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  1. pitweiler

    What's become of the .325 WSM?

    Except a .375 Ruger is a standard length cartridge.
  2. pitweiler

    What's become of the .325 WSM?

    A .35 WSM would be much cooler/better than a .325! How did you wildcat it?
  3. pitweiler

    What's become of the .325 WSM?

    I think the .325 never picked up because it doesn’t do anything a .300 WSM can’t. A .375 WSM would be cool.
  4. My main hunting rifle is a .243. I have an old beater Savage 110 in .30-06 that drives tacks but is a boat anchor to carry. I’m looking to do some destination hunts next year where I’d spend 3-6 days out at a time. I think it would be a good idea to add a third bolt-action rifle to the collection. I was thinking of adding another .30-06 so I could load .243 and .30-06 and not worry about a third caliber. Not that it would be an issue, just figured it would be easier if my destination rifles were the same cartridge. While I’m confident a properly loaded .243 will kill anything I can hit with it, I wouldn’t mind a bit more punch if I’m in ADK, Catskills, or another state. (My young son is coming with me. In the extremely rare event I have to punch a bear or get an opportunity to take one, I’d rather punch it with a .308 or .30-06 than a .243. Just seems like a smarter idea.) What I don’t want is another 9-10lb .30-06 that is a lug to carry. I don’t want a rifle that uses a lot of plastic components (trigger guard, floor plate, bolt components). Plastic magazines are OK as long as they secure via a metal latch on the rifle, no plastic on plastic. I have no issues with hunting in extremely cold weather and I have experienced plastic getting brittle and breaking in that climate. By far, I prefer Ruger Hawkeyes. However, their .30-06 is heavy and the compact Hawkeye is a short action (which is fine). The new Savage 110 AccuFit stock actually looks appealing, but I’m not sure I want to lug around a ginormous Savage “Long/Magnum Action” for an ‘06. The 110 Lightweight Storm looks appealing in .308. If you were buying a new primary rifle and your back up was a .30-06, how important would it be for your primary to be the same caliber? Do you care? Seems if they were both .308 bullets that would at least decrease the amount of different components I would need. Looking for some opinions on the previous question and some ideas about what rifles could be a good fit for me. I’m very leery about a rifle that uses plastic components, especially a trigger guard, depending on how it is manufactured. I figure I’ll park the truck, leave the back-up rifle in a hardsided Pelican case locked to the seat frames and hike the broken rifle out to get the back up if need be. Thoughts?
  5. pitweiler

    Pistol cartridge for Black Bear

    I’ll throw mine into the mix. .45 ACP loaded with 230gr Golden Sabers or 160/185r Tac XP.
  6. Sorry to hear that bud. I hope you’re able to get back out there! This is all in good fun. Where do you typically hunt? I know a few spots near Syracuse that aren’t far off the side roads and have a lot of heavily used trails. I’d be more than happy to help set you up if it’s close by for you.
  7. I don’t own either. I’m probably adding bow next year.
  8. It was over for me yesterday lol. Going to see Santa today and work tomorrow.
  9. Well, I couldn’t get it done this season. Here’s my recipie: 1 Cup of Tinks 69 3 Cups of Kids 1/2 Cup of Pregnant Wife 1/2 Cup of Work 2 Tbsp of OT Work 2 Tbsp of Family Activities in the off Season 1 Tbsp of Soccer 1 Tsp of The Unexpected Combine ingredients in large pot with unused big game tags. Simmer on low heat for 6 weeks, stirring occasionally. Garnish with a touch of disappointment and serve lukewarm.
  10. pitweiler

    Would You Support Elk in NY?

    Down by PA? Any confirmed sightings?
  11. pitweiler

    Would You Support Elk in NY?

    I think bringing elk back to NY would be fantastic. Realistically it's probably only a matter time before they show up. PA's herd is growing and I imagine at some point it will be big enough to extend into southern NY.
  12. pitweiler

    Would You Support Elk in NY?

    Eastern Elk were native to the entire east coast. History of Eastern Elk
  13. pitweiler

    Would You Support Elk in NY?

    I wonder if reintroducing elk would help balance the deer population across the state. It would also give us some extra big game hunting opportunities in the future. It has been very successful in PA. I would imagine it would be successful in NY as well.
  14. pitweiler

    Give King Andy your Facebook Password

    I think they're just pushing to see how far they can go. I think they are disguising authoritarian government control under the guise of public safety and the problem is that most people will find it acceptable. I don't see how that piece of legislation makes it past constitutional scrutiny. There are 1st, 4th, and 5th amendment violations written into the legislation. I understand why they think it will help stop these incidents, and, quite frankly, it actually might, but the constitutional violations and the slippery slope into authoritarian government control this could/would start is scary.