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  1. Grow Alot

    Not till I win my $100 back
  2. Grow Alot

    Anyone looking at this picture, zoom in and I'll give you 3 guesses who Biz is. But probably only need 1
  3. Beer

    Fly Eagles Fly
  4. Looking into new single pin sight-opinions?

    So when you get that new Prime is it going to have the new garmin sight or true glo new sight.
  5. Watched a dog take down a deer today

    I'm guessing This happened Tacks- Hey Eric pretty cool seeing that dog take that deer down , let's get some breakfast Eric- Hell ya but first let me scale that mountain side for fun there may be a squirrel or rabbit on the other side of the ridge, just another mile or so.. Tacks - But I want eggs and hash
  6. Watched a dog take down a deer today

    Blaming Todd lmao!!!!!
  7. Gun care and maintenance

    Cabela's trip?
  8. Watched a dog take down a deer today

    My money is on that pit bull you seen.
  9. Watched a dog take down a deer today

    It's even more messed up in hope to nail ya with a ticket or something instead of protecting wildlife.
  10. New Bow for Next Season

    @Belocheck out archery talk classified adds I just picked up a 2016 Prime Rival in mint condition for $400. Will be here on Monday , lots of deals on that site. These guys get sick of there $1000 bows in 2 years..
  11. Grow Alot

    Biz after 1 day of raking leaf paths your arms would fall off.

    When you hunt turkeys and let’s say a Tom is already found his Hen. Is it worth hunting a food source in hopes he comes back to eat. Or a strutting hard wooded area ? I know this is not deer hunting but you did say no such thing as a stupid question
  13. Favorite Hunting memory

    I have hard enough time killing 1 every 5 years.
  14. Favorite Hunting memory

    I’m not %100 positive but can you kill 2 birds in one day? Not to raise feathers just curious