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  1. A bumper crop pf chipmunks this year where I hunt. Was out woods bum'n a few weeks ago and was shocked at the numbers. Been a good 15 or so years since I've seen quite this many, but this year blew away anything I've seen before. There have been several occasions while sitting with my back to a stone fence where chipmunks have come and run across my shoulders/back of my neck. lol Years back I had a hawk come and snatch a red squirrel off a downed tree I was sitting on just a few feet away. Scared the crap out of me.
  2. I see deer on a daily basis at work. Today I saw a young little six pointer and commented to the guy I was with about the nice little buck. I'd be thrilled to see one that big where I hunt, but down home, at work, he was just a little buck.
  3. Pretty much, just with smaller funnel shaped openings.
  4. I took a deer head an put it in an eel pot and threw it in the harbor for a couple weeks. Worked fairly well... other than the ungodly rotten harbor bottom smell.... that only lasted a few years. lamo Won't do that again either.
  5. I had my iron sighted 300/221 upper on when I shot my deer last year. I'd wished then and still now that I'd had the 6.5G upper on it! I bought some plastic "mag blocks" and installed them finally last year, when I originally got my Grendel 5 round mags, I couldn't figure out why they were so heavy until I took them apart. lol
  6. I thought it was to leave stands on state land as well? ? ?
  7. I was sitting watching a doe one season when a logging truck, a tractor trailer, came down the road. We were probably 60 yards from the washboard dirt road, the truck banging and clanging as it bounced down the hill, the jake brake blaring and moaning as it came down the steep grade... that doe never so much as glanced in that direction, she paid it no mind what so ever. She couldn't have cared less.
  8. As someone who love traditional old hunting rifles, loves single shot rifles, loves black powder cartridge rifles, loves traditional traditional muzzle loaders, and will do thing like drag a 50-90 Sharps through the woods, or hunt with a flintlock during the regular season.... I"m almost embarrassed by how much I enjoy hunting with the AR. The ergonomics are wonderful for it, safety and pistol grip work great with gloves, adjustable stock is a blessing with bulky hunting clothes, and I don't care how wet it gets or what I bang it into in the woods. In recent years it's become my bad weather gun, but I'm leaving it home this year as I took a deer with it last season and something else needs a chance.
  9. I saw one climb a tree many years ago. To be fair, I was shooting at him at the time, so that probably helped with motivation.
  10. Skynet stuff here... the Chicom's and the cyborgs well know where all the good hunting spots are.
  11. I'm eating near a stick a day. Doing that no sugar, very low carb, butter on near everything... thing. I'm putting a venison roast in the pressure cooker tonight... but I might be bad and add just a touch of BBQ sauce.
  12. I always bring both iron sighted and a scoped rifles. Though as my eyes are failing, peep/aperture rear sights have gotten the nod. It's breaking my heart that I've spent so many years, time and money, assembling a collection of rifles I can no longer see well enough to shoot.
  13. Watching it is a pre hunting season ritual.
  14. Akira Kurosawa's "Dersu Uzala" , one of my favorites. Based on the non fiction book "Dersu the trapper". (though it has different names in different locations/printings) I've watched In The Blood many times and own it on DVD.