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  1. A lot of stench in DC. Hopefully Pres. Trump will rectify the mess by the end of his second term. MAGAKAG
  2. Wide receivers should never drop passes, given they all wear those sticky gloves.
  3. TV camera shots of the catcher from center field need to be obscured digitally...problem solved.
  4. I'm still in the stone age with a trac phone. Imagine I'll be buying aa smart phone soon, with our son just enlisting in the Army. want to keep in touch with him more easily....but no facebook crap for me.
  5. Good on the Chiefs to mount the comeback and to see the Texans sorta collapse....hope they enjoy the taste of blowing a big lead, similar to what the Bills did last week.
  6. I gain weight just looking at all this good stuff..
  7. Need a dominate qb to win in the clutch. Allen is not there. Acted like a confused rookie near the end of game....taking sacks instead of throwing the ball out of play, hail mary passes...idiot... Unfortunately, he may never be very good if this crap keeps happening..
  8. Merlot

    Jim Shockey

    Agreed. He's a businessman/salesperson who makes a living being on a successful TV hunt/outdoors show. Good for him.
  9. Bills on the upswing, but not there yet...Houston 26 Bills 16
  10. Just parting gifts after your gettogether next week.
  11. Thank you very much...gonna celebrate with a hearty bowl of deer tag soup...washed down with Merlot!. Happy new year to all!