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  1. Absolutely nothing!!! Don't believe me, watch this rant from Michael Waddell! If they are legal they are old enough!
  2. So last year was a tough one it seemed. The area I hunted all the toms and jakes were still in bachelor groups the first week of May. They would gobble, but didn't really want anything to do with the the hens. Def one of my toughest years to date. Anyone seeing this pattern this year? I'll be up for the first week at our cabin in Chenango County. Looking forward to seeing all the youths success this weekend!
  3. good to know. Thanks. PA is Open all the time for them
  4. I am sorry, but if I am turkey hunting and a yote walks in...they turkey hunt becomes a yote hunt....shoot on sight!
  5. You guys are making me jealous. First opening day I have missed in years. I have to take the future wife on our honeymoon in September, so I need to save my vacation days. I'll be hunting them hard Saturday-Monday
  6. Birds usually start gobbling a little after 530 if its a clear morning. Are you hunting a field or the woods?
  7. Hey everyone- Just seeing everyone's opinion on this. I started hunting NY in 1996. My dad and I noticed it was loaded with birds. As the years went on, it was harder and harder to find birds. Now they are starting to be around more like they were 20 years ago. I recently saw I report from the state about the decline in hunters and decline in turkey kills. Has anyone noticed this? I still hunt the same area year after year. Some years I see a lot of birds, other years not so much. Last year I saw more birds than ever. Let me know what your observations have been over the past. Here is the link to the report....https://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/30420.html
  8. This should most certainly play in our favor. As soon as we get that first warm up, the birds should be hot and ready to play
  9. What kind of dekes are you using? One suggestion would be just try the hen next time...there might be a boss gobbler in the area and they all got the crap kicked out of each other and they dont want to get beat up again
  10. Excellent! Congrats to the both of you! Sounds like a great 2 days in the woods!
  11. Pop and I got it done Saturday morning....hunted a new property had know idea what we were in for...did a little scouting the afternoon before and found some area where they looked like they would be...We were right!!! I did the calling Pop did the killing! Struted across a 300 yard field all the way into the decoys! Coolest hunt we were ever on! Nothing better than a father son team! 22 pounds, 9.5" beard, 1.25" spurs. Awesome 3 year old bird!
  12. My homemade mouth calls....always my go to
  13. Thats great RangerClay!! Very glad to hear it was just adrenaline rather than her getting really sick...never want to hear those words come out of your childs mouth...you can tell her thats a good kind of sick and thats the only kind of sickness i look forward to getting every year!!! Nothing like it! I will be in 7M this weekend as well, but I will be down near Norwich. Good Luck to you!
  14. Sounds like they are really gobbling on the roost, but they shut up once they hit the ground.