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  1. I have a single pin on my Prime but it’s a CBE and I think the pin size is to small for me
  2. I have a Black Gold 3 pin slider and I absolutely love it. Keep at at 20,30,40 for hunting and use the slider for 3D .
  3. That’s a sweet rig . Congrats
  4. They do pitch outs before they bring the black tee out?
  5. No never planted Milo . I planted Japanese Millet for waterfowl and some backwoods buffet stuff for deer .
  6. Steroids brought back baseball then when it came out it ruined it. Just when it seems to make a little trickle back now this to ruin it. This sport may not survive for my future grandchildren to see .
  7. Excellent points Crappy, I texted Biz and Tacks about Pete Rose. He got a lifetime ban from the game. These jokers deserve the same. Plus none of them set any records like Rose did.
  8. Labrador Retrievers are my favorite I also had a springer spaniel that was a fun dog but Labs have that drive if you find a good one. Cooper is AKC JR and SR Hunter and will do just about anything from blind casts to whistle commands. I would love to brag and say I taught him everything but I had a professional trainer work with him on and off for the first two years of his life. It takes a great deal of time to train a dog and time I don’t have so when I hunt I have a finished turn key ready dog. He’s also an amazing pet and knows how to turn that switch on when it’s time to hunt .
  9. I’ve had some for about 2 years now I wear shooting trap. They are great except I wish the had a string or something so when I take them out I don’t have to put in my pocket or case .
  10. You sound pretty angry yourself
  11. What a pathetic performance. Nothing worse than a cheater .
  12. That’s a nice way to say , ya cheated and your fired ....
  13. Your crazy, NBA has a bench that needs to managed and has a clock to be managed and multiple plays. The GM is the baseball teams most important role . And most recent the video editor spy .
  14. The baseball manager position is the least important coach of all major professional sports .