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  1. This thread could take a turn let's hear the jokes roll in
  2. What are ya selling Larry?
  3. Lol both Paula feeling much better now..
  4. Just getting a chance now to post but went out this morning late after the rain around 9 sat down to 2 hens and Jake 300 yards from me then had a gobble behind me, sat some more. Nothing but another story to tell..Will try 1 more time before season stops..
  5. A little slow I think. Heavy rain in the beginning of spring.. Weeds also and haven't had much time to spray it. Will do that soon. Thanks
  6. 1-1 in the 3rd some hard play going on in this game cmon Nashville!!
  7. Oh I know stomach is still a little tender after last night..
  8. Salmon, Tuna, White fish, Crab, fried rice, and fiddle heads
  9. Thanks Turkey Feather for the fiddleheads and the Anderson Valley..
  10. Was worth it I'd do it all over again lol
  11. My wife walked by the bathroom this morning asked what died,, I said that's Berberr honey
  12. Grampy with 500 acres you should have it in October so we can all hang a stand
  13. Is it the spicy brand
  14. Live from my kitchen pounding OJ. Biz, TC, and myself stuck around for a couple more. Not sure what time I got home but was a good time for sure. Thanks TF for putting that together..