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  1. Hunter1

    Fisher, Marten, Mink?

    my vote fisher
  2. Hunter1

    What is it?

  3. Hunter1

    Cool picture

    Date should be 2018
  4. Hunter1

    Fisher or Marten?

    Looks like a fisher to me a little to big in the tail
  5. Hunter1

    snow guards for metal roof

    I had the same problem I installed a cricket above the chimney an removed the two rods no more problems handle a 48 in snow fall last year
  6. Hunter1

    My Dad passed away yesterday

    Sorry for your loss RIP
  7. Hunter1

    Went all Nocturnal on me

    Most of all the deer on my 5 cameras are between 1am and 430 am . Just a few does an turkeys during the day almost all bow and gun season so far.
  8. Hunter1

    Breach plug stuck

    I use never seize Always come right out
  9. Hunter1

    what is it ?

    That's what puzzled me all other bobcats i've seen had a longer tail