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  1. Gotta hope for a wipeout of the socialist democrats in Nov, which would be a start.
  2. ...And Kamala is warming up in the bullpen...
  3. The "resident" may have gotten 61 Mil votes...not 81 Mil..
  4. I thought Biden mentioned something about white supremacy today. I'm still trying to figure out the white privelige thing from awhile back. Don't recall any incredible privelige back in the day. The left is just plain mad.
  5. you work hard to see these results on camera..congratulations...When will the turkey be served??
  6. Guess I will not be visiting his neck of the woods anytime soon.
  7. Imagine the Gov. will have the answers. Guns bad...we know the drill.
  8. All I see is your left forefinger...
  9. Always enjoy your Turkey hunt play-by-play.
  10. Reminds me of the food fight scene, in "Animal House". If only there was a figurine of Bluto, I would buy the set...damn..
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