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  1. Should release her/its name/picture for all to see.
  2. I thought he hated the police. I do not understand. Country is F-cked up
  3. Interesting hunt, but need a chopper to hoist the critter out.
  4. That asteroid striking this planet idea somehow may have merit...Just kiddin'. Looking forward to some Trump revenge tour in 2022.
  5. I hear that these devices work, but I needed to have 2 ruptured disc nuro-surgeries done 14 years apart, and took care of both problems. I agree that if your family members got the relief they were seeking through other treatments, then why risk improved back health by using the inversion device.
  6. Seems like the pendulum swings now in the direction of crazy. Dip stick Joe will handle it.
  7. Too cold for the hood rats.
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