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  1. Up and in for the afternoon. 48 degrees, WNW winds. Light rain but should be on its way out according to the radar. Hope everyone has a great afternoon!!
  2. I’ve read before a line “doe” this time of year could be a Button buck. Bigs boys don’t want him around and neither do the does. I will let them walk in case it is a BB. And I agree, single deer without headgear can be tough to size up sometimes. Especially when you forget your glasses. Lol
  3. Morning or afternoon tomorrow?? Low tonight 37. High 53. Winds light and variable. S-sw I’m the morning, n-mw in the afternoon. Stand location can be hunted in either wind. I either hunt in the morning and mow til dark, or start mowing in the morning and hunt from about 3 til dark. What do you pick??? I’m torn. Only seen 2 deer this year. All from this spot. Both bucks. In the afternoon. But with the temps in the morning and I just ran to my brothers and then my parents and the deer are out moving.
  4. Let the arrow fly today. Think the hit was high. Tracked until dark. Heading back out in the morning. Going to be a long night.
  5. All set up for the afternoon. Sitting between some thick bedding bordered by a road and some power lines with a bunch of weeds under them. Quite a few acorns on the ground. Haven’t sat this spot yet this year. Saw a spike last night at other end of this patch right at sunset. First deer I’ve seen all year that wasn’t laying on the side of the road. Hoping for a good evening! The pheasant hunters seem to be doing ok though!!
  6. Welcome. Lots of good people and info. Have fun!!!
  7. Nice to know there is another Bville guy on here!!
  8. Always seemed under sized to me. Think that contributed to his short career. He was talented. Was a good athlete. Played lacrosse with my brother until he left to play hockey for the Erie Otters after his sophomore year
  9. Know where the place is but have never been in there. Drive by it just about every day. Will have to stop in some time. That looks really good.
  10. Nice!! I’m hoping to be able to get out on a few duck hunts this year. It’s been a long time. Glad you had a good morning!!!
  11. Glad you had a good time. Not always about the deer taken but the laughs and the memories!!
  12. Beautiful buck!! Congrats!! That came out really nice!!!
  13. Need a Bushwacker at Slickers. And some sweet revenge wings from the Red Dog. Do you deliver on your way home?? Lol.
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