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  1. People don't want their homes burned to the ground by mobs, I guess. Of course, Biden's puppet masters are doing a pretty good job of destroying our country, if the last 72 hours of executive orders are any indication. Voter ID sounds like a plan, but that must be too hard to do, but snap impeachments???? no problemo....they'll get right on that at warp speed.... And nice mittens, Bernie...I think I wore similar mittens when I was 5 years old...a snappy dresser, that Bernie.
  2. And our son, serving with the Army in S Korea, is taking orders from this clown. God help us.
  3. I saw a report of some National Guard troops were herded into an underground DC parking garage, because some Democrat got his panties in a bind and complained over a Guardsman not wearing a mask. More details on Breitbart. Disgraceful to our troops. Oh well, people voted/cheated these garbagemen, including the head janitor, into office. Maybe our esteemed "Journalists " will question the head janitor on this disgraceful treatment of servicemen and women....oh wait a minute...he's taking a basement nap...
  4. they'll never start Henne Youngman in the game...
  5. Would not be surprised if there are more than a couple ranchers with rifles and backhoes waiting....
  6. Live at Mara Lago in Florida, year round. Even if $1000/ night, I would do it. Play golf and lie by the pool. Perfectly cooked meals, by a sports car, arrange a hunt with Don Jr. Of course, I am talking about the Mega Millions lottery....
  7. About 15 years ago, I bought a brick (325) of .22 long for about $14.00...about .04 cents per round. Looks like prices have least.
  8. I think its the end of the line for the Bills this week, simply because the Chiefs have been there, done that and the Bills have not. A good run, but Mahomes will be there and lead the chiefs...and this is coming from a Bills fan.
  9. Must be re-election season coming up. Cannot wait for 5 buck/gallon gas.
  10. This idiot will fumble through the oaf of office...
  11. Just let the doctors do their job. If he passes the concussion protocols, then he plays. If not, he sits. Like to see the Bills beat the best, but a persons health is in play here. It's still just a game, in my view.
  12. A good run. Thank you Pres. Trump. Now idiots run the show on 1.20.21. God help us.
  13. Maybe Pres. Trump will construct some type of social media platform to fight back against the tyranny about to befall our country. Joe and Ho...can't wait. Imagine Joe will need an escalator to board airfarce 1, given that he can barely walk. China laughing at us. Where's Hunter?