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  1. Yep, Allen is key or he is toast.
  2. Bills will be fortunate to win 8 this year. Buzz saw of a schedule.
  3. Games take too long to play nowadays, plus if the millionaire players take a knee, the game is toast. Fans will rebel.
  4. Now they'll let you back into the Yelling Goat...
  5. Figured on seeing a couple campfire pictures either here or the campfire thread. Must have been a couple fires burning last night, along with consuming adult beverages.
  6. Capital punishment in the public square....with a rope around his/her neck.
  7. Agreed, all planned. Pretty sure Trump will stomp this crap out soon. Hate to see martial law temporarily prevail, but there may be no other choice.
  8. yeah, that Whit privilege is really something...drives punks to misspell...or was running out of red commie paint...or da skool system is crap.
  9. Nailed it. Those useful idiots I'm been hearing about are being used by Pelosi, Soros,etc. Don't hear much from Nancy or Mad Maxine do we about all the destruction? They're in on all this.
  10. Looks like you can be a foot model for bath tub drains...
  11. Forgot Captain Crunch and Mr. Pop Tart. may as well burn down Quaker Oats plant....those sonofabees….Please don't mess with Mr. Smith and Mrs. Wesson...although I think they can take care of themselves...