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  1. Rig em Right hand muff.. The best item of clothing I've ever bought. I hate wearing gloves duck hunting and this keeps them warm when it's slow.. great for deer hunting also
  2. We ate there last night lol
  3. For me it's not so much the trophy but more about giving a 1 to 1.5 year old buck a pass. If I lived solely off the land and had to feed my family that's different but I'd rather give those bucks a chance. That's just my opinion and I know others will disagree.
  4. No dirt kicking I was waiting for that but face to face spit flying lol
  5. Not a huge fan but will tune into a couple regular season games throughout the year and love the playoffs. But just turned on Red Sox and LA Angles game and seen a manager get tossed. Haven't seen that in a while. I love that face to face screaming
  6. I've been working with the pup a little bit. First day we got Cooper home he feel in the pool went under water and got an ear infection. He swam out but he didn't or like it. So I wanted to build his confidence around water. He's 11 weeks now and getting braver. IMG_1551.MOV IMG_1550.MOV
  7. Lettuce is going crazy and tomatoes look good . First year trying egg plant and cucumbers are slow. Peppers suck as usual don't know why I waste my time with them
  8. Congrats spoil the you know what out out of her
  9. For some reason I feel like drinking 20 of these tonight
  11. Ugh never mind I hate when I can't copy and paste
  12. Ugh never mind
  13. Wow great shot nice read..
  14. That is sweet great idea!!