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  1. cas

    Shotgun Optics.

    I put a relatively cheap Simmons red dot on my NEF when I got it, because I had to! It shot about a foot and a half high! Been thinking of replacing it though, because after 25 years I'm starting not to trust it and thinking it may be wandering.
  2. Magazines get lost, mag releases accidentally depressed and fall out. Lots of malfunctions require the mag to be removed to clear them. It's not uncommon to end up losing 2-3 live rounds when that happens. If you're carrying a sub compact that holds 5-7 rounds total, that's no small percentage. General rule of thumb, carry at least one reload. 2 shot derringer or 17 round 9mm, doesn't matter.
  3. Years ago I thought birdshot and the "fist of lead" idea was a good one. But over the years I've learned other wise. I had an M500 with 2x6 turkey loads as a house gun for years. I learned at household distances the shot pattern was so wide and spread out, blinding the person would be the only chance you had. So much for the fist of lead. Later learning reinforced this, in large part from shooting lots of things with shot that ended up unimpressed, even with longer barrels and tighter chokes. The only way I would use shot for that now would be a heavy TSS load and a turkey choke, but again not my first choice. That falls under the old line of "everyone's got a plan till they get punched in the face." Good luck with that trick of manipulation with someone shooting at you. The fastest way to have buck in the gun is to start with buck in the gun.
  4. That has little to do with it. There are several reasons to need a reload that have nothing to do with running out of ammo.
  5. The correct answer is not to worry about stockpiling lots of ammo, but to have a gun in every caliber, that way you can shoot whatever ammo you find. See how often the simple answers elude us.
  6. Saw a big tom in full strut today.
  7. A favorite scene in an Italian western. (and yeah it's much better un-cropped)
  8. Well.. most of the Italian westerns were filmed largely in Spain, but still, they're Italian.
  9. He's campaigning and nothing more. The media is compliciate because they can see what a mess their party is and the cast of clowns running. This time, next time, they're onboard.
  10. A good rule of thumb with modern cars, when they start acting wonky or running por, is to check the engine grounds.
  11. I have a Moultrie that has taken a thousand or so mediocre quality photos. One of them had a deer in it, one a coyote and one a house cat. All the others... zip. Nada. Nothing. I'll say one thing, it is sensitive. Every blade of grass that moves or leaf that quivers in the wind sets it off. It's useless for outdoor use.
  12. I haven't bought a new bow in 25 years, so I ask welcoming correction... since when?
  13. No hunting at all in this particular location.