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  1. 40 was nothing I’m a little worried about 50 though .
  2. May I ask why are you giving them away ?
  3. How many hours do the batteries last on a charge ?
  4. Can we see if it works ? Is it LED if so are the Cree chips ?
  5. Same reason @Biz-R-OWorlddoes. For the tax write off and Instagram likes
  6. I just want to say I had a great season . Nobody is as great as me and has had the success that I’ve had.
  7. I’m confused on why you would post a picture of that buck ya snagged off of Facebook and then say it’s a friend of a friend’s . You made US seem like YOU shot that Buck. Or did I miss something posted along the way ?
  8. First time on the forum in a long time . Well crafted as always Biz .
  9. There is no place on this earth for a beaver. Kill em all
  10. I got my Rona this time last year . I missed the rest of the season also . Sucks hope you recover quickly.
  11. I think I only got like 6 sits in this year for bow so I’m sitting until I see a buck or doe I really don’t care . I’m on heard management this weekend.
  12. This thread keeps me from getting jealous over everyone in the woods on the Live thread while I’m at work .
  13. My post wasn’t directed to you it was just to whoever was responsible for that debacle.
  14. It’s only on page 2. I expect much more
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