14. Over 6 million voted. Cuomo Won all major cities and the island. NYC & the Island will outway the upstate voters. Always does
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