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  1. WOW!!! Really nice, I have one in '06, great shooter, Have fun
  2. Yeah, God left the leg uncolored just to remind us of different colors of that wild animals may wear, white, tan and white, tan.
  3. Follow up shot This would throw more wood on the fire, a crossbow with a instant follow up shot. I can hear all the pros and cons now. Whew!!
  4. POLICE AREN"T THE PROBLEM Laws on top of laws, it all says the same thing over and over again. The main problem is not enforcing the law, it's the lawyers and Judges that interpet the law. The People in control are letting the criminals walk the streets even after being arrested for the same crime. We have the Police, now we need Lawyers and Judges with the BALLS to get the criminals off the street with applied law.
  5. I could write a book on crap seen the public woods. I am very lucky to hunt in private woods, me and me only.
  6. Maybe a Bear ripped it off, claws can do the damage.
  7. Never have I ever seen anything like this, wow, nasty wound if even possible. Flies would have blown this open wound. Something telling me that it's made up, trick photography. Then who knows, strange things happen.
  8. This is an outstanding idea, have it on a 4 wheeler, saves the animal from the dirt, if covered up. The old idea of strapping them to the front or back of a vehicle has gone with the ages. Anti hunters and non hunters frown at seeing deer in such a manner, lets keep it clean and not help the Anti and non hunters in their pursuant to stop hunting.
  9. ???What does this have to do with Hunting in NYS????
  10. Private Property Riparian Rights Trespassing The Environmental Conservation Law (ECL) (leaves DEC website) does not allow hunters to enter private property without permission or to use private property to access public lands and waters. Hunters must avoid using private property for access to public lands and waters and must not enter areas posted with a warning for trespass. Trespassing is illegal even on unposted property. At any time, anyone asked to leave a property (posted or not) by the landowner, occupant, or authorized person, must do so immediately. If a hunter wounds
  11. Hunting Regulations View the current Regulations Guide For complete reference consult the following: - New York State Environmental Conservation Law (ECL) - Volume 6 of the New York State Codes, Rules and Regulations (NYCRR) Electronic Calls Electronic calls are legal to use for deer hunting and furbearer hunting in NY. You may not use an electronic call for turkeys, ducks, or geese
  12. Freezer is defrosted and ready to go. Will be looking at the alarms,
  13. Weclome, enjoy yourself and follow Grampy's advice.
  14. Posted under wrong topic, Sorry for that.
  15. Sighted in both rifles yesterday afternoon, 8mm Mauser and 30-06 American, both have 4 x 16 power scopes. My Son and I had a great time at the range, both rifles sighted in at 2 inches above the bull at 100 yards. When done, we were shooting fruit at 100 yards, it felt so damn good to spend time with my son. My son's rifle 7mm Mag, was the last, he just wanted to make sure. One shot at 100 yards, 1/2 of a pumpkin, it was a leftover from before, square on, no problem. After clean-up of the range, both of us had a early snack at the local diner. Such a great time.
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