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  1. over a ft here in lackawanna and still comming down pretty heavy
  2. learn to drive on a standard shift 1967 Dodge dart three speed on the column boy that fun old days plus i drove a straigth job for about 15 years
  3. i think if i get hungry this weekend i might naw on a few since the deer aren,t i might
  4. its there if you look in the rigth spots
  5. get your seft a fire stick and program it am getting over 2000 channels
  6. I put a fresh coat of paint inside the chute and spray it with cheap cooking spray it works
  7. ive been hiking for a few years now last I did over 50 miles when I was in Alaska last year hiked some trails in the finger lake this year also down in pa and southern ny its keep me in shape for hunting season
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