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  1. I’ve definitely had more morning buck kills.
  2. Bill - the thing i noticed from Rockys fight vids was how he could and did throw punches from all angles with authority. When he hurt you he was all over you to put you out. Tyson in his prime was the same.
  3. Its interesting that you say this because in his prime I always looked at Tyson as a bigger, faster stronger Joe Frasier. After he got in with Don King he was never as dedicated. In his prime he not only was a sledgehammer but he had terrific defensive skills as well. He was not easy hit. Tyson coulda been the best of all time.
  4. https://m.facebook.com/jhtaxidermycny/ near Hamilton NY
  5. Is it an 8 point or an 8 pointer? Hear it both ways but for me it's an 8 point.
  6. #7 Morrisville NY is not accurate. It is not located 33 miles from canada border... doesn't have a bar called Fuzzy Duck.
  7. They support each other. when I get a runny nose or sore throat or any sign of a cold, I bomb my system with 3 caps morning and night and it's gone!
  8. Use the Echinecea with Goldenseal. They work together.
  9. Although Friday is the last day of bow season , tomorrow (Thursday) will be my last chance to score a good buck. As a whole, this has been a poor season in the woods as well as on camera. I do say that the future looks more promising as I’ve seen a number of young bucks around this year on the hoof including some potential NY trophies. How has everyone else’s season been?
  10. Lethal Calls has a great selection of deer calls.
  11. Put a tape across the one in front of it and take a pic! 18”
  12. The bucks like the cross trails because they can scent check each intersection.
  13. I was reading an article about rut strategies that just make so much sense. We all hear about setting a stand on good food to bedding trails but this article talked about cross trails. I read and heard others talk about bucks cruising parallel to field edges back off the edge 50 yds but the solidifies those discussions. Find that food to bed trail and look for the cross trail a few yards off the field edge and follow it and see how many bisecting food/bedding trails it intersects. You don't need to concern yourself with scrapes or rubs just that putting in the time on that bisecting trail during those rut days will pay off. I would suggest setting 2 stands so you have the option depending on the wind. Thoughts?
  14. What he said ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ above. He could have been a good president but ego, lies, self adulation, his big mouth and oh did I say he's an Ahole. As a lifelong republican I have always voted for the candidate I felt was best IMO. I voted for Ross Perot both times because I too, felt a business man could do a great job as a president but unlike Ross Perot who had a plan and answers to questions with charts and openly shared his ideas, Trump has blindly moved forward with whatever came out of his mouth.
  15. Its like I said in another post I started. He is an AHole with a big mouth and it caught up with him. He can't keep his mouth shut and like you stated above - he's an instigator, a braggart and it's all about him and his self-adulation and is never wrong and has to have the last word.
  16. You keep believing all that Merlot. Fact is as I stated. He’s got Big Mouth and he’s an Ahole and that’s why he lost.
  17. If Trump had kept his mouth shut and wasn’t an ahole he would have won by a landslide. Ask your self this question - how long do you think you could be friends with Trump before you would say “that guys an ahole”. As a leader you lead by example.
  18. I don't know anything about LI but do know there are some nice deer taken every year there. 1) Is there any state land? If so, see #2 2) buy and learn to use a climber Heck buy a climber anyway and learn to use it for where ever you end up hunting. Welcome!
  19. He has a character flaw! https://www.upworthy.com/psychologist-explains-trumps-lack-of-conscience-and-why-his-base-loves-it#toggle-gdpr
  20. I have the Vinmoori hearted vest and my son and SIL do too. They also have the jacket. You will need a 10,000 man cell too. I have used mine all season so far and jus charged the cell today. https://www.vinmori.com/products/electric-heated-vest-for-men-women-rechargeable-battery-powered
  21. Sent my LL Bean wools back and ordered Sitka. Fanatic jacket and bibs plus mid hoody. $$$ but as was said here above “the price is forgotten when the quality is remembered”. My son in law ordered Sitka first about a week ago.