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  1. Hitching post Meats is located at 6347 Mcbeth road canisteo ny 14823.
  2. To date hitching post meats has broken there record for archery deer 2019 compared to 2018 season. This is thanks to the people on this website. My core guys have spread the word by mouth and on this site. Archery season is about to really pick up so I'm estimating we double our intake this archery season. If anyone on here has any questions for us or want to.give our business a try this season don't hesitate to call or message me on here. (607)377-1821. Thanks stay safe and good luck to all!
  3. I have the same turkey vest I've had since I was 14 years old. I'm 43 now. I use it every year it is not as fancy and as many pockets but it allows me to carry a few snacks some water and a few other things I just take it off and hang it when I'm up . Works out great for me.
  4. Mixed bag around me seeing 's few clean and then some still velvet won't be long now!
  5. Thought it wouldbe interesting to see how many folks on here use both traditional and compound bows during archery season. I thought for many years it was one or the other but after a few years of practice altering between the two during the off season I have become proficient at both.
  6. Very sorry for your loss my friend. Saying goodbye is never easy. And you will meet again
  7. OK rob thanks. I only take on what I can handle. I'm sure if you looked at some replies from customers I really do care about what you get back. I was tought by my father and he was not easy to please. But that made me appreciate a good product. If you get backed up or change your mind Iet me know I'd like a chance to change your mind on deer processing.
  8. Hello NY hunting friends. Archery season is just around the corner. Hopefully everyone has there broad heads hitting the mark and have there buck picked out. We are ready to process your deer starting Oct 1st. We are also taking part in the venison donation program this year. This is a great opportunity for both the processor and hunter to provide to those less fortunate. Good luck to all of you and looking forward to seeing some familiar faces again this hunting season!
  9. Just a quick hello and update on numbers of deer in the Howard canisteo area. I have seen a lot of deer activity and there didn't seem to be much of a winter kill impact on our herd in this area. Things are looking promising for all of my customers out this way. Looking forward to a relaxing summer and busy venison 2019/2020 season. Keep us in mind and ask any of my customers on here about the job we do at hitching post. Have a great turkey season and summer to everyone and looking forward to seeing my returning customers!
  10. I want to thank huntingny.com for allowing me to post my processing business on here. I've made a few new customers thanks to this website. I'd also like to thank my new customers for giving me a chance to supply you with cut to order venison. I've not only gained a customer base but I feel like these men and woman are friends as well. I look forward to next season . We have 2 days left so I'm still open but definitely winding down. May you all have a merry Christmas and a happy new year. God bless.
  11. Thanks jerry. Always nice to form new customer relationships.
  12. Might be a little late on my reply but in warmer temps like that the ice is a great idea also an old heavy blanket around the carcass if you have one that keeps the cold concentrated but one day won't hurt you should be good
  13. I have a 22lb hakka bros verticle it was around 260.00 if I remember I've done a whole 800 lb beef all burger and over 20 deer so far it's been pretty good cranks hard with a dry meat but a little bit of water and your good to go. Only reason I like the bigger one is less load time if you make a big batch of sausage . But for a guy doing one maybe 2 deer I'd say a 7lb would do just fine
  14. You get what you pay for as the old saying goes. Before I got back into processing again I bought a number 22 big bite from lem. It was great for a few deer a season but knowing how a commercial grinder works compared to an off brand I could find many things to complain about. If it was me I'd look for an old hobart or biro brand grinder on ebay. Some of those smaller 22s are just as cheap and even though older the off brand ones can't hold a candle to the older commercial grinders. I have a number 32 hobart from the late 1960s and it's a beast and absolutely zero problems and I've processed 100s of lbs of meat through it.
  15. Just a quick note to hunters planning on bringing there harvest to us this year. Our hours of operation will be as follows. Opening weekend we will take deer in from 11 am to 2pm. Then from 5pm until 8pm. This will be our weekend schedule for the season. Closed thanksgiving day. Monday through Friday anytime after 430 to 8pm. Please call ahead to make sure we have room in the cooler. Thanks again for all of the business we have received during archery season. Good luck Saturday and be safe! Our number is 607 377 1821
  16. Vac master makes a great sealer they are chamber sealers ours is a vp112s it can do 2 pkgs at a time. We use it for our deer business. Works great but we need a few steps up to make up some time but for one guy and a few deer I would recommend a vac master for sure
  17. Hello again from the hitching post. I want to thank everyone here on this website. I've done a few archery deer and hope for a few more before gun season. I couldn't have done the deer I have without you guys looking at my post and giving a new business with years of experience a shot. It may be a busy season this year and it's only me doing the work so I can't take in 75 deer opening day like the bigger guys but i can guarantee you that you will be pleased with the end product. Thanks again and good luck hunting and be safe out there!
  18. So I've always been a sceptic on these things. But I decided to down load this app. It gives highest activities and best days in percentages. Well I'm a believer. This thing has been spot on. I'm not a salesman or a rep for these so I'm not gonna even mention the name. There's a few out there and if any of you guys have used them let us know your experience and success using them!
  19. Just saw a main frame 8 pushing high 120s by a farm on the way to work. I'd say it's getting close here in 8t.
  20. I hope to see him again I'd rather be ready next time though! And get a broadside or quarter away shot.
  21. For sure it was a bit scary knowing this animal could screw me up being so close. But honestly I just went into hunt mode or survival not sure. Just wanted him to turn and stop!
  22. Your welcome I couldn't not share it. Just wish I had a go pro on.
  23. I had to post this story. Last night I was walking along my corn field next to the creek. I had bumped a few deer out off the Ridge next to the creek then suddenly I hear a freight train heading towards me from the corn. I turned to my left to see an adult bear staring at me 2 rows in. I was at half draw trying to decide whether to take the brisket shot. I opted not to. If he charged it would be a different story. Unfortunately he turned around back into the thick corn. I had no shot. I tossed all night thinking I could have made that shot being so close but it's over now. I hunt with a recurve and it sure would have been neat to take a bear on the ground that close! Just had to share this with everyone.
  24. Most definitely I can and will let deer hang to age. But if a customer needs it the next day I can make it happen.
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