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  1. sodfather

    New Bow 2019

    Titanic? I still have 45 min left to see if ET can phone home....
  2. sodfather

    New Bow 2019

    You also left out special wing night shoots
  3. sodfather

    Alzheimer's disease

    Sorry to hear that I have known people who’s family members experience this. Stay strong prayers sent
  4. sodfather

    Yelling Goat GTG Friday June 28th / 7 pm

    Larry we will be catching fish all morning then the Goat at night. Your going to have to pace yourself
  5. sodfather

    Waterfowl Shotguns

    I have several auto loaders but a versa max is not one. I handled it and shot one before it just wasn’t for me. I didn’t care fore the thick stock but other than that it was a smooth shooter and many guys have them and love em. I have a Browning’s, Beretta, and Benelli . I like the 3 B’s for waterfowl
  6. sodfather

    Favorite jar sauce

    Homemade sauce is 6 hrs and I have it once a month at parents. Use to be every Sunday from when I was a kid till about 5 years ago. Mom and Dad can’t do that every week anymore. Best jar sauce if I had a gun to my head and had to pick it would be chefs
  7. sodfather

    2019 Lawn Thread

    I’ve had a automatic irrigation system for 15 years . It’s like insurance, don’t always need it but when ya do it’s a push of a button
  8. sodfather

    2019 Baseball Thread

    Your smoking your shares
  9. sodfather

    2019 Baseball Thread

    Betts has been 0 or 1-4 all year it seems like . Biz won’t admit it but I predicted his decline after his first child and here we are.
  10. sodfather

    2019 Baseball Thread

    Best pick off pitcher in baseball
  11. sodfather

    2019 Baseball Thread

    Working the reverse jinx, well played
  12. sodfather


    My 3rd pin is my floater
  13. sodfather

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    I got one of those for cleaning birds and the leg broke in a year. Had my dad weld it back together and has been going strong. Just be careful breaking legs down
  14. sodfather

    Happy birthday Robhuntandfish !

    Happy Birthday Rob
  15. sodfather

    Happy birthday grampy !

    Happy Birthday Grampy