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  1. cas

    Handgun carry while rifle hunting

    Well that's boring. "One is none, two is one, three is better" I always have a substantial sidearm with me out and about in the woods, hunting or not. Doesn't matter if I have a rifle or shotgun with me. I used to do lots of single shot pistol hunting. Short barreled Contender's in the woods and a 16" inch one I liked to sit on the edge of a large corn field with. What I started doing was keeping the 16" one in my back pack, and still hunting my way to the field with the shorter one for a couple hours before hand. Then switch when I got there. So I'm doing that one year, also carrying my S&W Mountain gun behind my hip. That year, as it ws later in the season, I was also bringing my Ruger bearcat .22 along for any small game targets of opportunity for the pot. One afternoon I was heading out and running late. I thought "I haven't taken my Ruger Bisley 44 out yet, maybe I'll do that now." But I was too lazy to take my pack, and coat off, undo my belt and remove the holster for the Mountain gun. So I just grabbed the Ruger and stuck it in the front pocket of my wool hunting pants. I was out for probably around an hour when I decided to sit down on a log for a while and rest to stay cool. That's when it hit me. "Oh my lord... do I really have 5 guns with me?" lmao I always have two. I've had three with me plenty of times since then, but no more.
  2. Bought my bow in 1994. Works just as well now as it did then. I don't need "wiz-bang". Some of the rifles I hunt with are 130+ years old.
  3. cas

    Handgun carry while rifle hunting

    I think technically, no. But in reality, no one is going to bother you.
  4. cas

    Buffalo Rifle

    Yeah but Quigley cheated. He had a proper one for shooting. One with an aluminum barrel for carrying around. And some resin/fiberglass ones for dropping, throwing and hitting people with. I sold about 11-12 guns to buy my Shiloh. Naturally to raise the funds was a big part of it, but a lot had to do with justification psychologically, so I could rationalize it to myself. lol
  5. cas

    Buffalo Rifle

    More things I can't see the sights on anymore and will probably go down the road eventually.
  6. cas

    Buffalo Rifle

    Sold the other two rollers I had to buy my Sharps. An original in .43 Reformado and a Pedersoli that I rechambered to .45-90. ( I later sold that roller too. ^ ) The Sharps is a work of art, but now that time has passed and "the lust all died" as they say, I'd rather I still owned the .40-65 and the Pedersoli. Not to hijack the thread too bad and get back to the op.... overkill is my middle name at times. I'm all for hunting with things that are in theory, way too big. I spent a lot of time working up loads and practicing to hunt with my Ruger #1 in 450-400 this season. But every time the hunting style matched the gun, the weather was crappy. So after all that I never even took it out of the case. If a 12ga slug isn't too big for deer, how can a 45 to 50 caliber bullet be?
  7. cas

    Buffalo Rifle

    .40-65 on the left. From a rifle I no longer own, but really miss in a lot of ways. I miss because of the coolness factor, and now I sort of regret selling it because my eyes are starting to turn on me and I'd be able to shoot it a lot better than some of the ones I kept that I can't shoot. The other three are .50-90's loaded with 90, 110 & 120 grains of powder.
  8. cas

    Buffalo Rifle

    Fer ma buffalo rifle. The load on the right... 120 grains of powder and a 700gr bullet.
  9. cas

    16/8 Diet ?

    "So simple..." many are saying. But your simple method isn't long term. Reducing caloric intake will cause you to lose weight. But you will put it back on, your metabolic rate will adjust to the lower calories and eventually you'll be right back where you started. August 25th I started doing a 16-8 thing, with occasional intermittent fasting. Cut out added sugars and sugary drinks, started eating a lot less carbs, especially refined wheat, barley eating bread or similar. I did this more for a blood sugar thing, than a weight lose thing, I found out I was pre-diabetic. I've lost 45 pounds so far. Friends and coworkers keep saying "you're starving yourself!" I have to laugh, because the truth is I'm eating a lot more than I was. It's not really how much you're eating, but what. Calories are not created equal, people put too much stock in them as numbers and the numbers are deceiving. And when you eat can be as important as what you eat.
  10. cas

    Shed Hunting 2019

    I saw an antlered buck chasing does last week!
  11. cas

    Gun Cleaning Products You Love

    G96 I like that it smells a little like egg nog. It works well and the smell reminds me of my childhood. (of shooting, not drinking egg nog lol)
  12. cas

    Who Here Remembers This??

    We still have a couple up "in camp". I'll often use them to keep food away from the mice. I used to have a wooden one as well, much older. Don't know what ever happened to it.
  13. cas

    Ever Loose A Handgun?

    ^ Not fun. I briefly thought I'd had one stolen at the range one day. A rather sickening twenty minutes.
  14. cas

    trail cam - hiding vs spooking

    I dunno... that video tells me that if you put something in the woods that doesn't smell right and deer smell it, they won't like it. Shocker.