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  1. ID this bird

    Lots of Cormorants also this time of year over there..
  2. Off to Canada, Eh ?

    Molsen xxx and sundowners, forget the turkeys. The best VIP room or so I hear....
  3. Footage from a scary hole....

    What a cool video thanks for sharing. I love how the pups scrap with each other to test who’s the alpha pup while mom just is on the look out. Such cool animals ...
  4. First Shot Daily Pics

    Right now Wolc is circling around you like a crossbow shark.. lol If I miss a month without shooting those first couple of sets hurt .
  5. Hats Off to Nikon

    I have a Nikon D5100 camera that I use quite a bit. Have had it for 6 years now and works flawlessly. Glad to hear they stand behind their products
  6. First Shot Daily Pics

    Threw a couple darts this morning before work with my hunting bow.
  7. First Shot Daily Pics

    Have been shooting my Prime and having some difficulty sighting in my CBE 5 pin. It’s a slider style but haven’t had the weather to get outside and shoot past 20 yards.
  8. Other (NON Hunting) Forums You Frequent?

    This one is primary but I like Duck hunters refuge Duck Chat Archery talk Bow site and The Labrador Site
  9. 8 Year Anniversary Coming Up

    That’s weak like telling the teacher I was cheating
  10. 2018 Live from the turkey woods

    Good luck to all the Youths!! My daughter will be out with me on the first for the second year hopefully still a year away from being able to pull the trigger
  11. 8 Year Anniversary Coming Up

    You have a Ban Hammer? Have ya ever used it ? Was it fun ? I would love that power lol
  12. Man I can’t wait for a month of slump
  13. I think this thread is going to turn into the Biz/Red Sox show all summer lol
  14. Coyote den?

    Did not know that or even thought about if they were protected or not. I guess it was a moral issue with me
  15. Which would you choose?

    I like that Henry....