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  1. Not sure, I believe it’s SF Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. It seems to me years ago when I got my permit for handgun we were told never leave handgun in car or truck when your not in vehicle.Cant remember if that was law or just a safety precaution from instructor. ???????
  3. Got rid of most of the rest of the seedlings,I will pot up whats left and plant at a later date.Good meeting the three of you that came for seedlings.Thank You
  4. I have about 20 red oak seedlings left,any interest PM me FREE-FREE-FREE
  5. I believe its 70,to qualify for free lic.
  6. I have a couple PJ's,dump and split deckboth good trailers.First dump I bought was a Cam,bought it because it was supposed to be top of the line.Two years paint was falling off in chunks,dealer told me its a dump trailer,what do you expect,manufacture's answer was they sent me two cans of paint,was never happy with it.PJ dump trailer I bought in 11,dont use it in the winter,other than some small rust spots its still in good condition.Aluminun would be a great choice but the cost seems prohibitive to me.
  7. Shameful at the least,these antifa and blm get special treatment from the police after provoking the other side. These POS antifa rarely if ever try to intimidate a group of patriots ,some day they will pick on the wrong group and will be put in their place. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I have three members interested,after they pickup their seedlings i will update if any left.
  9. Approx. 4yrs old,anywhere from 1' to 3'.Dug yesterday bareroot,really should be planted asap.I am located in the northwest corner of Wyoming county.Looking for a good home FREE-FREE-FREE PM me for info
  10. Not sure if there is any free,but I have used Onx and you cant use it as actual,I found my side lot lines were off by approximatly 15 feet
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