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  1. He will replace the depth finder with a coffee bean crusher
  2. I have a hen and a jake from Avian X I think were around $60 each can’t remember. But with all of the waterfowl decoys I have to carry 2 with me is a walk in the park
  3. sodfather

    2019 Lawn Thread

    My kids version of a perfect lawn is dandelions and buttercup flowers
  4. sodfather

    2019 Lawn Thread

    I use to have a nice lawn then kids and dog entered the equation so priorities took over
  5. sodfather


    I don’t post on the beer thread often but when I do it’s from the beer fairy. Stay thirsty my friends!!
  6. sodfather

    CBE Tek Hybrid

    Snooze ya lose Larry lol....
  7. sodfather

    Service department at the academy arrived

    Love it last years service dept from Larry’s tailgate was good for the time but this is much nicer
  8. sodfather

    Daughter taking NYS hunter education class

    It’s at wood & brook
  9. So my 12 year old is taking the hunter Education class next Saturday. I register her a couple days ago and the class is filled up already. Crazy thing I remember when I took mine at 14 and don’t remember a homework packet. I’m not opposed to this at all for the record.. I was reading the questions and can honestly say I’m not %100 positive on some of the questions. So I started to think how many of us would ace this test not looking at the study guide. I’m actually excited to sit with her next week as I remember my dad sitting in mine.
  10. sodfather

    Live From The Woods 2019 Turkey Edition

    Sounds like some excitement for ya WNY
  11. sodfather

    CBE Tek Hybrid

    So your telling me your not interested
  12. For sale 3 pin slider CBE Tek I have some sight tapes. Sight in good condition $120 to your door
  13. sodfather

    2019 Baseball Thread