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  1. Awesome!!! Congratulations on a nice bird!!! Smile says it all in the first pic!!!
  2. And you think Biden I'd a better choice?? Have you looked at his policies?? Have you heard the things he wants to implement for this country?? We are screwed just as bad with Biden in office as we were with Trump
  3. Congratulations!! glad to hear all are healthy and doing well!!!!
  4. I've done a few bathroom remodels over the years. They were enough for me. Lol. But it is always nice when it is done. You've done some good work. It looks great!!
  5. Nice looking Bucks. Cant wait to see them when your project is finished!!
  6. I read that this would need to pass in the Senate with at least 60 votes. That would mean 10 Republicans would need to vote for it. I hope that there are not 10 of them that would go for it. I have sent emails to some of them from other states. They can not email me back because I am not in there state but at least they can read it. Hopefully others from there states have been sending emails as well. Other than that I am not sure what we can do. I have not read anything favorable about any of the gun rights organizations that are out there now so they are not going to be getting any of
  7. I agree with @132 eight pointer. Some of you must have a lot more time to hunt than a lot of others if you want to shorten the season. I'd like to see bow go back to 10/15. Keep SZ regular season the way it is. No antler restrictions
  8. No tin this bill. In HR 127 which has been introduced to the senate. Next, the bill creates licensing requirements for the possession of a firearm and ammunition. DOJ shall issue such a license if the individual is 21 years of age or older, undergoes a criminal background check and psychological evaluation, completes a certified training course, and has an insurance policy. It also outlines the circumstances under which DOJ must deny a license (e.g., the individual was hospitalized with a mental illness). This is the section of the bill where it mentions the insurance. Really hopin
  9. Not sure if it is in the ones just passed in the house but there is a bill where you would need to have a minimum of 1 mill in liability to buy a firearm. And a firearm license. Again, not sure if those are in the bills that just passed the house or not
  10. This isn't the only one. There are a few other gun laws that hit the floor this week. At the Federal and state level
  11. Just saw Grouse posted something about it on Feb. 10th. Still surprised no news coverage on it that I have seen
  12. Has anyone seen anything from NY about them passing gun laws last week relating to ghost guns?? Saw it on the NY senate page but suprised no news coverage or nothing in the local paper. Or that no one posted anything on here about the passage. We have our hands filled in this state with the bills that have been proposed to the state assembly. Changes at the federal level would not help either
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