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  1. Water,as much as you can take,Vitamin C,rest. Get well
  2. Some trepassers that are just out for a walk or walking their dogs believe the posted signs only pertain to hunters,not walkers.The so-called hunters that disregard posted signs believe they are above the law,dirtbags to say the least.
  3. Great to be able to visit your son and see a beautiful place. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Welcome Great place to visit,and some very good advice to keep you involved.
  5. Call him whatever you want,in reality he was 100% better for the well being of this country than the shell of a man that calls himself president today.
  6. Well thats great that your in that positive position.Most people today live from paycheck to paycheck.You are in a very small minority of paying a "bit more" is ok ,its not.So your personal positive stance does in no way justify the pathetic current leadership of this country,by a senile ,old, washed up puppet politican. PS- he also couldn't polish Trumps shoes.
  7. I am 2 weeks in now,still got a nagging dry cough,everything else seems to be right.
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