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  1. spooked one in the beans this morning and after that a mink came by my stand. that was fun. no more deer.
  2. here we go. look out ladies. Im looking for a fat girl.
  3. slayer

    Red neck

    I personally prefer the term hillbilly. they got way more skills than a redneck.
  4. I laughed my ass off. I need that after being in the county office buildings.
  5. Thanks guys. Im real happy about this deer. Looks like summer sausage is in the works. I got him at a 41 inch chest and 158 pounds
  6. ok so here is the update. the liver is being sliced right now, going in the dehydrator for the dogs.Or anyone brave enough to try it. The buck stepped out about 75 yards. He did the leg spread and fed . He stood up took a couple steps and did the leg spread and fed again. I couldn't take it That was a pose I just couldn't pass on. Nailed him. he wiggled for about 4 seconds, then stillness. I didn't even reload. I called the wife and told her the good news. I collected my gear and walked over to see what i got. I had no idea what kind of buck it really was. You see for the most part I just see snacks and not horns. I was quite surprised. Big 8 point.
  7. Perfect wind today. Let's see if something pokes it head out. I smell like the weld shop. Thank goodness there is a good wind running out of time to
  8. slayer

    View from the new home

    we two looked and looked for almost 3 years. We finally ended up with what we wanted. NO neighbors.and almost 42 wonderful acres. i just wish we could have closed before deer season is over. Not going to happen.
  9. slayer

    Knife Sharpening ?

    lansky. thats it. i have stones of all kinds ceramic crock sticks , leather strops. the lansky is great just a few swipes and im tuned right back up. Its like a machine... Its always the exact same every time.That alone saves you time and frustration? anxiety? OCD..
  10. slayer

    What's your ML load?

    yup I live in one of those counties. My muzzleloader is a stock triumph. It still shoots like a rifle. It seems a little odd that they do not consider them to be rifles. My longest kill was 195 yards. Not doing that with a shotgun. Ok maybe you could. But I would not want to be the guy trying to do so. Ive seen deer hit with slugs at long distance and it just didnt do enough damage, the buck never was recovered.
  11. slayer

    What's your ML load?

    i run barnes 245 grain spitfire mz with 83 grains of blackhorn in my triumph . deadly accurate out to 200 yards.
  12. slayer

    Thinking of gun season with Muzzleloader

    I only hunt with my TC Triumph. I back it up with a Barnes Spitfire MZ and 83 grains of Blackorn 209. The gun does exactly what I ask it to do.I have just as much confidence in it as I do my wife or my Toyota.More often than not the deer just drop on the spot, A few times just as fast as I could reload it. weather its two deer in a hour or two deer in 30 seconds, this combo shoots very well. So at 200 yards I would be absolutely kicking myself if I had a shotgun in my hands.I was so glad I had my smokepole , that half racked 8 point didnt go fifty yards without a heart.I didnt even touch the shotgun this year. I mostly hunt alone so running deer are not my problem and a second shot is rarely needed unless another deer is standing there.Good luck with the smoke pole. they are deadly at longer ranges. And the season is almost upon us. Let Em Drop.
  13. slayer

    Snow cover

    try hunting if your not in the snow belt. Niagara county. Nothing beats hunting brown critters without snow. makes it tough with all the mud and water.
  14. Its guide day for me Im waiting on my buddy, who just missed a streaking doe at 100 yards.Big surprise there. the folks on the neighbors are pushing. He never had a chance.I told him he is going to be eating more government mind control beef.So I am taking him to a hot stand later in Pendelton. he still needs a buck.And we got some dandy's this year I told him he cant shoot the crabclaw ten, thats off limits. wish me luck