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  1. Bernie the multi-millionaire communist, yeah, a real man of principle, POS! Like Truman said, show me a man that got rich in politics and I'll show you a crook. Uneffingbelievable! Robby
  2. Yes they are mine, I make them. Flintlocks are a huge technical advancement for me that I took up about twenty years ago. Before that I hunted exclusively with Bows and arrows I made my self. Making the tools I use is the fun part, hunting with them is the challenge. We never want for meat. Robby
  3. Does anyone here use traditional flintlocks or cap locks? Robby
  4. Well, so far this fool has created a crap-ton of problems, and, solved none. We the people will pay the price for this corrupt piece of crap and his commie handlers. It wasn't his political acumen that got him in the big chair, he has none, zip, zero, nada, it was his life time of corruption and what they have on him. God help us and our Republic. Robby
  5. Its' simple. She just isn't very smart. A perfect model of a New York politician and the sheep will savor her banalities like manna from on high, because government is their God. Disgusting. Robby
  6. If it won't stop a .45 ACP, who need it. Robby
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