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  1. sodfather

    Yelling Goat rendezvous take 3

    Where’s the goat
  2. sodfather

    The Start

    Wow great job Tim
  3. sodfather

    Go Fund Me Started.............

    And the balls!!!
  4. I’m in today got TF sitting on the shelf hopefully we double up today. Beautiful crisp morning
  5. It’s just locker room banter. Instead of calling no challenge and then a congrats to fish creek (and a congrats from me to) for his doe just lighten up. Laugh will ya bozo
  6. Tracks Grew some hair in spirit of the kill
  7. sodfather

    New Bow 2019

    There’s a couple of those Triax on AT for sale now
  8. Lol dam this is funny.. Meanwhile Pygmy is still looking at the picture hasn’t moved past that page
  9. Taken with a cattle prod. Full inclusion for lack of revenue
  10. I bet she’s got a hell of a golf swing
  11. sodfather

    Happy birthday Gencountyzeek !

    Happy Birthday hope it was a good one
  12. It started off pretty funny until someone didn’t get his name drawn and now dumpster fire . Flame on!!!!
  13. sodfather

    New Bow 2019

    I feel the same. My Halon is 33” and my Prime is 35 I prefer the longer ATA but the big cams in the Mathews seems like it shoots longer. I really want to go back to single limbs to. I may sell the Mathews but for what guys are selling them for I’ll probably keep forever no way I’m giving it away.
  14. sodfather

    First fly rod

    Pay attention to the actual line weight more than the rod itself. If fishing native trout streams. A 6 weight medium action is a good start then as you get better move to a 4 weight rod