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  1. Thank God you carved out that it will stop raining, because you're counting on rain to fill it...good job! You da mann.
  2. Merlot


    Just added to my Rynoskin collection...Ryno gloves and pull over head/neck protection. Had to do the anti-biotic treatment last June, due to the little more...I hope...
  3. Merlot

    Using A Deer Decoy???

    Interesting idea, but I already carry too much into my hunt area already, but that's just me. I get nervous when I see those turkey hunters using cut out turkey images, trying to sneak up on toms.
  4. Merlot

    Can some one please identify this big bastard?

    Betcha no spiders in Antarctica..
  5. Merlot

    Beat The Rain.

    I think Antlerville...
  6. Merlot

    Alzheimer's disease

    Terrible day at a time is all I can offer. It helped us out when our father went through this. Ten year journey for us. Hang in there.
  7. Merlot

    BethPage Black

    Strict...betcha the fairways are real nice when carts are not allowed, and that's good.
  8. Merlot

    BethPage Black

    Are riding carts an option?
  9. Merlot

    Favorite jar sauce

    I don't know about favorite jar sauces, but when I read electric meters on the west side of Buffalo, I was given some samples of homemade sauce made by the older generation at that time, and let me tell you, was that sauce good! They all seemed to have that down in the basement stove. Always something bubbling downstairs...damn good time....and sauce...with bread...
  10. Merlot

    It took me second or two...

    That district will have another kick at the can in about a year, and send the idiot back to the bar.
  11. I wonder about the government a lot, but were they RE-introducing the wolf to that area of the country, as opposed to introducing wolves to the area? If a re-introduction, I may be able to see why, but if the locals were not informed or talked to before, then the government may have screwed up. I also heard about wild horses being relocated off federal lands and paying owners of large ranches to take them? That seems crazy to disrupt the natural order of things....Of course Occasional Cortex in the house of reps is a disruption all by herself.
  12. Merlot

    Good spot

    Camera hogs....
  13. Merlot

    Goats deployed to eat invasive plants

    Deploy the Yelling Goat....
  14. Merlot

    New to us boat.

    Felt the same way about our above ground pool...
  15. 7 yards at 8 point buck with the bow.... 250 yards at woodchuck with 7mm.