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  1. Merlot

    And on Easter this happened.....

    Thank God you're alright. I thought you were a goner, with that picture shown above with rabbit splatter and eggs all over the ground. It still fits...Kinda….
  2. Merlot

    New hunting land's Caneadea. Nice area.
  3. Merlot

    Tree stand safety alert, FS seat may fail

    Buddy and I bought one and set up last summer. I'll be sure to check this out.
  4. Merlot

    Frost Heave

    Just wondering if it is a better bet to dig some sort of ditch just above those 5 trees and below the tree line, opposite the tilled farmland, about where the length of dirt/grass is running left to right, and channel water away from your cabin. Hard to tell about the lay of your land from an overhead shot.
  5. Merlot

    Awesome fox picture

    Maybe 1600 fox. How much per pelt would this guy get? Amazing catch.
  6. Where non-immunization of kids within ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities is practiced, why hasn't measles spread before...why now and not in the past? I have to assume that kids were immunized in past, but now it is not emphasized as much? If so, it seams crazy not to go the immunization route.
  7. Merlot

    Fishing tomorrow

    Why would you drive over your bride? lol
  8. Merlot

    Service dog scam

    Those fake service animal owners are just dodging a kenneling bill.
  9. Merlot


    The guy had to check the moonshine still and was in a hurry...
  10. Merlot

    State Testing ...ooops

    And Cuomo leads the way....what a guy....I hear the Buffalo school system is spending approx. $35,000/yr/student with the results not looking too great at the other end. The nuns that taught us were strict and kept us on the straight and narrow on little money.
  11. Merlot

    Legal Weed and Gun Owners

    The Feds better not confiscate my Merlot.
  12. Merlot

    They are banning plastic bags now

    AOC will figger it out.
  13. If all a hoax, maybe the families of Gus Grissom, Edward White and Roger Chaffee should sue the crap out of NASA for killing their Kin for no reason in Apollo 1. One helluva expensive program to fake.
  14. Merlot

    April Fool's joke..

    I think it will be prudent to skip planting vegetable garden for a while...
  15. Merlot

    No March Blizzard

    Playing golf thurs. in PA. Better not snow.