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  1. Got the upgrade to no restrictions. letter came in the mail yesterday. just need to get to the sheriffs dept and get the things switched over. And then get shopping for a new pistol!!
  2. boo711

    May 6th pull. Lower 5H

    Love the picture of that deer basically kissing the trail cam
  3. I work with active and retired law enforcement. So I have been picking their brain a bunch on which avenues to pursue this. One of the cops told me since my permit is classified as sportsmen I can not carry unless using it for "sportsmen" activities. Said I need it locked up when going to the range, hunting, etc. Said "IF" stopped not doing "sportsmen" things and caught carrying it could result in lose of permit if officer stopping you wants to be a dick, but most will let you go with a warning. With as hard as they are to get I would rather try for the upgrade before doing something to jepordize getting my permit pulled
  4. keep me updated please. meeting with my boss today at 9:30 to discuss what options I should take. he is retired law enforcement so hoping he will have some inside knowledge on best ways to proceed
  5. What is weird is that law enforcement doesn't even need a permit to carry. Even after retiring. All they need is to have their retirement badge with them. They can even carry in any state, not just NY. This is a federal law passed in 2004 called the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA). Was passed as a result of the 2001 attacks on the world trade center. So basically with some of these judges logic unless you are a cop, who doesn't even need a permit, no one will ever get a concealed carry
  6. i could get mine updated to carry at work, my boss said he would right a letter to the judge for that since I can carry at work if I wanted to but I would rather try to get a full carry permit first. Just wondering if anyone has had any luck with the new judges. Thanks for the reply
  7. Curious if anyone has updated there permit since Judge Fahey reitred. Heard Judge Dougherty is easier to get a full carry from and was wondering if anyone has had any luck
  8. boo711

    Ithaca Model 37 12ga

    I wouldn't be surprised if this gun is better than the guns made today. My dad had one. Bought 9/14/73 at Ra-lins in Syracuse for $79. Made that his deer hunting gun a few years after he bought it and had it scoped. Killed a lot of deer with that gun. Had a good friend of the families that gave up hunting years ago and gave my dad his guns about 8 years ago. One of them was a Deerslayer. My dad put the Deerslayer barrel on his Model 37. I met up in the woods with my dad that year one Saturday afternoon deer hunting. We were sitting there talking about our day so far and i looked at that gun leaning against the tree and told him " i want that willed to me." Ended up getting it for xmas that year. Had it completely taken apart a few years ago and cleaned and got a new scope. I had the stock and forearm refinished when the gunsmith had it apart. Came out great!! Shot this 8 point with it 2 years ago at 9am on Sunday morning.
  9. Thinking about upgrading to a rifled barrel for my shotgun. I have an Ithaca model 37 with a smoothbore deerslayer 20" barrel. Have a Simmons 8 point scope mounted on gun and shoot Federal Classic rifled slugs. Designed for smoothbore. Consistent out to 100 yds, but low at that distance. Wondering what some advantages are for the rifled barrel? I know will definitely gain some range. Just wanted to get some opinions of what people like about a rifled barrel for those that shoot a rifled barrel. Anyone shoot an Ithaca deer slayer rifled barrel??
  10. boo711

    How to keep your feet warm

    I bought a pair of cabelas comfort Trac 2000 boots. Best boots I have ever owned. Have had them for about 6 years. To this day have never warn anything other than gold toe tube socks when i hunt. Have never had any issues with cold feet. And most of my gun hunting is not done local so when i go i spend all day in the woods.
  11. boo711


    What region are you in? I hunted in 8R last Fri - Mon. We had 5 deer taken over the weekend in our group. They were all loaded with ticks. Pulled 1 out of myh uncles neck when got back to camp saturday night. Had them crawling on me while sitting in my blind Sunday. Had them crawling on me Wednesday when i was skinning 2 of them. Hate them things. I've heard certain areas of state are worse than others.
  12. Hello to all!! Been months since ive been on here. Hope everyone is well and enjoying there fall seasons. I've been slammed at work, have a daughter who is a senior playing soccer and a son playing volleyball. I've been slammed. Plus I'm finishing the basement (yeah, i know, what was I thinking). Havent been in the woods once. But my bow is sighted in for a Sat & Sun bow hunt next weekend down at camp and the gun is sighted in for opening weekend the following week. Then a weeks vacation Turkey day week. So looking forward to it!! Had to go back into work today on 2nd shift ( normally work nights, 11pm -7am) to cover for a guy who needed the night off. Things were running smooth so since i was on OT I bailed out after 6 hours at 9. Dropped truck in driveway & went to a neighbors for some drinks with the Mrs. Just got home a while ago and started a small fire out back to sit at and enjoy the night.... Sorry so long, now to my point. As i was walking home with my wife i noticed these long shadows on the streets from us walking. I stopped and looked up to a beautiful moon, felt like the cold on my cheeks and looked on my phone to see it was a brisk 37°. I immediately thought of how great it is going to be to be in a stand this morning. I will be living through you all today since i wont be out. Enjoy this gorgeous morning, this is a day we all hope for and probably think about all year long. A beautiful moon over head lighting up the night and a brisk morning!! Enjoy it & good luck today!! Feel free to post some pics also, love seeing the stories!! Good luck, & have a fabulous day in the woods!!!!!
  13. boo711

    Deck (clean and re-stain)

    For a deck that size I'd look into composite decking. I hated staining my deck on the old house. Used composite decking on the new deck. 3 yrs old and still looks like the day I installed it. I'm never staining again!!
  14. boo711

    Deer blind

    I love hunting from these as well. I forget how long ago now, maybe 5-10 years there was an opening day where it rained from sun up to sun down. I luckily knew this was coming so I bought one those tree umbrellas. That made a huge difference. Plus waterproof clothing. Woods were quiet all day. But I saw 14 deer that day, no shots unfortunately. Even though it rained I guess it was a pretty exciting day now that I think of it!
  15. boo711

    Deer blind

    I personally haven't taken a deer with a bow out of one of these yet. We use these down south where we do most of our gun hunting. Might hit maybe once during bow season just to do a preseason check on the areas we hunt. Or a morning or afternoon hunt the last day of bow since we will be down there for the opener of gun season.