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  1. pitweiler

    .45 Load

    I don't know. I think that isn't necessary. I've been seeing a lot of deer lately, saw 10 the other night and most of them are pretty small. I think it depends where in NYS you are. Up north they're probably 1.5x the size of the suburban deer in CNY.
  2. pitweiler

    Winchester XPR Vias

    The only thing holding me up is the Vias camo! I just went all Realtree. I don’t know if my OCD could handle lol.
  3. pitweiler

    Winchester XPR Vias

    I checked one of these out today and I thought it was really nice sub $500 rifle. The reviews seem really positive overall. I almost picked it up, especially since there is a rebate on them, but didn’t because I have other options. Is there a such thing as too many??? I have a .223,.243,.30-30 and .30-06. This one was chambered in .308. What do ya think?
  4. pitweiler

    .45 Load

    Well, for anyone that is still interested, I decided to do some testing. I took out some PDX1 and Golden Saber, my chronograph and a batch of "Super Scientific Ballistic Cardboard". I cut up a number of boxes and soaked them in water for about 3 hours, creating "Super Scientific Ballistic Cardboard". I went out to the range and set up my ballistic cardboard and punched a Golden Saber into it. The cardboard was ~16 inces deep and the saber drilled a humongous exit hole through it and into oblivion. I searched and searched and couldn't find the slug. I reconfigured the ballistic cardboard and tried two more times; both pass throughs. I could tell based on the damage through the ballistic card board the bullets were expanding. It was like a cone starting small and ending about 1.25-1.75 inches in diameter at exit. I rolled the ballistic cardboard up and formed it into a 22 inch block. Two more sabers showed approximately 18 inches of penetration and full expansion. I measured one at .751. Both are text book. The PDX1 was a big disappointment. I fired two rounds into the 22 inch block and both penetrated about 18 inches and failed to expand. One started to open, but never finished. After that I punched the block with two 135gr 9mm +P Critical Duty bullets that expanded text book, but very small. The damage done to the ballistic cardboard by the sabers was intense. Based on this Ultra-Super-Scientific test, I'm going to stick with Golden Saber. Chrono average on them was 844 fps from my 4 inch. Must have had a bad chrono read, or five slow rounds the last time I tested it.
  5. pitweiler

    .45 Load

    I was looking at it the same way. I learned my lesson about over confidence. I am very good with a handgun. I can hit effectively at 60 yards with iron sights. That makes my max range with adrenaline dump 25 yards give or take. The areas I'm thinking of don't offer much over a 60 yard shot anyways.
  6. pitweiler

    .45 Load

    I was thinking about using a 220gr Hornady Critical Duty FTX. I'll probably get 920-950fps and the penetration/expansion of those bullets will be good.
  7. pitweiler

    .45 Load

    What do you use? What kind of handgun?
  8. pitweiler

    .45 Load

    When I google that I find plenty of folks using regular JHPs to hunt deer. I killed one with a 230gr Hydra Shok . Shot it quartering away at 7yds. Bullet didn't exit; from point of entry it would have needed to penetrate at least 20 inches to exit. It folded the deer right up. I was thinking a bonded 230gr would have a better chance to exit.
  9. pitweiler

    .45 Load

    I decided that occasionally, in certain areas I hunt, I'm going to only take my 45 so I can carry more camera gear. Right now I'm loaded with 230gr Golden Saber that I recorded at 800fps from my pistol. I also have some 230gr PDX1, which is a bonded bullet, that I recorded at 825fps from my pistol. I'm also thinking about 200 or 230r XTP at +P velocity, and 230gr Federal HST. Anyone have any thoughts on the matter? Thanks.
  10. I have a cheap mesh blaze orange vest. The kind you buy at Walmart for $4 when you forget yours. I bring at least one, sometimes two extra orange vests. The mesh one can be wrapped around the backpack and tied to it. There, a $4 non permanent solution. Also, I read a super in-depth article a few years ago from UGA about deer eye sight. Apparently deer may be able to see some color range. The blue-green range may be viewable to them. The red spectrum would appear as grey. So while they don’t “see” orange they potentially see a giant grey spot in an otherwise greenish blue world. I used to think camo was worthless but I think it might have some use.
  11. pitweiler

    Thinking about a .35 Whelen

    I've really been thinking about rebarreling my 243 to 358 Win, short action cousin to the Whelen. Shot a doe last night with a 230gr .45 ACP and it just folded up. I think big, heavy bullets are the way to go. Just not sure how much performance advantage I'd have over a 308 in a short action.
  12. I really think the .40 S&W loaded properly would be a decent pistol for close range. There are so many deep penetrating expanding bullets available for the .400 caliber. I’m also throwing around the idea of just using my Glock 23 with my normal carry load- 165 HST.
  13. I haven't decided which one I'm going to take with me. I'm leaning towards my M&P45.
  14. What does everyone carry?
  15. In addition to a long gun, who carries a handgun? I used to carry a handgun, then stopped doing it last year. I think I’m going to carry one again this year.