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  1. sodfather

    Shaking / buck fever..

    Buck , Doe, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys, it all gets me pumped up. If I stop getting that feeling I’ll stop getting up at 4am to dress in multiple layers .
  2. sodfather

    Genesee County CWD?

    Out of curiosity how many High fence ranches would you guess are in NY that you can pay for a hunt ? And do some of these ranches have a similar business platform as you and that is growing genetic type deer?
  3. sodfather

    Academy 2019

    Everyone shot good I thought. It’s going to be a tight race till the end for the Most Improved Archer award. @turkeyfeathersand @Arcade Hunter May seem to get along but both really want the award and are fierce competitors. At one point in the evening I even seen TF take out Chris driver out of his golf bag. He may have been threatening him , who knows ...
  4. sodfather

    Academy 2019

    What a performance out of the academy tonight some good times and laughs ..
  5. sodfather

    Late season plot

    Fertilizer down and hung some stands with Tacks
  6. sodfather

    Treestand types

    Hang on stands only for me. I have a brand new lone wolf climber only used once. Made a ton of racket and was a heavy carry
  7. sodfather

    Late season plot

    Roundup applied a couple weeks ago and everything is tilled up nice and seed was put down . The only thing I never realized when starting this plot was I just ruined my entry and exit into woods.
  8. sodfather

    Best Youth Bow options??

    I started daughter out on a genesis just to see if she would stick with it. Then I got her a used Hoyt off AT
  9. sodfather

    Happy Birthday Lawdwaz!!!!

    He’s so nice it’s posted twice Happy Birthday Larry
  10. sodfather

    Happy Birthday Lawdwaz!!!!

    Happy Birthday Larry enjoy !!!!
  11. sodfather

    I hate coyotes.

    Zooming in I only see the shoulders and head. I’d say a vehicle destroyed that deer and not a coyote
  12. sodfather

    Academy 2019

    Next 2 Week? The whole system is breaking down
  13. sodfather

    Academy 2019

    Spread sheet begins
  14. sodfather

    Academy 2019

    Our Target sponsor was absent and our beer sponsor. We lost our crafty veteran he’s on the DL. Just more wings for us I guess
  15. sodfather

    Learn from the best

    His stories are funny and imagine only being on a property of 250 acres for only 5 hours and have it figured out. I’m on 100 going on 2 years and haven’t figured it out