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  1. Regs say that public park closes at 11:00 so technically you all were poaching . lifetime ban on all poachers
  2. Looks like a great time . Congrats!
  3. 2 work trucks cost me $145 a week . My wife’s car not a bad maybe $40 a week . Thanks Joe you F-en scumbag
  4. Save up and get some Sitka . Price is forgotten when quality is remembered .
  5. I’ve never ever bought a short option . I always give myself 3-6 months before expiration . I’m actually 18 for 20 since 2019 . DDD is my only loss and that’s cause I got greedy . The other was break even
  6. Congrats Grampy this sounds very exciting.
  7. Happy Birthday Biz . Sorry I couldn’t get this cake delivered in time .
  8. Beautiful little girl Jeremy. Congrats
  9. Tough two weeks I took nice gains on Bitcoin and MU . Didn’t want to but needed the money to fund a piece of heavy machinery. Regardless they were monies made and that’s what this is about. I increased my holdings in other positions that are way down but will climb again soon.
  10. I know nothing about Penn so I cannot add any information regarding them. Brutal day for me today hopefully end the week strong .
  11. Received my commission today
  12. I’ve cashed in enough where I’m enjoying the ride . I’ll also follow the experts who are buying into it everyday. If you can handle it’s volatility it’s worth it .
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