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  1. From that video, the fish that dragged him under is called gravity.
  2. Pottersville... no wonder, no one wants to live in one of those decrepit little shacks.
  3. I've shot deer nine times with a .38 S&W. Okay... I shot two deer nine times with a .38 S&W. Okay, both times were to administer the "coup de grâce". The first time I tried it, I fired six shots into the neck where it meets the skull. It didn't work. I ended up shooting it again with a bigger gun. The second time I tried it, thinking placement was the issue last time, I shot it in the back of the head. None of the bullets got into the skill. The last shot was almost at muzzle contact range. All it did was make him dizzy. It never went in the woods with me again after that. The one in the rear is the .38 S&W
  4. cas

    Gun Raffle has me PISSED

    They told you that you won, when you didn't. That's not the same thing as winning and not getting the prize. Small claims court would be a waste of time. The club sure has an issue though, a dishonest member saying he sold tickets that he didn't. Though they gave him the gun anyway, so it doesn't seem to bother them that they have a liar and a crook in their midst, and that two guys actually got screwed, not just the OP. the other guy got it worse than the OP. The real seller actually WON and got nothing.
  5. cas

    What the hell is this?

    There's something out there... and it aint no coyote butt.
  6. Only been confused once because I was being stupid. I knew exact;ly where I was in the big picture, just not which way I was going. No sun, no visual indicators. My problem came BECAUSE I was trying to use GPS. My GPS wouldn't get a signal an the battery on my phone was about to die. Instead of using my brain, I kept trying to get to a spot where my GPS could get satellites. After far too long of that game, the idiot light came on. "Hey stupid... you have a map and a compass!" Solved my "problem" in about 15 seconds.
  7. cas

    Roosting For The 1st Time Tuesday. Who Else?

    Never in all my years been able to roost birds. Maybe it's too much hunting pressure... because every spring season at dusk I'm shocked by how many "owls" I hear. You hear them occasionally all times of the year, but the first week of turkey season it sounds like there's flocks of them.
  8. cas

    Making diaphragm call cheaper now...

    I learned to use them (Elk calls actually) when I was kid. Not for hunting mind you, but for making strange unidentifiable noises in class.
  9. I watched some video the other day where the guy said he preferred to hunt he end of the season in NY. It got me thinking... but then I remembered why I started hunting as early as possible, the damn flies! Having to wear a full head net full time and walking around in a black cloud of bugs is not fun. At least least early in the season the first few hours of the day are enjoyable.
  10. cas

    red squirrel blues

    Nothing goes to waste in nature, something will benefit.
  11. cas

    Kayak or Canoe

    A generalization that may not be accurate. Too many variables. My kayak is probably more stable than my flatter bottomed canoe and many many many times more stable than my rounder bottomed one. lol But I'm still more likely to get wet with the kayak, and if I were going out in the COLD water, I'd take my flatter canoe (and sit low, maybe on the floor)
  12. cas

    Have Netflix?! Watch Our Planet!!

    As a child, through my early 20's I would watch any and all wildlife / nature shows and documentaries. Now I struggle to stay with them, getting bombarded with political agenda.
  14. I usually like to hunt alone, but spring turkey I will hunt with someone. It keeps me motivated to get up and get out. Otherwise it's just too easy for me to say "Oh F-it" and go back to sleep. I have a saying and it usually happens when I should be in the woods hunting.. "Guilty sleep is the best sleep." Taking my nephew with year, his first time hunting. It should be enjoyable, birds or no.
  15. cas


    Playtogs... a frightening place. lmao