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  1. Not a concussion he has a nerve problem with his neck . He passed his first day of tests , and will most likely play . Again over hyped he acted the part perfectly. What’s the name of his charity so we can donate to his cause also after Sunday.
  2. @Biz-R-OWorldis stat man so wins and losses mean nothing just the numbers
  3. He’s not even hurt . He’s a drama queen. Just like that bitch Red Sox pitcher that picked a scab and the deemed him a hero cause he struck out a couple of batters . Mahomes is fine but they need something to over analyze all week .
  4. He’s a child abuser so he’s not only a lunatic but a total scumbag if ya ask me .
  5. Children and Bandwagons have favorite teams no relation to where their from. Which one are ya ?
  6. We? I forgot what part of Missouri are ya from ?
  7. Why wouldn’t we ? Another game in OP
  8. Brian my thoughts and prayers go out to your family.
  9. I like others got into APHA a while ago and it’s been slow but recently rising. Also ABNB when they first went public. I believe this is going to be a monster in 3 years. I’m also heavy into the chip makers and have been for sometime along with blockchain and percussion medicine.
  10. ABNB with a nice day today. Drinks are on @Elmo tonight!
  11. Larry walked past a tinder pile and said “ This looks like a nice spot to light a match . “