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  1. Got one down yesterday on my last day to hunt before gun season.
  2. Yeah, it has left/right and up/down adjustments
  3. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. The buck I shot in rifle had a broken tine as early as the beginning of September. Every year a lot of the bucks on the property I hunt seem to have broken tines
  5. Yeah It was reported to DEC as a point.
  6. Make it seven. I won’t be able to get a measurement
  7. I use spray sometimes but I think wearing rubber boots to cover ground scent is the best form of scent control. Wind is always swirling so hunting the wind is difficult.
  8. A guy I work with almost hit a big buck chasing a doe across the road in the penfield area this morning
  9. Yesterday evening multiple 1.5 year olds were chasing does all throughout a thick bedding area. Saw one 2.5 year old and he was just feeding and freshening up scrapes ignoring all the does running by him.
  10. That’s fair as I don’t currently have measurements.
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