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  1. Traditions Firearms Introduces The Crackshot XBR Is this legal in New York State?
  2. This should never happen!! 1. You must identify the target, especially in the Spring, only Toms are legal. 2. Know your target and what is beyond, no excuses!!! 3.. Never shoot at a Turkey while in flight! Too many variables!!
  3. My supplies come from Natchezs, Lucky Gunner,, Targetsports, no problems what so ever
  4. Keep your eyes and ears open to digest all the information out there. Me, I listen to all and then make my decision.
  5. I tune with fletched arrows, just saying. Rise your notch just a little, then proceed with left or right if needed,
  6. The last two weeks have always been productive for me.
  7. I live in the Country, nearest neighbor is 1 mile away, that's how I like it, ALONE!! When the need comes to venture out among the population, then it's the old stand by. Yep, my old and trusty Gas Mask from days gone by. Mine- M-17
  8. I am with Trump all the way!! We need to stop the Democrats from doing anything that will harm the Sportsperson and the Second Amendment. I have already notified my representatives advising them my my concerns, in emails, handwritten letters, and signing petitions, addressing these concerns. This is the citizens fight now, can't wait on someone else!! We The People, must forge ahead and take the Hill, no comprising or back grading. Forever onward and upward.
  9. I completely agree with you!!! What we are in now goes deeper than anyone of us would even fathom.
  10. My experience with these offers have been very bad, they rope you in with free offers, that only last a short time. I was paying 84 dollars a month for Spectrum TV alone, I switched. My son informed me about Roku and since receiving said device, believe you me, I save money each and every month. I dropped Spectrum TV, just keeping the internet and phone. Most of Roku is free, but some channels you must pay for, your choice. I kept with Roku and have all the channels I can watch. Cost of Roku was 30 dollars, brought said device on line, final cost, no hidden cost. 1st month, I saved 54 dollars and each month after, I save 84 dollars, for me, this is a great deal. Each month I receive notices from Spectrum with different offers to come back but they can't beat what I have now. Check it out!
  11. I started shooting woodchucks when I was 7 years old, starting hunting them, never killed one until the end of summer during my seventh year. All I had was a Winchester 62, 22 cal, sure put a bunch of woodchucks down. In 1958, my eighth year, Dad told me to bring the woodchucks home for meat, from then on, it was meat, and we enjoyed every meal. It was very good with mash potatoes and veggies. It was about the same time, I learned from Papa that only headshots were only acceptable shots, that way no meat was wasted. Shot my last chuck in 1994, out back of the house with a Marlin 22 cal. To this day, I only take headshots, no matter what the game. My Papa teachings stayed with me all the way through and still now. For me, a headshot is The only way to go.
  12. My reloading equipment is all Lee Reloading, several presses, a number of dies, several Load-Alls for my shotguns. In fact, just brought a new Load-All in 12 gauge. Started out in my twenties with RCBS, great equipment but decided to go with Lee.
  13. I have but two, a White Leghorn and one a Rhode island Red, in four days I get around 30 eggs from just two chickens, honest to God. They are the best chickens , I have ever seen or had. Brown and White eggs.
  14. I have everything I need, been reloading every day for at least an hour. Firearms at the local Walmart have been going like hotcakes, ammo is getting on the low side also. I put in an order for reloading supplies, was informed it would be the middle of May before my order would ship.