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  1. She didn’t base not voting for Zeldin on what Kathy said
  2. My wife didn’t base her decision on Kathy.
  3. I personally have not experienced that with my dog but my cousin has a couple times with his dog. They are on vacation but I will shoot them a text to see what the verdict was with their dog. At least going back to vet tomorrow so if something is wrong she won’t be waiting
  4. It’s been read. Not by me. Trust me she understands. Thanks though
  5. Lol. My wife’s pretty intelligent. She made her decision by listening to the candidates. Not by listening to the Dems. Thanks though
  6. It’s not the stupid people as you say. With all these social issues Republicans are pushing they are losing votes. My wife didn’t vote in the mid terms. Has always voted Republican. Couldn’t vote for someone who thought Roe should have been overturned. Zeldin thought it was good so she didn’t vote. She’s not the only one I know who felt that way. I think these things will come back to bite them in the ass. Think that is why there wasn’t a red wave this past November. And it could hurt them again.
  7. I’m glad you think it’s that easy.
  8. Good then. Tell me how he is going to fix the corrupt government without the childish name calling and reliving the past 2 years. Tell me what you are going to do moving forward. That is what I want to hear him. Being buddy buddy with Putin and other world leaders is not going to get us out of the state this country is in with those nations. I don’t want to see him campaigning on losing the 2020 election. He campaigns on that and Joey will be elected again in 2024. Election integrity is not the only thing that is wrong with this country. Plenty of other issues I mentioned above. And if Republicans keeping throwing in these new laws at state level on abortion and lgbt, etc not only will we be stuck with Joey they will not win the senate and could lose the house. Those are 2 issues I think hurt the Republicans in the mid terms. Just spent 2 weeks in Florida. Talked to a guy at the range there twice last week. Said he loves DeSantis but thinks he is going to far with some of the stuff he is implementing in Florida. Same could happen to Trump if he lives off 2020 and the last 2 years.
  9. Just watched Trumps speech from last night in Texas. Nothing new. Same stuff over and over. Are we going to hear anything about how he is going to fix inflation, high gas prices, issues between Ukraine and Russia. Tensions with China & N Korea or is it just going to be him name calling opponents, how he is a victim and he will be on a revenge tour. If he is running to improve things let’s hear what he is going to do. If he’s running for a “revenge” tour I’m hoping the Republican Party ends up with another candidate.
  10. My brother and nephew come in from California every year for opening week of deer season. Buy their license the Thursday before opening day after they get into town. They both have gotten doe permits for at least the last 5 years. If they don’t fill them they sign them over to other members of the family or the hunting group
  11. Completely agree. Just thinkTrump has become a bigger blabbering idiot. And when I keep seeing things about MTG being his VP I think how screwed the Republican Party would be in 2024. I honestly don’t think he will win in 24 if he is the nominee. Which means 4 more years of Joey.
  12. I think we could be screwed with either one of them as a candidate. After the mid terms and all the stuff Republicans are pushing i think it could back to hurt them in the next election. It is going to be interesting.
  13. Was watching some stuff from him today. He obviously hasn’t toned it down an started acting like a President. The Republican Party is so screwed. If he is the GOP nominee I think we will be stuck with Joey for another 4 years.
  14. I’m hoping for Duke as well!! Haven’t filled out a bracket in years.
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