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  1. It still wouldn't really be a SBH. (the 454's and 480's aren't either, I don't care what stupid new Ruger stamps on them) I've shot a .41 Ti Trackers and .454 Raging Bulls, and while those guns were okay at that time lol, I don't trust them and wouldn't buy em.
  2. Ohhhh... ohhhh... let me be THAT GUY! No ya don't? lol Until recent stupidness at the new, lets forget our history, drop the Sturm name, "Ruger"... SuperBlackhawks were only chambered in .44 Magnum. It was that way since day one. (then when they came out with the .454 and .480, the geniuses decided to brand those SuperBlackhawks as well, despite having none of the features that made SuperBlackhawks... SuperBlackhawks, rather than just Blackhawks.)
  3. I know I have 2-3 boxes of bullets. But I need to see if I still have the dies and any brass. I'll sell them, that way the next .35 Rem I buy, I'll have to buy them all over again. Just like the last two times.
  4. In the last two years I'm seeing tons more small animals. My pictures were almost always just of deer, maybe one pic of a possum in a set. Now I'm getting as many small animal pics as deer. Lots of raccoons, porcupines, fisher cats. The occasional coyote which up until a year ago I NEVER got. (They were always around, you'd see tons of sign, often more than any other animals and you'd hear them at night pretty regularly, but never any pics.) Isn't twins for a doe the norm once she reaches her second breeding cycle?
  5. When I got mine I did the math, at the price structure at that time I figured it would be 10-11 years before I broke even. I'm somewhere around 15 years now. What I don't like about the lifetime license is they look the same. (my name and same number) It's been a tradition to hang them on the cabin wall (have them back to 1958), but with the new thermo printed things and the same number every year, that end of the collection is pretty boring. lol It just took the state two plus weeks to register my car, so my hunting license should be here by turkey season. Hopefully not the spring season.
  6. I may have a new/fairly new set and a little brass as well, I'll have to look when I get a chance.
  7. I used to read them... when I actually got them. I do double check the seasons before I go though because I don't trust my memory. I almost screwed up this winter/spring thinking coyote season ended a couple days later than it actually did. Not that it would have mattered. lol I saw just as many elephant.
  8. I've shot bowling pins with a revolver while riding past on a bicycle, great fun.
  9. That ammo's not that "old". Yes it's from '72, but the CMP didn't bring in that HXP ammo all that long ago, 10-15 years tops. It's good stuff and non corrosive, but it never hurts to play it safe. (.30 Carbine ammo would be marked "Cal .30 Carbine, Ball M1" or a variation of that)
  10. cas

    Fire island big boys

    I used to have a stack of photos a relative who worked out there took back in the 80's. Absolute monsters in the head gear department. Looked a bit comical, small to medium deer with way out of scale racks.
  11. Years ago I'd have said I'd be happy with alternating late/early muzzle loader and crossbow seasons (southern zone). Switching them ever year or two. But now the woods are awash with every nudnik that's ever been in a Walmart during Muzzle loading season, so an early southern season now days would be a big mistake. A traditional archery season sounds like a good idea.. though in reality it would either be under utilized or push some unskilled archers to the woods to "cash in". (I'd love a traditional ML season)
  12. Yikes Having a tom 50 yards away.
  13. Thanks for the lead. After decades of using mouth calls (I own / have owned about every type call, I just never use them) , I've started using mostly glass/slate calls. What really convinced me was last year having about 50 years away, totally silents and couldn't seem to care less about the diaphragms. But when I hit the pot he'd light up. I've owned a few off the shelf mass produced calls and have been thinking of trying something a little more higher end, hand made.