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  1. Thinking of those involved. Shows clear as day it not a gun issue it’s a mental health issue. State needs to worry more about the mental health of people than the guns. My wife works in the mental health field and there’s no money to help people who really need and no where to put the crazy bastards like this kid in and out of society. She has a client now who openly told people he wanted to be on the news for killing people and even tried killing his own mother. Took 8 months to get the kid put away in a hospital to get him help. NYS failed to protect those people but the responsible gun owners will have to deal with the affects of it.
  2. That’s what I thought also but they got it out.
  3. Found out yesterday my parents and 2 of their neighbors had all the gas in their tanks stolen last week. They all went and put locks on there gas caps.
  4. To any of the moms out there Happy Mothers Day. wife wanted 2 thing to sleep in and a hammock chair. Both have been accomplished.
  5. Long day in the woods. At least 6 miles walked no birds sounded off didn’t even see many when we switched spots this morning driving.
  6. Up and ready nephew is still passed out on my couch letting him sleep a little bit longer since he worked until 930 last night.
  7. You have some nice trophy’s Biz
  8. My left to right was good once I got used to the gun but the blazer just stayed low. I’m happy my carry round shoot where I aim. Just wanted to make sure it was a fairly common thing. Still need to shoot it a bunch more before I decide to carry it.
  9. So I just bought my first pistol last week. Monday I was able to finally shoot it. My question is I was shooting blazer 115 grain and hornady critical defense. The blazers shot consistent 5” low at 10 yards while the hornady hit right where I was aiming. Not used to pistol ammo but is this a common thing? Not the end of the world just aim higher for my target practice with the blazers.
  10. I have the golden boy and love it. Need to get a version like above since I don’t like taking the golden boy out and scratching it.
  11. Property line saved the bird I was on. Ran around to cut him off and came across the bear and her cubs. This times a lot farther away. So I sat and watched her dig through logs while the cubs were running around climbing trees. She actually has 3 cubs cute little shits. Oh well home how have some stuff to do this morning.
  12. I’ll be out Sunday morning trying to chase some birds. Nephew has stuff to do in the morning and I have to be done by 830 so we won’t get out together this weekend. I’m off all the following weekend so we will be chasing them Saturday and Sunday.
  13. Mayhoods in Norwich sale wasn’t going to be much longer so I would call they might hold it.
  14. Right place right time from a local shop. I will admit someone I know had 9mm he was looking to get rid of and that’s where half the ammo came from. However 300rounds of blazer 115 only cost me $80 from the dealer. I’ll be going back to by the last couple boxes tomorrow if they are still there.
  15. Went with a used s&w, between gun, 5 factory mags and 700rds walked out for under $600. Taking it to the range tomorrow for some trigger time.
  16. Well no bird today. Had one on the roost going crazy then he flew down and shut up. We did see 1 hen and 2 unknowns that we tried getting on hoping they were shootable birds but we had a fox come in and scare them off. tried getting access to a private farm that we could see a bird on but their granddaughters were on the way up to try and fill their tags. So we wished them luck and let them know where the bird was hanging out.
  17. Up and ready didn’t sleep much last night same for my nephew. Heading out here soon to get to the ridge the bird should end up on we saw last night. Either way it’ll give us a good listening advantage for other birds in the area.
  18. Found a big lone Tom on private but they always end up on stateland so we have a target for an. side note we found a blonde doe.
  19. Heading out to find some birds
  20. Picking up my nephew at 630 to try and roost some birds. Then he’s staying at my place so we can chase them tomorrow
  21. Good luck this morning to all the youth and mentors. Hope to see some big smiles today.
  22. Good luck to anyone going out. Hoping I get a phone call in the am from my nephew. If he doesn’t connect I have 2 people plus myself going to roost birds tomorrow night for him. Also have a farmer down the road from my parents who has had 4 big Toms in their meadow I’m going to go see if he will let us chase them around.
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