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  1. I'd guess corn
  2. Really lol, well I'll give it a shot but the one on the far right looks like a white oak. That is good cause deer pick them over the red oaks other two trees maybe someone else can take a stab
  3. The acorns look like red oak. Easier to tell the difference between the tree other than the acorn at least for me
  4. Home from the fair finishing my corn dog with a six pack my neighbor gave me. Not bad ..
  5. Good point ok I'll let this one slide
  6. My wife bought this tell me are these grounds for divorce
  7. He didn't learn his lesson at Ohio State and he still hasn't. These kids get paid way to much and it gives them a god complex. Playing in the NFL is a privilege they all should treat it like it. To bad cause he is a hell of a back hope he doesn't piss away his career
  8. Your 100% correct my bow is not properly tuned, I'm not knowable in that area to do it myself. I took it in to where I bought it from but was shooting 70 pounds. I've lowered it to 63 and relighted in with field points then tried broadheads and was all out of wack. Need to take it back to him I think. Problem is he doesn't have the space to shoot from more than 10 yards
  9. I did they were 100 grain, and I totally understand the trust issue I'm just saying me personally have never had a problem.
  10. I'm guessing but I consider WNY Buffalo all the way to Rochester and as far south as Catt / Chat counties..
  11. Biz I like the idea of a fixed broad head , but it was disguraging always having to adjust my sights from field tip to broad head. I then tried NAP mechanical broad head and they fly exactly like a field tip. I know people have told tails about them not opening especially Rage heads but the NAP has no rubber bands or anything like that. So if your having trouble dialing in with fixed give a mechanical a try.. Just a suggestion..
  12. What are those slick tricks? Never mind I see the box. I tried them and had to re sight .
  13. This has been an entertaining 5 pages of reading. All I know is that I've hunted coyotes at night in the dead of winter for the past 2 years and only shot 2. The are the smartest out there. I know I'm calling them in a lot more but you get busted and don't even know it. To draw them in around where I hunt it's not many open fields like ya see on you tube. It's more like the jump out of the hedge rows. I have see coyotes in my own back yard in Lancaster more than when I'm hunting. They don't bother me that much I have a respect for them cause they are Wilely ..
  14. Sorry but unless you a first time hunter or a 14 year old kid you won't get a peep out of me. I've spent hundreds of hours scouting and finding places to hunt and when someone asks for a hand out I think your a troll or a democrat. Put miles on your vehicle and leather to earth and when you figure it out on your own post your pics and my hat will go off to you. But in the meantime work for it