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  1. Heading out this weekend. Also, the weather TV people are hyping this dirty snow squall as if we're all gonna's just snow people, I mean, SNOWFLAKES. We outdoorsmen are used to this stuff.
  2. All day sits is what I'm doing starting tomorrow.
  3. I ward off those pesky molecules by farting in my camo.... Old Indian trick.
  4. Hard to watch Allen hold the ball too long before either throwing or getting tackled behind the line of scrimmage. He panics quickly. Not good for an NFL QB. There are other weaknesses on the team, but in his 2nd year, he should be playing better than this.
  5. Yeah..kinda looks like the first winner on "Survivor".
  6. I hope I'm wrong too, but man-o-man, sometimes this team looks pathetic. We'll see....back to hunting.
  7. I still think Bills will finish 7-9 and out of the playoffs. More weaknesses exposed yesterday and Allen is not the answer long term.
  8. Drunk Numb Nancy hasn't located her teeth yet...
  9. …..for a small additional surcharge, we'll kick in a free burrito deer drone pick-up anywhere in new York state....just drag to the nearest open field, and we'll drop off at your deer processing location....what a deal!
  10. TF, I had some scrap house wrap laying around and some grommets and made my own little venison burrito deer wrap. Hope I have a chance to use it. Great idea.
  11. Grampy, I just got into reloading myself, and it's great to work up my own loads. Have the Hornady starter kit to work with, and it is just fine and dandy. Getting good advice from friends on the in's and outs and have had good results downrange.
  12. Getting out later this week for my first hunt of the year..hate to rush these things.