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  1. Half of NYC still has lead water mains. I dont see us NYers dropping like eagles. This article may as well have been written by PETA. Doubt that every gut pile out there is full of lead. And if it is so apparently these eagles are eating alot of gut piles. So with that said since the majority of the eagles food must be from hunters by catch maybe we are keeping them from starving years earlier. Pathetic.
  2. Mikejd

    Rod Building?

    If you have bad dexterity and eyes this will probably not be tge hobby for you. However give it a go and see. A basic build with minimal thread work wont be to bad. Bit of advise forget the taping of the guides. Next time yo place a mudhole order get the roll of surgical tubing. Cut yourself 1/8-1/4 inch pieces depending on the guise size. Roll those down the blank and slide the guide foot under instead of tape. They are mobile when drying to deflect for propper guide spacing.
  3. Plus he never shows finding the doe he shot. Gives the impression he never looked.
  4. Were I hunt and were all the good deer want to be is in the thick stuff. And we have plenty of meat on the pole each year. I dont think I have ever seen a clear shot. No fields by me.
  5. Mikejd

    Rod Building?

    I have been building for about 10yrs now. Probably have done about 300 or so rods in that amount of time. Actually quite a large community of builders once you actually get into it. I have been lucky enough to get myself involved with some of the best builders in the world. There is an international rod building show down in north Carolina every February that is pretty impressive. I spend a good amount of time with the NERBS (north east rod builders) visit the site if you wish to see some work from the best around. Anyway as others have said it will not take much to get you building a basic rod however be very careful as it does become an addicting hobby and then becomes expensive. Any questions that you may have give a shout.
  6. That is a true Monarch. Probably a long rough winter for the old boy. If old age beat him its a cool way for such a beast to fall. Congrats on the find.
  7. Mikejd


    ADKbuck good to hear thanks.
  8. Mikejd


    Oh is that all. Piece of cake.
  9. Mikejd


    Hopefully the dryer weather will hold out. Keep our fingers crossed.
  10. The real problem are the zombies down here in NYC.
  11. Great read. And what a beauty. Congrats.
  12. Mikejd


    For the guys living out in the central part of the state. How has the weather been. Wet? I think its been pretty dry so far. Just curios as to how the nesting birds are making out. I dont live were I hunt so I usually try to keep track of the weather through out the nesting months. I have fallen a bit behind. Just wondering how its looking.
  13. I know this is a few weeks old but if you still have those feet lying around you might want to let F&G see them. Something they may have an answer for or something they may want to test.
  14. I would love to but I would not want to leave everyone behind. But it would be great.
  15. Agreed that a shotgun combo will get you hunting on all basses from squirrel to bear waterfowl and turkeys. So if thats your intention one do it all gun that will get it done. If you are asking for the most versatile hunting rifle for NY game my vote would go to the 30-06. With a wide array of ammunition offerings you could hunt chucks to bear. JMHO.