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  1. I have yet to see a mature buck this year in New York. I have seen and had opportunities with small bucks. I have been hunting a doe bedding area this last week and have seen plenty of doe family units and no bucks. Not sure what’s going on, I wonder if these doe were already bred.
  2. I’ll be out this afternoon from noon to dark in 9A. I have been seeing plenty of doe and fawns...no bucks. Hopefully that changes tonight.
  3. I passed on the morning hunt...15 degrees this morning. Gonna hit the stand around 1pm for the evening. Hopefully they’ll be on the move.
  4. Well, I cut my hunt short, had the power company come in doing a repair. They were making a lot of racket. Beautiful morning....a lot of the leaves are down with the wind and rain from yesterday.
  5. Had a doe with 2 fawns browse past me at 745. I see them every time I hunt this stand, which has been 3x. Haven’t seen any bucks from this stand.
  6. Western New York...many seasons in other states goes well into January.
  7. @Culvercreek hunt clubWe'll have to disagree...I've never seen a deer shed it's antlers in January...I'm sure there is always a rare possibility. I know where I hunt, I've seen bucks with horns in March-April. So, again, I'll use Ohio for instance, there the archery season goes till February...no problem for them.
  8. "Late Season" would be after late Bow / Muzzle loader, there would be a 4 week antlerless season that would end late January. There would be no worry of shooting bucks that have already shed. Many states have bow seasons that go through January.
  9. I don't think we need a shorter season necessarily, but a 1 buck limit each season. I know that would be unpopular with some but it would help strengthen the balance of the herd. Along with a 1 buck limit, there should be a late season doe only to help ensure doe tags have been filled. Buck to doe ratios are heavily skewed in most DMU's, we need balance the herd. New York State consistently ranks as the worst state to kill mature deer. https://www.google.com/amp/www.wideopenspaces.com/top-10-worst-deer-hunting-states/amp/
  10. All day sit for me in Sardinia. Saw a 6 point buck at 830 and let him walk, nothing after that except rain. Tomorrow looks like a crap shoot with 50 mph gusts...may just sleep in tomorrow, I've been living in a tree for 10 days.
  11. Without these chocolate chip cookies from Zider Zee, this all day hunt would be awful...would of pulled the plug at noon. Boring miserable sit.
  12. Sucks...just grunted in 2 different 8 pointers, within 10 minutes of each other...could not get a shot. Sick to my stomach. Needed them to take a few more steps. They wouldn't com it and turned around. The struggle is real.
  13. Should have wore my warmer boots...but I new that already. Quiet except for the dozen squirrels...I'm about to start hunting the tree rats...they seem to be rutting. There chasing one another and fighting over acorns.
  14. Gonna sit in the thick stuff this morning in 9f, hoping to catch Mr.Big Cruzin for doe's. Then heading out to Sardinia for evening hunt and the opener.
  15. Must be sight in your gun day. Gunshots ringing out all morning. The Orange Army is preparing for battle.