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  1. slayer

    I bought a tractor

    No about a month ago from Niagara Implement.
  2. slayer

    I bought a tractor

    Kubota 3901
  3. slayer

    Biggest public land package

    I see nothing that involves new Socialist York
  4. slayer

    I bought a tractor

    they loaded my tires. Just not sure with what. but the guy who dropped it off said that I would need spacers to run tire chains.
  5. slayer

    Where Are The Snow Shoveling Kids These Days??

    your hard pressed to get a good job out of most kids theses days. the work attitude is absent in most . you get the EHH they just dont want to earn a buck. Im a shovelr from way back. over fifty and still outworking twenty year olds.
  6. slayer

    new house

    That right there is bad ass. Now I want to fabricate one of those and weld it to the bucket. I know I have some 4" flat stock. Cause I got some thorn bushes that Im not to fond of. dam things will take over if you let them.
  7. slayer

    new house

    the tiller was 2500. doesn't look like im getting the post hole digger this weekend. Guy says no augers for me this weekend
  8. slayer

    new house

    60 " brush hog a rototiller and a posthole digger. I cant wait to put in my first food plot
  9. slayer

    new house

    Today we got some attachments for the land. can you say new tractor
  10. slayer

    new house

    nope the wife is sick. I feel bad for her, she is taking it tuff with this cold.But ill be sure not to let you know when it happens .
  11. slayer

    Dick's Sporting Goods is taking a little dive

    well then thats all over with. its town hall or nothing
  12. slayer

    Dick's Sporting Goods is taking a little dive

    I will at least go there to get my license. I dont think they make any money on that . so haha i make them pay their employees to do something for nothing. put the screws to em.
  13. slayer

    new house

    the lady was up and walking around but as i was leaving she was resting and waiting on an ambulance. Oh yeah the dog just walked home as if nothing ever happened.
  14. slayer

    new house

    so friday I signed all the papers for the farm. I went there afterward with the wife. We started to take measurements of kitchen cabinets, then we went upstairs. After a little time and some more measurements we came back downstairs to the kitchen. OOOO i smelled the magic smoke. Then I noticed something on the floor that I dont remember seeing before. Turns out it was the transformer from one of the track lights above the sink. It was melting from the inside and oozing plastic type stuff from the thumb switch that releases it from the track WTF. Ok now its sunday afternoon. I see a little german shepard puppy coming from across the street. Now I plan on taking him back to meet the neighbors but by the time I unloaded my hands he is off to the street. well here come the cars.The grey car you wont see in the pictures slowed down for the dog. The lady driving the nissan extera was a little to close to the car and never saw it coming. she hit her brakes dove her car into the ditch .She ended up missing the fire hydrant. Good thing. well she tore across the apron of my driveway , running over the trash. bounced off a couple pine trees and took out my mail box Her car was totaled. two days in and already on the phone with 911. crazy end to the year
  15. the hounds are tearing into their prizes. Its a good day to be a dog