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  1. Cannot wait to roast some crickets later today...imagine people wanting this stuff have armed security.
  2. sure could use new leadership, beginning in 2025. scrape the biden clown show aside.
  3. Still have my old Klipsch Heresy speakers with JVC tuner with Graphic speaker equalizer. Wonder if this stuff qualifies for "old" purchased 1978. lol
  4. Missed a buck at 20 yards, with the arrow smacking a tree dead on. 1987. Walk past that tree often. A memory i will never forget. The shaft was removed, but it was cooked.
  5. I have never been so ahead on my yard chores than this year. been raking the back and front yard grass of debris, which never got done until early April. More time for golf going forward.
  6. They're just playing with the idiot Biden. Stolen elections have consequences. Dems own this shit show.
  7. Looking at these pictures, it seems you can just go out in your smelly coveralls, put on your Elmer Fudd hat, grab the shotgun and a couple shells and just go out back and hunt...and be successful in bagging game. no Kuiu outfits back then.
  8. Imagine those living in those tough winter weather areas, back then, prepped and were ready for it when it came. Knew how to cook, bake, canned food and just rode out the weather and probably did ok.
  9. Mom had all that Revere pots and pans back in the day. Great product. I'm guessing not so much anymore.
  10. Thank you and have a great new year!
  11. I assume lake Placid. Visited the jump area once in early 80's and went up the elevator to have a look. It was near closing time, but I was allowed to go up. After 15 minutes, I went down to bottom, only to find out that the place was locked up for the night. I had to climb the 10–12-foot fence to get out.
  12. Solution is to vote out the snowflake morons in government. Cannot wait to hear the plan to set up EV charging stations along the interstate highway system. Got to build the transmission lines to new substations and extend primary voltage conductors to transformation at the charging stations. HUGE costs. Easier to just fill your tank with gasoline. Again, vote the idiots out that want this stuff shoved down your throats. What a joke.
  13. Some of these morons presently feeling what it's like to support the "green new deal" in parts of Western New York....dang chilly...
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