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  1. Haven been really able to get out--just getting over bronchitis Did pull some pix from my cameras--2 bucks have survived to date-I don't think there has been much pressure I did see a buck chasing a doe the other afternoon so I guess the rut is still on in the 4H area Quite a few does around
  2. Pulled my cameras out, just a few does hanging around. Bitter cold with the wind today, although I did see a big bodied spike horn crossing the road 2 miles from my hunting spot. Have a Merry Christmas!
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    Pre 64 Winchester Model 70 featherweight in 308
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    Saw nothing until I walked out at dusk--saw one doe feeding across the road
  5. sherlockgael


    4H Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Quiet one close shot. Saw one deer about 7am sneaking through woods too far off. Wind has picked up Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Yards not years sorry Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Saw a good sized buck in a small field right near the road today. At least a 6, maybe an eight. Because of the contour of the road it was too dangerous to take a video or photo. I was wondering why he was out in the open in the middle of the afternoon and then I noticed a doe in the same field 10 years in front of him. The rut is on, question is will the rut be still going on opening the day the 17th?
  9. Went and pulled my trail cams this afternoon, did it early because this upcoming weekend looks a little messy. Captured either a 6 or 7 on one of the cams. It's been my experience based on hunting here for over thirty years you don't see many bucks too much bigger than this in this particular area. I think many factors cause this, available feed and in my opinion the young bucks don't get much of a chance to mature getting harvested as soon as they are of legal antler length. PS: Other little hunters were also active in this field!