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  1. You can’t walk up to the capitol building and just walk in there. Need to have a reason to be there. The building is not “open” to the public. So again. It is NOT RIGHT that people went there and broke windows and doors to gain entry. It is also not right that people think it is OK that people broke windows and doors to gain entry.
  2. I don’t support any of the protest from Antifa or BLM. Stated that earlier. They should have all been arrested and charged. Just like anyone who entered the capitol. Doesn’t matter if they were armed or not. A peaceful protest is one thing. But for anyone to think it is OK to rob, loot, vandalize a store , business or home is wrong. Same with the capital. Doesn’t matter if everyone was unarmed. They had NO RIGHT breaking doors and windows to enter the building.
  3. @Grouse What are you confused about from my post that you had to give it a confused reaction????
  4. Yes I feel the same way about Antifa and BLM. NOTHING gives anyone the right to loot, steal and vandalize any business like we saw. They should have all been arrested and charged. Just like all the people who broke into the capitol.
  5. You get the THANKS just for the last 2 sentences of your post!!!
  6. Doesn’t matter whether they wanted to damage or not. Should have never gone in the building to begin with. I don’t agree with the results of the election. I don’t think breaking into the capital would solve anything. It may come down to a civil war to fix this country. Who knows. Hope it doesn’t come to this.
  7. Whether the dems, republicans or whoever wanted National Guard troops there or not doesn’t matter. What matters is that people thought, and still think it was OK to go to the capital and break down the doors and windows to get inside. They should have had the National Guard there. And shot everyone trying to get inside the capitol. A lot cheaper than all these trials and investigations they have been having trying to find people who were inside
  8. My point was I’m not going to change the way I do thing’s because of this law. I’ve never had an issue transporting a firearm. Don’t see having an issue in the future. If what you have been doing has been working, keep doing it. Have a great Christmas Day!!!
  9. It doesn’t just have to be in a case, it has to be a case that locks, is tamper proof and has to be fire proof. How many people actually went out and bought one of those this year?? I didn’t even look for one. I transported my firearms like I always do. I’m always dressed in plain clothes as I never wear my hunting clothes until I get to the spot I’m hunting. When I’m done clothes and gun go back in the bed of the truck. How is anyone going to know you have a gun in your vehicle and you are leaving it “unattended”??
  10. Took this pic this morning. My dad bought this Ithaca deerslayer at Ralins on 9/14/73 for $79.99. Just looked at the “owner’s manual” down in my safe. He wrote the serial number, date purchased & price on the it. During the 2005 hunting season i met my dad in the woods one day while hunting. I told him I wanted that “willed” to me. He gave it to me for Christmas that year. Have hunted with it ever since. Can’t believe it’s been 17 years since he gave that to me.
  11. Go Army!! Love watching this game every year.
  12. Sorry about no deer for you. Also sorry you oldest is moving back home. Lol. My wife and I are empty nesters. Nice to have the kids come to visit. Moving back home…..plenty of apartments where we live. Good luck the rest of the season!!!
  13. Snow and light wind. And cold. Hate hunting in temps above 45 degrees.
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