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  1. Is this that spot that @TreeGuywas walking past deer patting them on the head and scratching behind their ears .
  2. These were littered all over the Clarence beer tent last night . Happy Birthday Tacs .
  3. The G5 one I’ve been using Larry for years and cheap .
  4. I would have taken ya to the Mayville diner but @Biz-R-OWorldhad to ruin that place for us .
  5. I have video of it . I seen her walk away like nothing happened. I texted Tacs and Jeremy and they wanted to go to breakfast. Got out of my SADDLE and walked 80 yards piled up in the brush .
  6. I used these last year and was very happy with the way they flew .
  7. Got this little gift in the mail today
  8. Ya better save some wall space for that young Lad
  9. He wanted that system that Walter White used in the end of Breaking Bad
  10. I’m not sure if Al has hunted before but he had about a pound of venison jerky that @Jeremy Kmade and now he’s shooting .
  11. You can get a refund on those bloodlines
  12. No the wild edge steps .
  13. I bought those steps and returned them a day later . They are not an easy system to learn .
  14. Prime Logic Tika 243 Sony A73 with 24-77mm lens
  15. I can’t even imagine my wife’s reaction to her kitchen turned into a meat locker
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