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  1. So that is where the Oak Island Mystery Treasure is buried....
  2. must be all those fake medals weighing the jacket down.
  3. They lost their minds when Those windmills were proposed off their beaches a while back...how 'bout that?
  4. Well, at least Charles has a job now...Doing the wave at the crowds, while riding in the golden horse buggy, clutching a purse.
  5. Imagine the last purse she was clutching, a couple days ago, is worth a pretty penny right about now...just sayin..
  6. And do not forget that we are all a bunch of fascists too....Sad state of affairs. Pay off your loan over time, lazy bisturds.
  7. could be 10 or 12 guys splitting the cost. Not all will hunt at the same time, so it could work.
  8. Washing every stitch with something like "Dead Downwind" detergent and keeping the camo outside on the cabin porch is about all i do.
  9. Shot a lot since March 1st. to the point that the bow string needed replacement. Local shop in Friendship handling it. Belmont Archery. New owner...nice guy.
  10. Bow...Bowtech Justice 2004 Thunderhead 100x broadheads Radial weave hunter arrows 62 lb draw It kills deer
  11. Crikey...Where's the Crocodile hunter when you need him...Oh wait..never mind.
  12. bought 2 screaming Eagle stands back in the 90's and they worked great, but after a while, I got to thinking I was totally dependent on the 2 cables supporting the fold down stand to support all my weight. I ditched the stands and went to ladder stands. Even so, I wear my safety gear while in stand. Nowadays, I am more likely to be on the ground hunting, rather than being in a ladder stand. Good hunting to you all.
  13. those are pretty expensive legs....I mean eggs...
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