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  1. Great day yesterday on the water. We had a 3 boat party consisting of @TreeGuyand his boy Kaiden. @The_Real_TCIIIand his daughter Emma. And myself with my daughter Isabel.
  2. I can’t name names but when I was gutting my deer this year others were celebrating with some shine .
  3. Fruit trees have a high insect issue. What do you use to treat them throughout the year ?
  4. Dan I have a feeling you could take a punch better than any of us
  5. Sure does Rob . I’m taking the kids out tomorrow crappie fishing and @The_Real_TCIIIand @TreeGuyare taking their boats with their kids also tomorrow. Should be a good time
  6. sodfather

    Opening day!

    Sitting in my waders waiting for Tacks
  7. Switching to a thumb release cured me from target panic. Not sure if it’s my head telling me that was the reason but whatever it worked.
  8. Ask @The_Real_TCIIIhe is our regional expert on this
  9. It took a pandemic for Larry to remove wall paper not the Brady Bunch going off the air .
  10. Happy Birthday Biz. Who knows 2019 and 2020 could be the year of Biz
  11. How do you fillet a smelt ?
  12. I have a cheap pack from sportsman guide. Cost me $35 and does everything a $100 pack will do. Have had it now for 4 years no signs of wear .