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  1. Submit the last picture of you 2 standing there to nysdec for the cover picture on the 2019 regs. Great shot.
  2. Merlot

    Better start playing the lottery

    I'll use the Hillary defense when questioned about guns...." I don't recall owning a rifle"...or..." what difference does it make?"
  3. Merlot

    The Closet

    Imagine the living room is the game room. Need a picture of that. Must be jammed with mounts to complement the closet.
  4. Merlot

    2018 Football Thread

    Line play is key. Jills need to build an Offensive line before Allen gets killed.
  5. Merlot

    I've FALLEN and I can't get UP !!

    Old neighbor said the same thing about growing old ain't for sisseys...he also said..." booze is the answer"...he passed away earlier this year at 95...tough 'ole bird. Greatest generation.
  6. Merlot

    Name that Rub

    Gotta be Hillary.... still wandering in the woods...
  7. Whoever has the largest horn...
  8. Merlot

    Xbow full inclusion??

    The pro and anti-x-bow crowds reminds me of the republican party...a chance to unite and do something good while totally in power, but factions within fighting against one another with no resolution to an issue, until it's too late and another party takes control and then we're screwed and opportunity wasted....maybe not a perfect comparison, but it just seems like more spinning of wheels instead of getting something meaningful accomplished...Hey, we're all of the same hunting fraternity...we should unite and be strong.
  9. Nice buck! at Hogan's tonight.
  10. As Ben Hogan used to say …" Take dead aim" and always think in terms of Birdies....I mean Bucks....
  11. Old school...I like it. Lets see...weapon, sharp knife, drag rope, lunch...that's it...
  12. 10-4 on the heat this fan of hot conditions, but my wife is not happy up here anymore. I may have to suffer down south somewhere until someone throws dirt on me.
  13. Neighbor living near property I hunt texted that 12 more inches fell last night. I''m staying home, looking at places to live down south. I'll hunt Hogs in 89 degree weather, rather than put up with this bullsheet.
  14. Merlot

    Why.....why do you stay?

    Looking out the window at another 8 inches of fallen snow, I feel the pull to leave for warmer climate. South Carolina looks nice. I am scared to death about those pesky twisters and Hurricanes, but if I just build a comfortable concrete bunker.....Damn, it looks like a snow globe out there. Sonofabee...