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  1. Shot my first woodchuck at 9 or 10. 51 now.
  2. cas


    I've taken a couple deer with the .45-70. Only shoot handloads, first was with a Remington 300gr JHP from my stubby Marlin. I used that bullet because that's what I shot in my 12" .45-70 Contender pistol. (used to hunt with that as well, never got anything with that barrel though) After being less than impressed with that bullets performance on a doe, I switched to 405gr JFP handloaded to an impressive click. That did a lot better IMO. The Marlin has a 2x scope mounted in the scout position, zeroed maybe a smidgen low at 100 yards.
  3. I once smelled my friend's cologne almost 300 yards away. He wasn't a guy who put it on heavy, and he hadn't used any on the trip, it was just residual of some piece of clothing. The night before his hooded sweatshirt was hanging on a chair near where I was sleeping and I could kind of smell it. The next day hunting I got the slightest hint of it so faint I wasn't even sure it was real, and not some sort of sensory memory thing. That night I learned he had been hunting the woods up the hill from where I was. It wasn't just my brain playing tricks on me. So if I could smell that faint residual scent, imagine how far the critters could smell him. Now how they would or wouldn't react to that smell is anyone's guess.
  4. Forget the deer, if it's too warm I can't stay awake. :)
  5. I used electronic muffs ONCE. Every leaf that fell sounded like a twig landing. Every squirrel running sounded like a grizzly bear. Everything was loud, but pinpointing it's direction was tough. That night laying in my bunk my ears were ringing and I couldn't figure out why. Then I realized it was the muffs. Never used them in the woods again.
  6. I bought a deer sled off Amazon the year before last. (not a Jet sled). Paid for itself that year.
  7. Don't take this the wrong way.... but spotlighting critters aint as easy as most people think. lol
  8. There's your problem, you're thinking "hunting". That's not what it's about.
  9. Didn't the meat scientist explain why this wasn't the best idea?
  10. He is truly a amazing isn't he? Running the normal day to day of one of the biggest states in the country, plus the Covid-19 pandemic on top of that... and with all that, he still has time to write a book. What a wonderful amazing human being he is.
  11. Tried again today using his DMV number and his DEC number. His name and all his info come up but I get this at the top: Unable to complete registration Please check your inputs and try again. Customer is not valid. Very frustrating, typical NY.
  12. Tried to get my dad his license this afternoon. It's saying he's not valid. ??? Despite it coming up with his info, it won't let him register.
  13. I can't get the online system to work. Everything goes fine till I go to "check out" , then nothing. The Continue button doesn't do anything. Maybe I'll try at work tomorrow with a bit more modern up to date computer/browser. ETA: Never mind, figured it out. It won't let you go on until you click "Not today" on the begging for donations options.
  14. cas


    That's the problem, they're like a range bag or a camera bag, you keep adding things to them until they're so heavy you don't want to bring them. Add in tackle, anchor, battery (to power my fish finder and bilge pump) and whatever else, and it gets heavy. Mine's a 14 footer. But I'm 6'4" , 240-280 depending, so now little light cheap yak is going to work for me. Mine is a Malibu Stealth-14