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  1. Thanks, that was my assumption based on web cams and family... but none that close to be sure.
  2. Anybody been ANYWHERE near by? Unfortunately the person I would normally contact about this recently passed away, so I'm sort of at a loss.
  3. cas

    New knife sheath

    Etsy is a good place to look, lots of people selling their goods, small shops that don't want or can't afford a large internet presence. I've bought a couple leather items recently.
  4. Oh red squirrel is great! The way I describe it to people is... put some over cooked chicken in your mouth, some pine needles and a couple old pennies. That's what they taste like.
  5. cas

    2 Deer killed with one bullet ?

    I've passed on deer because there were too many clumped together to be sure of hitting just one. I chalk it up to "just my luck" and the universe's sense of humor. Don't see any deer... then when you do, there's too many to shoot.
  6. cas

    Facebook Down

    For the good of the nation and man kind in general, lets hope it stays down.
  7. cas

    Nasty picts!

    "Death by violence, death by cold, death by starvation- these are the normal endings of the stately and beautiful creatures of the wilderness. The sentimentalists who prattle about the peaceful life of nature do not realize it's utter mercilessness." - Theodore Roosevelt
  8. cas

    Back in the day

  9. cas

    Back in the day

    Dang tires would never stay on.
  10. I may have to go do some work one weekend this month... but not if I can't get near the place. Just wondering how much snow is on the ground? (of course there's no telling how much snow is piled up at the end of their so called "driveway" after all these months)
  11. cas

    Forum jerk off

    Ah, nothing like a good jerk off contest! Last one I was in, I finished first, third and twelfth place! Oh wait...
  12. cas

    Climbing harness for hunting?

    Years agoI thought about using mine and ascenders to do a static ascent, then repel down, instead of using a ladder. For sure no one else would be using my stand. lol My worry using it as a safety harness would be ending up hanging upside down. That and a spinning twisting jerk should I fall.
  13. cas

    snipers shooting deer in East Amherst

    Sniper, sniper, sniper sniper, everyone's a sniper now. Specially trained? To shoot deer? Perhaps they're also licensed by the government of the united nations to kill gophers. Wouldn't it be safer when the kids are... I dunno, IN school? Rather than possibly wandering around in the woods?
  14. cas

    What made these tracks

    Tracks are too small to be a heffalump, so probably a woozle.