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  1. I have dish network and a so so verizon mifi card . Anybody use Hughes net ? Its my only other option being out in the country .
  2. I reload for 2 - 300 win mags , even buying new brass, I save about 20%. Reloading my accumulated brass, I can save 40% vs buying new . You will shoot more , developing your perfect load but shooting is fun practice. I have found , that you can load more accurate ammo as compared to factory premium ammo. I have the Hornady Classic kit and love it , did not care for the Lee press, seemed cheap.
  3. My brother in law took his nephew out yesterday and today ,saw 0 deer . Brother in law said his nephew has no interest to go on thanksgiving morning. I think we lost him ............
  4. I have never been a fan of underarmour, anytime I ever wore it , I felt cold and clammy .
  5. Probably an imbedded tick or something that would irritate the crap out of him . Only way to get rid of it is to scratch that itch.
  6. Fawns will breed. 4 PT came by about 80 yds out.2 in snow in 9k, sounds like opening of gun season.Amish must use a different calendar..
  7. Where are you hunting ? I' m heading down to my cabin in Randolph after work .
  8. 2.5 years old and around 105' to 110"
  9. After thinking about it, I wouldn't shoot his dog , but he doesn't know that. I got my point across. We will have a talk in the future.
  10. Saw 6 deer run by me at 1030 this morning , chased by the neighbors blue tick. I fired off a nasty text telling him that his dog won't be coming home ,if it happens again. He apologized and thanked me for not shooting him. End of story.
  11. Yeah, that's 3 hrs of your life you ll never get back.
  12. You did it right , now he's hooked. If it was cold ,raining and not see anything, he might think differently.Congrats on a nice buck.
  13. Try different brands of ammo . My 300 win mag would give me 3 to 4" groups at 100 yds.Then found the right ammo and have 3 touching at 100 and 1" group at 200 yds.