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  1. Good luck with it! As soon as you mentioned 45-70, i flinched.
  2. Looking for dash cam recs from those who have them. Would like front cam view and interior cab cam units. Thanks
  3. Something simple...burgers and speedies
  4. thumbs up to targetsportsusa & budsgunshop
  5. I have had a projector set up in my entertainment room for many years with a 100" screen. They are cool as heaven. Watch movies, tv, and use the ps3 with it when bored. Replaced my 1st bulb a few months ago. Still have a 63" tv in the room since the projector runs video out of my a/v receiver. I'm lazy like that.
  6. Ammo still flying off the shelf. I ordered a case of 233 62 gr hp last sunday from targetsports. At the time, they had 20 cases in stock not to mention the 99+ cases they had of the fmj and 56gr 223 in stock. When i checked the following day .. sold out of it all. Holy smokes !
  7. I still find it hard to see in bright conditions. Also i get a warning to power off if transducer is not connected. I took some thin aluminum to make a sun shield for it.
  8. I have the striker 4 plus cv i use on my kayak ... its a nice little unit.
  9. His mistakes.... jeff sessions as ag, making chris wray fbi director, not firing comey right away, not cleaning house from the get-go.
  10. Tanaka...in use here for 10+ years. Starts on second pull. Normally do about 3 hours of wacking per cut. Cons-they ain't cheap
  11. $2.16 oneonta/Stamford area at Stewarts today