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  1. My brother went to that one room school( actually I remember it as 2 rooms . ).Minisink Valley Central opened in ‘57 and I was in the 1st kindergarten class .My grandfather was an original school board member.
  2. Stumbled across these as I was looking at photos for memories of my father on Fathers day.
  3. I remember many years ago when I first started flying back from Arizona to hunt in Sullivan , I shot a nice 8 pt. on opening morning and when I called the Mrs. that evening to share the good news , she asked if I would be flying back home the next day as I got my deer and why would I hang with the guys for the rest of the week. Now , she knows I am gone for the 8 or 9 days no matter what. It is all about setting the expectation.
  4. I hunt 3k and will post some pix when I get back on the 9th. Thx
  5. Leaving Arizona on the 'red eye' tonite and should be at the cabin in the Catskills by noon tomorrow to hunt until the 7th of Dec. . It's always tough to wait until the 3rd week to get started but when it gets here it is all a guy could ask for. Great friends, warm cabin , great food and beverages and a chance to be in the woods with a rifle. Jim
  6. Welcome, I do hunt in Sullivan Co. Near TMR. Jim
  7. I was fortunate to inherit my grandfathers .32 remington model 14 and as I understand , he purchased it in 1916 for the price of $16 . There are no more factory loads made for it . I take 'Grandpa ' for a walk every year and hope he gets one more deer. I do treasure having a piece of history. jim
  8. Arizona had many over the counter tags left this year.
  9. Biz, Log onto www.coueswhitetail.com , disussion forums and there is a link there that will take to you to the site. got to be 100 posts of people that got drawn. J
  10. Biz, this should get you to the results https://phx.az.gov/app/huntdraw/lookup.xhtml?conversationPropagation=begin
  11. Biz, the draw results are on line now , go to https://phx.azgov/a...opagation=begin. jim
  12. Biz, It will show you on line what unit you got. Seems to be a delay in the posting on line. www.azgfd will have the notice of when the results are posted. Guys out here were still having their credit cards hit as of yesterday. Lot of anxious hunters waiting. Look forward to hearing what you got. Jim
  13. Not to worry, I understand the proprietary nature of hunting areas and have another New York guy who moved to the Oracle area 40 years ago and it is lion country. Unit 33 has a 34% harvest success for antlered deer in your hunt. good fortune to you.
  14. The velvet on this one was coming off with each touch , the previous one I got in velvet stayed on. You must be hunting near Oracle and north of Mt.Lemon. J
  15. Biz, I would think you will get your 1st choice as there are 700 tags for that unit. Hopefully it will not be as hot as last year when we had mid 90's at 4500 ft elevation for the entire hunt . Was nasty. Are you doing the hunt with a guide? Attached is my Coues from last year, still in velvet. Jim
  16. Biz, My card got hit yesterday here in Arizona., I will have the October Coues Hunt in 36 B. What choices did you put in for. Should be able to go online early next week to see what you ended up with. Jim
  17. Slate Hill,

    1. nyazhunter


      Born and raised in Ridgebury , live in Phoenix for 30 years

  18. BIZ , Where were you in Southern AZ. It is awesome country. Jim
  19. I have an Ithaca single shot .22 purchased in the mid 60's from GLF (Agway) for I think about $21. Don't know the model number . Great way to learn to shoot .
  20. What unit are you hunting in ? guided or not ? with dogs? That will help with answers. If you log onto coueswhitetail.com and create a user name you will see a beast of a lion posted in the discussion forum that was taken recently.
  21. nyazhunter

    The Drag

    Hunting Coues Whitetail in Arizona : in my 40's , gutted and thrown over my shoulders for the long ( 1 1/2 miles on my first hunt ) walk back to the tent site ; in my late 50's , skin and quarter and put in my backpack for the long walk back ( tenderloins,backstraps and hind quarters ) , getting way too old to do this . The dressed Coues deer might weigh 80 lbs. Have to tell you that after the first year with the mile plus walk with deer on my shoulders , gun in hand that I felt like a gentlemen when I came back to my cabin in the Catskills and was able to get the downed deer with my quad and drive him back to the cabin . Felt like 'gentlemen hunting'.
  22. The only accuracy issue is the users issues. It is a bit harder to hold steady than a longer rifle for offhand long distance shots. I have a mossberg 1500 and it seems easier to hold.
  23. Thanks guys . A lot of effort to get a deer out here. A mile plus hike out with the meat . Kind of makes me feel like a gentlemen hunter in NY with a quad and a cabin.