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  1. I have a brand, new only been fished once Shimano TLD 2Speed LRSA 50w reel spooled with an 80lb mono top shot and backed with 120lb JB Hollow core braided line. The reel is mounted on a Penn 5'6" Tuna Stick with 80-100lb rating. the setup is cherry like I said it was only fished once... Well maintained , no boat rash, scratches or signs of rust. Just don't have the time to go tuna fishing anymore between work, fam, and hunting. Will send pics to whomever is interested... Looking for $450
  2. Mikey M


    33 years old, first hunt was Fall Turkey 2013 (30). To say I caught the hunting bug is an understatement, hunting is all I can think about 24/7. When I can't sleep I count deer in lieu of sheep. Baught my daughter a toy boy and arrow for her 3rd birthday and hope to have her shooting next spring if the wife blesses it, she'll be 4.
  3. What's a good bait to use? I heard from an old timer that they love canned tuna... He said he used to nail cans to a tree and let all the liquid drain out
  4. Congrats on your first doe with the bow!
  5. my daughter always gives me a little flower that she picked before I leave for hunting camp, i keep it on my backpack
  6. Thanks guys... I'll have another crack at getting one for myself the weekend after Mother's Day.
  7. Saturday morning me and my good buddy are sitting 30 yards apart covering adjacent corners of a clearing.... I called out short after fly down and he gobbled right away.... Did a little cluck and purr and he came charging in right to my friends SBE. The first bird I ever called in! What an adrenaline Rush! 9" beard, 7/8" Spurs, didn't weigh him but he felt well over 20 lbs.
  8. Leaving for camp Friday after work... Final gear check tonight and tomorrow. But I've been mentally prepping for the last month... Now just counting the hours
  9. No he's on the other side of the mountain towards Roxbury a few miles away
  10. No he's on the other side of the mountain towards Roxbury a few miles away
  11. Yes my uncle has a cabin and a few acres there. Going there tomorrow for the weekend
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