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  1. The squirrels probably dined on it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Thank you-Pre 64 Winchester Model 70 in .308
  3. I know this deer is not very big but I dropped it because the farmer and his wife that allow me to hunt their property love venison and I haven't been able to provide them with any in a couple of years. Some interesting things about this deer/hunt. When I was coming in at about 5-45am I bumped about 4 deer out of a field. This deer was the first I had seen since then, the first deer sighted during daylight. The photo of the deer walking is the deer I shot. He walked right past one of my trail cams and I shot him literally 1 minute later. I had my Tactacam and GoPro all set up to try to get the whole thing on video. It was about 10:12am and I had just poured a coffee and taken a bite out of a chicken sandwich my wife was so gracious to pack for me. I caught something out the corner of my left eye and there he was about 40 yards from me. He was just "there". I had no time to think, I shot him when he was looking right at me, a second more and he would have seen me or got my wind as I was on the ground. I literally dropped the sandwich put him in my sights and squeezed. I didn't have time to activate either camera for fear he would see me with the extra motion. Anyhow I am grateful to be able to harvest a buck and provide the landowners with venison for the winter.
  4. Seeing many coyotes on trail cams--3 in one pack the other night
  5. Grampy & GreeneHunter get a look at this guy
  6. yup non shooter unless last day and no meat!