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  1. I'll be out in 4g rain or shine wait all yr for this day . Good luck all and stay safe
  2. Hunter1


    yes hunt 4g and 4p
  3. In the early 80's my rem 742 was 149.00 at a dept store rem 1100 was !99.00 at a gun shop. The good old days
  4. 80 grit flapper wheel best to sharpen blades that you can shave with
  5. Add a cap full of liquid smoke to the mix boil it for internal temp then smoke it. I USE A 60/40 MIX little beef fat holds a lot more flavor
  6. Nope for my family to many friends and close relations had bad reactions .Two of them hospitalized. one in for threes week.
  7. The Condo,Pond stand,Mickey Mouse, Candy shack Outhouse . Just to name a Few
  8. I was asked Dob in walmart for wd40 afew weeks back
  9. Rattle snake found dead on Rt 30 n Andes last week report was in the Mountain Eagle newspaper
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