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  1. Lawdwaz, ncountry: I don't disagree that a Prusik knot safety line is safer than just a harness with a tree strap (tree belt), but in the context of a ladder stand, I have to believe that a lot of people consider just having a harness and tree strap reasonably safe. I don't care to debate that issue in this thread. That being said, I will look into adding Prusik knot safety line next year. Paula: If I was the only one using the treestand, and if the treestand was the only one I ever used, I would also just secure the tree strap with a quality carabiner. But the issue is there are other people that hunt with me and use the stands. I am uncomfortable being responsible for the safety of the tree strap. What if one hunter absentmindedly takes it with him or her when they are done hunting,say out of habit/by accident, well then what does the next person do? Looking at it the other way, if I am hunting someplace new, I would rather secure my own tree strap than use the one that's there. A lot of my question is not a right or wrong issue, it is more personal preference/personal risk tolerance. I just wanted to get a feel for what others thought on the issue.
  2. Lawdwaz, I know what Prusik knot safety line is. Thank you for your input.
  3. I would like people's thoughts on this. As far as safety (fall arrest) harnesses go, and specifically the part that loops around the tree trunk (cal it the "tree belt"), does the tree belt stay attached to the tree with the stand or stay with the harness on the hunter? I have eight treestands on my property. I hunt it along with a handful of hunting buddies. One buddy who helped me set up a treestand installed the tree belt with a large heavy duty steel carabiner on it. That way, you just have to take the loop at the end of the tether on the harness and clip it in. Convenient, I admit. It has been suggested to me to set up all the stands that way. My thought is that the tree belt should stay with the harness and the hunter, and each time the hunter gets in the stand, he or she is responsible for properly securing their harness to the tree belt (just loop the belt through the loop at the end of the tether first, and then secure it around the tree, that way no carabiner is needed).My thought it I would never want to trust my safety to a belt loop I hadn't installed myself. Also, if you are going to use carabiners, they need to be to climbing specs. If I'm not familiar with the specs of the carabiner, I wouldn't trust it. Lastly, being the landowner, I worry that if someone were to fall and the belt loop that was up there was not secured properly, there could be liability implications. So what do you think, does the tree belt stay with the tree or with the hunter?
  4. I just got my first xbow kill with these today. Did not get passthrough penetration with two shots. First shot hit rib and or spine; second shot may have hit the dirt under the deer. (It was spined and laying on the ground at that point.) No reason to believe it was anything other than operator error as far as accuracy and penetration goes. Anyone know if replacement blades are available for these? If the Dick's deal is going on, I may as well just go buy more of the entire broadheads. One of my blades must have hit bone, it has a little indentation in it. So if both blades look straight, you think it is ok to use the broadhead again?
  5. First deer with a crossbow. I was in a ladder stand in a row of trees looking onto the a large field. Heard crashing directly behind me at about 9:30 a.m. Got my safety off and waited, but nothing ever came through. About 30 minutes later, I spot a buck exiting the trees about 40 yards to my left. Looks like a medium-sized 4+ pointer. I get ready. The buck is making a wide arc in front of me. I wait till it crossed the trail running straight in front of me, just past a large bush which gives me the only cover I have at this point. Distance of about 32 yards. The bolt hits in the lung kill zone, but is a bit high and does not penetrate fully.The deer immediately drops and tries to get up on its front legs, but can't. I spined him. Best I can figure, the bolt deflected off of a rib up into his spine. So he is just lounging there looking upat me with a bolt sticking out of his side. I immediately recock the crossbow and reload. I had to wait a few seconds until he turned his body to give me shot. He gives me an angled front shot. Penetrates the side of chest and exits out his lung. Immediately starts making noises and kicking his front leg. 30 seconds later it was over. Except for moving in a circle, he never took a stop past where he was initially shot. Am glad i didn't have to track him. Feel bad he had to suffer a bit more than he should have, but it was still pretty quick all in all. Field dressing him, we noticed only one lung was damaged; suspect the second shot hit a major artery. Is only a five pointer. Only one brow tine, and it looks like one tine got broken off. Estimated dressed weight of 100+ pounds. Sorry about the ninja smurf outfit; I don't photograph well.
  6. I will be out in 9A. My second year hunting with a crossbow, and I am looking to harvest my first deer with one. It will also be the earliest in the rut season that I have ever hunted. Hoping to see those rut-crazed middle of the day big bucks that I read about.
  7. Any idea the brand or model number of this security system? It sounds interesting.
  8. $120 at Field & Stream store (same parent as Dick's Sporting Goods, I believe). full platform, seat flips up. appears to qualify for free shipping. I don't see an oversize surcharge. link to treestand If the link doesn't work, search for "Comfort Zone Side x Side Deluxe 2-Person 18' Ladder Stand"
  9. The NY Department of Health says "Ticks can be active on winter days when the ground temperatures are above 45 degrees Fahrenheit". Anybody stick a thermometer into the ground lately? As for me, I went ahead and treated my hunting outfit with Permethrin this afternoon as the weekend highs are going to be in the low 50's. I probably should have done this at the beginning of the season.
  10. Thanks. Will do. This is unexpected good news.
  11. [edit: I posted this before I read the entire thread. My bad. If Dom, or anyone, would still care to address my question, great. If not, don't worry about it. I don't mean to rehash stuff that's allready been discussed.] Dom, I have a Toro Workman e2050, which is an electric version cousin of the Gator. Would you have a reference for what you stated (can drive it on paved surfaces . . .) I bought the Toro used, and it has an orange triangle on the back of it (also has lights, but no turn signal or mirrors). If I could somehow make it roadworthy for within 3 miles of my land, that would be tremendously valuable to me. When I spoke to my local DMV about it, they said that it wasn't street legal, and I couldn't even cross a street with it. Thanks.
  12. Heinzmoleman, did you take the required New York state hunter Education course ( http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/92267.html) ? You can't buy a hunting license until you have passed this course.
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