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  1. Couldn't this idiot administration at least hire Tulsi Gabbard for some position? At least she has brains.
  2. Had no idea that a truck driver could make a great deal of money. Does it depend on load type and pay? Mileage? Do not really know.
  3. Knucklehead Joe will get to the trucking part after his naps...
  4. My late mother walked across the old train crossing at Letchworth, many, many moons ago.
  5. We could be safer right about now. That border thing is a problem, to say the least.
  6. I like Grouse's commentary. I the meantime, yesterday, Biden makes a speech basically not approving of capitalism....that it doesn't work and he wants, or his puppet masters who wrote the speech behind the curtain, want to change how we do things... or pretty close to that. Scary stuff coming from the monsters running things on the left. Prefer Trump right about now.
  7. People are going to get very angry very soon, if this stuff isn't snuffed out pretty quick.
  8. Sleepy Joe, and his puppet masters, sure have that Hitler thing down pat that wackos accused Trump of being, in a big way. Stolen elections have their consequences.
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