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  1. Went through the same stuff about 15 years ago with P.F. Went with the shots in the heels...holy cow, did that hurt. I went with good arch supports in all my shoes, plus slippers, and no problems after that.
  2. Turkey season cannot come soon enough...
  3. I would leave the palace and take the yacht somewhere....Maybe a "Three hour tour....a three hour tour..."
  4. One more week until his bunny suit appearance...
  5. No fan of the governor, but no sense in beating Cuomo up over the lack of foresight in not purchasing ventilators a few years ago. It happened, but lets help the people that need the help now. Hospitals, send what equipment you can, and insist on being placed more to the head of the line for ventilator replacement, when they come off the manufacturing line. Seems like the best we can do at this time.
  6. Will be interesting to see how that anti-Malaria drug is doing on those 1100 or so patients. If drug works, and is administered to the sick, that should take the pressure off the ventilator need. Cuomo should be investigated for not being prepared/minding the medical store in his state.
  7. Maybe his ex-girlfriend, Sandra Lee, can dish out the details...
  8. He was not a politician when he ran....that's the beauty of this. Good to see a positive change.
  9. Government was tied down for a time with Impeachment. That didn't help . Trump has his flaws, like the rest of us, but he is trying to do a good job for all, given the swamp he had to wade through.
  10. I'd be more concerned with Lyme tick buggers than corona.
  11. Yep, you are correct that Cuomo would throw up a travel ban to NYC quickly, if the situation were reversed. I see some NYC people renting Ski chalets in Ellicottville NY, a now closed ski resort, located south of Buffalo, so as to escape NYC, and I suppose Ohio and Pennsylvania people too. Ellicottville has now removed the "Welcome" mat and is trying to get those homes and chalets removed from those home rental sites, to discourage others from trying to travel to WNY. Better to contain the virus, than to encourage travel out of hot spots. Tough situation, but it is what it is.
  12. People leaving NY State in droves...Now I read Cuomo is suing Rhode Island because RI is blocking possibly infected virus carriers from NY from traveling into the state. Quite the unifier that scum Cuomo is.
  13. I read that Rhode Island and New York are at odds with New Yorkers trying to flee to Rhode Island to get out of Dodge, due to the virus. Rhode Island Governor is blocking the flow of vehicles with NY plates into RI. Cuomo is suing RI because of this action. Seem to recall Democrats saying, not too long ago down on the southern border that "it's not who we are as Americans" to deny illegals from crossing the US/ Mexico border, seeking a better life, and no barriers and stuff. What's wrong with RI blocking Americans now wanting to escape NYC and cross over into RI??? I just find it interesting watching Socialist/Democrats mostly starting to eat each other over boarder policy now. Did not seem to matter a little while ago.