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  1. at 62 years, I guess I have a lifetime supply of lightfields....lol
  2. got an email from buds. As of 9/1/22 no more ammo deliveries. bummer! can get up until then (hope they not shipping by UPS now
  3. Good Luck and a speedy recovery
  4. sorry for your loss. RIP Big Brother
  5. Always wondered why the elders were always reading the obituaries - Now I know! Having achieved the age of 62, I have encountered much death over the last year and a half. On the personall side, My Father, My younger brother, my dog, my 2 cats - it's almost exhausting and truly depressing. Time is running out for some of us sooner than later and it's the only thing you can't buy more of. Enjoy each and every day as best you can. Damn wish I was 30 again or younger! you don't get it...until you get it! - sorry for the babble.
  6. ordered on 1/18 no kits yet. neighbor ordered same day but earlier and just got theirs yesterday.
  7. I want to thank everyone for their kind words during this trying time. My brother Mike passed this morning and is now in God's arms. Again thanks forr your prayers. As much as it hurts I know he is in a better place. I feel really bad for my Mom and his wife as they are both devastated by this. At least they didn't have to make the decision at 2:00 to pull him off the ventilator. And for that I thank God they were not put thru that. be safe and healthy everyone - and remember to be kind to everyone especially your family and friends as the unexpected can and does happen and catche you off guard. Engraver
  8. Again everyone thanks for your prayers. The Dr called and said that Mike is too weak for them to do anything more and his body is beginning to break down, They said it was just a matter of time before the inevitable. Again thanks for your prayers and now Praying that Jesus takes him into his fold now. stay healthy this covid crap is bad.
  9. thanks for the suggestions but went with these - got good website reviews and amazon reviews and the price was right - about a third of famous brand name types ($88 delivered size with savings code) TIDEWE 800g Insulated Hunting Boots for Men, Waterproof Warm Rubber Bo – TideWe how bad could they be compared to the ones I complained about (thinking positive) can't be without my rubber boots.
  10. Bought my insulated muck boots about 3 years ago. Only wore them hunting/walking to stand. No heavy use. Maybe has 25 times out in the field and the bottom of 1 boot is seperating. Ugh time to find a new boot company but will aquaseal it in the meantime. Is there any quality left in products today?
  11. Thank You everyone - prayers make a difference! Everyone stay Healthy. I have had the covid twice (feb 2020) and tested positive again on 1/2/22. Overall am good but still have symptons yet as of today - started out mild and then got to flue like proportions. As of now - mostly cold type symptoms i.e. runny/stuffy nose, minor conjestion, except still can't smell anything and have about 1/2 my taste. All vitals are good tho. wish that's all my brother had experienced - would trade places with him if i could! Again, from bottom of my heart - thanks everyone!
  12. My brother mike (60 yrs) has had 5 strokes over the last 4 years and has been in the icu since Jan 3, 2022. He caught the covid and now has pneumonia and is on a ventilator and dialysis. They are not giving him good odds so asking for some additional prayers for him. thanks ya'all. engraver
  13. had to do the same for my 2 pups - feet were freezing in the 2 minutes they were out - couldn't walk had to carry them in! feeling bad for the other critters. my outside cat is staying in her( 3" foam insulated) box on the porch (yes it has a heating pad in there also)! poor critters!
  14. it is an indoor/outdoor thermometor. left side is inside temp/right side is outside temp
  15. Engraver99


    good to know...hoping they are coming back tonight - cleared a shooting lane to 2 of the damns.
  16. Engraver99


    i don't have a trapping license just a permit (nuisance) so I can't keep or do anything but bury it I believe, which i am happy to do because digging out their dam by hand sucks!
  17. Engraver99


    i did not need the water down , i just figured it would be easier to get them when they rebuild. last 1 i shot at 4am with my 17hmr and night vision scope as they were rebuilding a torn out dam. now i'm sporting a 223 with a sightmark hd 4-32 digital night vision scope and was hoping to get him with that as they rebuild.
  18. Engraver99


    congrats...just tore out 3 dams today on my property (yes I have a permit). Will be looking to elimnate the troublemaker in short order.
  19. I'm still waitin on the first...lol. Have only seen 3 deer this year (shot 1). All does. Very unlike my area. Last year opening day gun saw approx 14 deer. bewildered. And am up with puppies at 5 am every morning so have been hunting more than I usually get to. bewildered and stumped. have yet to see a buck while hunting. disappointing season for bucks for me in my area for some reason.
  20. original colt python 357 in nickel
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