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  1. Lol this is true they are lit up like Biz on a all male Vegas vacation
  2. I get acorns every year and tons of them for the past 17 years of living with oak trees in my own yard .
  3. My buddy is a member there I usually shoot a couple times a year at that club . Love the bar
  4. Your oak tree must be the only one in NY with no acorns cause every one I’ve seen is loaded
  5. You know that the bow opener is October 1st . They didn’t delay the date due to covid
  6. You know who makes good Jerky? Krave !! Those guys got their stuff together
  7. From what I seen today I love love our chances
  8. NFC Opponent so not really . I’m after division wins . Well all games count but the division ones are the big ones
  9. What a game for Josh Allen 24-35 for 417 yards passing and 4 TD’s and zero turnovers. Getting better every week . Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s AFC player of the week
  10. Did a climb today to fling a couple arrows . Loops on the back allows me to hook sticks for a 1 trip up and down the tree. Shooting was fine just need to make sure my bridge is clear when first getting settled in .
  11. I see a couple candidates for you to christen the Mathews . You know what you have to do . Now do it
  12. Lol it’s not bad at all. Everyone thinks or assumes there’s a lot of ropes involved. No more than your normal harness you wear in your tree stand .
  13. No it’s nothing like shooting off the flat ground but anchor is the same . Your not floating I use a predator platform for my feet so I can stand if I get fatigued. At first I was worried about the lower half of the bow string hitting something but after a couple shots ya get more comfortable. I don’t think I could do an all day rut hunt sit in it but time and practice will tell. I can tell I have sparked your interest and if you would like to try it out I’d love to bring it to the next SENY trip .