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  1. I support all efforts to do this. I do not have high hopes for this route however. Unless the Nov election re-elects Trump and installs a large Republican majority in the House and Senate, It will become simply a political talking point. Even if the election does that, the Republicans have consistently shown that they cannot govern effectively when in power. Unlike the Dems, they turn tribal. Look at Trump's first two years. There was a Republican majority in the Senate and House. Trump fought as much with the "Never Trumpers" in his own party, guys like the vaunted Paul Ryan, as he did with the Dems. I could be wrong (someone please correct me if I am) but I think a super majority is needed in Congress for this to pass. The Republicans do not have such a majority in the Senate and are a minority in the House. This is expecting the swamp to begin to drain itself. That would require them to put country above their own personal politics, careers, and money. How many in our professional political class have EVER done that when it really counted? This is why Article V of the US Constitution exists.
  2. I think that can only hurt. A unified front is always best. Anything less plays into the hands of those who want the status quo. I do not think that a state legislature that has already approved the COS resolution will consider a competing one. Without them doing that, it is almost impossible to get to the 34 required states for a convention. A state that has yet to vote on a resolution, may vote for the "Term Limits" resolution and not the COS resolution. Same story - You'll never get to the 34 required states with competing resolutions. Schumer, Pelosi, and the rest of the swamp, both Democrats and Republicans, would love that approach.
  3. I support any legal means to take our country back. I do not believe that this petition will go anywhere because it is a competitive petition with the Convention of States, which already has quite a bit of traction.. It is also more restrictive and it will take more than term limits to get our country back. To get an amendment in this way, you need: 1. 34 state legislatures to pass a resolution for a convention. Once passed, each state sends a single delegate regardless of their population. States with large populations get the same vote as every other state. 2. Proposed amendments at a convention must pass with a simple majority (26 votes) to be forwarded to the states for ratification. 3. 38 state legislatures must approve it for the proposed amendment to become law. What the Convention of States initiative has is: 1. States passing the resolution in both houses of their legislature: 15 2. States wherein one chamber of the state legislature has passed the resolution (both chambers required): 8 3. States wherein an active lobbying effort is underway in the state legislature: 14 New York (and PA, OH, MI among others) has active lobbying of their state legislatures occurring right now by COS volunteers.. If you are a New York resident, you should be asking your candidates for the legislature (Senate & Assembly) where they stand on this, right now. Ask for a specific commitment to vote for this, ask for sponsorship, etc. Get your friends and neighbors involved. Start your own online petition to them to encourage them to get onboard with this. Same for residents of PA, OH, etc. Do the math... I think that the COS organization is much closer to getting this done than anyone else. If I am wrong, please correct me. We should support whatever will get us there as quickly as possible.
  4. Check this out. It is a movement:
  5. Navy 77-83, USS LaSalle, USS Jonas Ingram, NMCRC San Fran
  6. Had a Leupold 2-7x Compact purchased in '85. Last year, it started acting like Uncle N's. Sent it to the factory. Got a NIB 3-9 Ultralight VX2 in a couple of weeks. No questions asked. Paid something less than $150 for the Compact and got a $300+ scope as its replacement ("repair") . Decent prices, very good features & glass, top flight service, made in America. What is not to like?
  7. Yes. I purchased one in 2003, I think, and moved to OH in 2005. It shows up every year in my OH mailbox. Not only that, I can add to the privileges just as if I were a resident. Got an email from the DEC on that question.
  8. I have not used their products. At least Plano moved swiftly to terminate their relationship with Busbice. It will be interesting to see if he resurfaces on another show. I do not watch any of the hunting shows. Most seem to be canned or at least make it look unrealistically easy. They sensationalize a lot. As someone previously said, I liked the Tred Barta show. He came away empty-handed much of the time.
  9. Does anyone have a complete list of his companies?
  10. I agree with everything you said. I hope that the final designation is not wilderness for the entire tract as that will shut down the road.
  11. I hunt that area. Beautiful but low deer numbers. Having a road is a double-edged sword. Allows us to get back there w/o much effort but the same with hikers, who can be pretty noisy. At the end of the road near the locked gate, about 3 miles from the main road, there is a large parking area. Last day up there for me was a Saturday and it was busy. Did not see same degree of traffic during the week. Hunted early beyond the gate and then came out to it. About 6 cars with 2-4 people each pulled up, obviously traveling as a group. As soon as they stopped, they swiftly got out and ran for the woods, all dressed in orange and some carrying something white in their hands. I did not realize what was happening until some guy dropped his drawers & squatted in plain view of the lot after running for less than 50 yards. After doing their business, they gathered, cackled loudly for a few minutes and made their way towards the Ponds with their dog in tow and continuing with the noise.
  12. On the same trip, I left a hot seat on a watch and figured it out a half mile later in an area for which I am not really familiar. Hiked back and found it. 45 minutes later, got to another watch, took off my tinted safety glasses and set them on the top of a boulder. At the end of the watch, you guessed it. That one was a little harder to find b/c I was somewhere besides where I thought I was, but I managed to get them. So what have I actually lost? ... my mind (at least in the process of doing so).
  13. No. Expand the "Allowable Hunting Equipment" section of:
  14. According to the article, no stun gun present... only 2 exist for the entire police force. Good question as to why. Also, it is winter when people wear heavy clothes. A stun gun may not have been effective anyway. I believe the vid said that he was at 15 feet from an officer when he was threatening him. It is pretty well known that one can easily cover more than that distance and be on an officer prior to a shot being fired, even when a weapon is drawn in advance. I can't tell from the vid about the knife but if he was actually threatening the police with it, he is lucky he was not shot.
  15. I use a Remington Model 7... was looking for something light. Needed some work to be able to group. Now is consistently 1" with the right factory ammo (3 shots). Held a Ruger Mountain Rifle recently... very light! Owner spoke very highly of it. Had a Mannlicher stock. Brownings look great but one thing bothers me about them... if you put any sideways pressure on the bolt while cycling them, they seem to bind. I have observed this on every rifle that I've held. Neither Winchester, Remington, nor Tikka guns do this. I do like the BLR and would definitely consider one.