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  1. I’m going to be selling a lot of stuff I just don’t use anymore on various sites . For sale Cabela’s MTO50 very warm jacket and bibs in real tree. Size 2xl only a small hole in bibs has been like that for over a year no signs or expanding. Scent lock inside . Lost some weight awhile back and these are just way to big on me . Asking $300 for the combo . A great deal and gift for under the tree .
  2. Thanks for the info Moog . @TreeGuyhas been begging me for an invite to the academy to shoot some Yotes all the time lol
  3. You couldn’t kill a deer even with expensive landscaping used for bait
  4. But doesn’t the GM or Another coach on the staff have a past history with Rivera when Carolina went to the Super Bowl
  5. Rivera to the Giants I’m guessing
  6. WNY law : Never bet on or against the Bills
  7. He’s a good coach and I was shocked with the news. Rivera will get another job soon and Panthers will probably go the next 2 years with this QB and work out of the draft probably.
  8. Yes Goose that’s a good idea I will try that and do a write up. Thanks
  9. Yes for sure the cell cams are a learning curve. I also bought a cell cam from Phade and he to walked me through the setup. I now have a Spartan and a Moultrie and want to see what one is better. The Spartan is a lot more money but if it works on the lease it’s worth the money. The cell coverage out there is brutal. So far the Moultrie has been out there for about 2 weeks and hasn’t sent 1 pic. The Spartan hasn’t been out for deployment yet. I may start a different thread on the comparison of the two .
  10. Anything Tonawanda or North Tonawanda ask @Jeremy K
  11. It’s not bad I like it cause it gives me more room up front for bags of decoys . Not sure how that would work out for fishing
  12. Got mine off Craigslist 3 years ago, actually only use it for duck hunting sometimes thought about selling cause I never fish anymore