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  1. Merlot

    2019 NFL Thread

    I hope you're correct on the development around 3rd's not getting rid of the ball passing within 2 seconds of the snap that concerns me. O -line may look better if Allen dishes the ball more quickly. Hopefully that will come with time and experience.
  2. Merlot


    Deer season cannot come soon enough....
  3. Merlot

    2019 NFL Thread

    Even though 2-0, they beat a couple poor teams. I see them finishing 7-9 this year. They are not quite as good as some people think, and Allen is no savior....gonna get killed running.
  4. Merlot

    Football concussion advice

    2 concussions x 11 years old = no more football. Just my 2 cents. Your son's health is way more important than a football scholarship. Switch to another sport.
  5. Merlot


    You need to say a few prayers, then "lobbith thy holy hand grenade" into the skunk hole....Just had to throw in the Monty Python and the holy grail reference inti the mix...
  6. Merlot

    What is it ?

  7. Merlot

    I'm Shrinking

    Going to need new Hunting's a good thing!
  8. Merlot

    What Type Of Spider Is This??

    Hopefully, big brother doesn't show up.
  9. Merlot

    Geneseo Bucks

    appears to be several keepers in the bunch. Good luck.
  10. This will be my golden anniversary year of hunting.
  11. Merlot

    Life expectancy

    Be 66 in Dec. Mom into her 94th year. I guess I have time to hunt and to get my 2nd hole-in-one.
  12. Merlot

    How many strikes ?

    Slash his tires...( just Kiddin')
  13. Merlot


    Left handed everything for me. Have never driven on the left side of road...yet.
  14. Merlot

    How many Hunt alone ?

    Prefer hunting with the guys, but the guys have pretty much left the area, so I have gone out alone. I do restrict myself to ground hunting when alone, and do not stray too far from camp, in case I actually harvest a deer, so as to shorten the drag. I don't want the little lady at home to worry too much. I think of my hunting buddies and the good times we had, while sipping a merlot after a day in the field. Times have changed.
  15. May as well go out west to hunt 2-3 times on that $7K.