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  1. The thing about hot spots especially public land is they don’t remain your honey hole for long
  2. Biz likes to find out the facts first then calls them predictions . Unlike my prediction when I said Mahomes would get hurt cause of the Madden cover curse .
  3. That’s 18 ducks what an epic day somebody’s had to of gotten a pic no??
  4. Sorry to hear that best wishes sent your way
  5. 8:10 had my limit @Pygmy you need to make a trip out this way so we can get at it
  6. What a morning !!!! Only 1 woodie shy of limit . Could have shot another hen as I was covered in them
  7. Mahomes struck with the Madden Cover Curse
  8. I have been with them for the past couple years it’s legit ... Hate the price increase though after every year
  9. Where do you hunt son Uh my backyard off of hole 15 south east of the cart path
  10. That dude on Blow would be crazy extreme
  11. Doesn’t sound like a fun camp to kick back have a couple drinks and telling stories. Sounds like my snoring would earn me a cot in the wood shed
  12. This guy would probably frown upon my thermos, sandwich and the Bere Bere wings I crushed the night before