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  1. A legend indeed. I have many of their videos and their first book. I studied how they hunt and track deer. Everything I learned from Larry and family certainly helps me in the big woods till today. Prayers to the Benoit family. Rudy Founder & Director of Photography, Huntography
  2. I hunted power lines on public land many times. They are natural hot spots for catching deer, bear, coyotes and turkeys cruise and cross ridges. Rudy
  3. I used the Rino 120's for years on public land in upstste NY. Only lost satellite once in a deep ravine at last light. Was pretty scary but kept walking until I got my reception back. They still sell the 120 and its affordable if a bunch of friends also get it. I now have the Garmin Montana 600 and it works great. I live in Colorado now but am a New Yorker at heart. For out west, if you get a Garmin, get the Hubting GPS maps chip as it gives you more detail as well as private and public land and GMU unit details. Good luck. Rudy
  4. Very cool story. Good shootin ! Rudy
  5. I hope you do. I just loved watching that shot. Pretty awesome. Rudy
  6. After watching the last 2 episodes, I agree with that. It's just like watching any other scripted made for TV show, like Pawn Stars, Mountain Men is what it is and I'm ok with it. It makes be miss my Upstate New York hunting camp. Rudy
  7. Alright fellas, I film regular folks hunting all over the country. So if you didn't like Chasing Tail, you just might like the full feature films I put together: Heck, I grew up hunting in Ulster and Delaware county on both my back 40 and on public land. I'd love to film some of you guys in the future to show everyone how New Yorker's hunt. Rudy Sent from my camo iPhone 5 using Tapatalk
  8. I watched 2 episodes and in a weird way, it's entertaining even though its staged for TV and over dramatized. It's like watching Mountain Men or Inked or any other "reality" TV show. Take it with a grain of salt. There are many hunting shows out there on TV that are far worse production wise. I only worry how non hunters will think of us after watching some of this. We have enough haters out there trying to make it more difficult for us to hunt. Rudy Sent from my camo iPhone 5 using Tapatalk
  9. Awesome John! Way to go hanging in there. Love that ASAT camo, wear it myself. - Rudy Filming America's Hunters, One at a Time
  10. Interesting. I hope both parties are happy and that new innovation comes out of this and hopefully, cheaper prices on broadheads. Well, one can wish.
  11. Thank you WNYBuckHunter! Here is a link to my DVD. Hope everyone has a good Friday.
  12. Thank's a lot. I'm doing my best and only hope to capture more great footage in future dvd's. The dvd is available on my site if you'd like to check it out. I'd post a link but not sure about the forum rules on that. Thanks again! Rudy
  13. Thanks so much.....Everyone I film is a diehard deer hunter....and lives the lifestyle year around......Kinda like many folks on here....very passionate and open to sharing with each other.