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  1. As expected Biz the Jalen Ramsey of golf . Talk all week and under perform on game day
  2. Jerkman looks like a golfer I would create on Nintendo
  3. In Jerkman fashion he’s got Strippers set up to bait Biz set up on every other hole
  4. How’s the market going to react to Jerkman taking off of work today?
  5. With Biz’s new vegan frame we should all have a nice look at his white belt
  6. Biz is talking lots of smack also. But won’t put the money up on a side bet.
  7. According to Biz he has never 3 putts in his life
  8. Biz I’ve seen your swing . It’s not going to be a blowout. You better have your excuse do Rolodex in your bag
  9. This is living up to the hype. Biz is talking some serious smack off thread . This needs to be carefully scored and monitored
  10. I have been there but was to young of an age to appreciate history. I would love to go again someday.