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  1. I saw a little six pointer last Friday (3/8), I was quite surprised.
  2. 2213! Should never have sold mine, though I probably wouldn't have used it much. Sadly I sort of inherited a 422, and it didn't make sense to me to keep both at the time. Now however, the paltry amount of money is inconsequential. A couple years ago I bought a High Standard Sentinel for about twice what it was worth, in part because I was always curious about them, but also as a bring along woods gun. Unfortunately it shoots way too high to be useful for what I'd hoped to use it for (squirrels). I'd sell it to you for a token amount, but it wouldn't do you any good either. lol
  3. Lots of them that size in some parts of the island. I see them all the time and think the same thing "Why are they still so small?" I know there's too many of them for the carrying capacity, but they can't have "adapted" the quickly.
  4. People suck in general. People from NY/NJ especially. Some just go out of their way to drive home the point.
  5. Any chance all three kinds had steel case heads? Usually when I see people fighting with a pump gun, that's why.
  6. High mounts you don't need. A lot higher than medium or low mounts that you could probably use on that rifle/scope combo. It's kind of the same logic as saying size 14 swim fins are okay because they're no larger than size 14 shoes (when you should be wearing a size 9).
  7. Good grief. I sighted in the new Leupold the other day. The first adjustment of the windage knob, I genuinely thought the scope was broken. A gritty , gravel road feel turning the knob, with barely perceptible "clicks". I've never felt a scope adjust like this, not even garbage Chinese stuff. The "toy grade" scope with horrible lenses, that came free with my cheap @ss crossbow feels better than this. What a shame what's happened to that company.
  8. We used to call it "Tiny Tim's crutch", one of a handful of things I used when I hunted with Contender pistols.
  9. I know there are, or at least were other companies making them, but Primos sells a few sizes if fold up, shock corded shooting sticks. Work well for sitting, kneeling. Don't know if they make long ones for standing or not.
  10. Serviceable I would say, but wouldn't say very nice. lol Also 10x on the bench, as the eye box is tough at 10 for field use. I usually say it's a 10 at the range, 8 or 9 in the woods. The glass isn't great, but you can live with it. I have one on my Barrett Fieldcraft, which keeps it extra light... but a few times I've thought about swapping it for something with a better image and more forgiving. I don't REALLY need an ultra-light rifle, and the added weight would make it easier to shoot. I got a scope in the mail today, a Leupold. I begrudgingly bought it because it was about the only option I could find in that size. IMO their quality has really taken a dive and I didn't want to buy it. I don't really like one of the features either, but choices were limited. There's a giant void in the scope market these days. Tons of crap and plenty of great, expensive scopes, but little in between. And the sleek slick lines of the past are gone. Everything is blocky, squared off, ugly "tactical" looking. They're okay I guess with plastic fantastics, but they look out of place on a classic hunting rifle. I needed a scope for a 1974 vintage rifle, it had a "Tv view" Redfield on it and unfortunately the lenses were going, frosting up and discoloring, looked sort of like looking sunglasses. It looked the part, being of the same vintage as the rifle, but the poor image quality wasn't working for me.
  11. If you accidentally washed your hunting coat in Tide, would you wear it in the woods or would you clean it again a time or two with scent free stuff before taking it in the woods? There are several options for "scent free" gun oil. It was something I thought about for years, marketing a more "hunter friendly" oil, maybe smell like apples or something. Finally looked into it and found a couple scent free options. One brand name I don't recall off hand, the other being sold by Dead Downwind. I've used them for a few years now. More reverently however Lucas has started selling a scent free hunters oil for a fraction of what the others do. I buy lots of the little bottles and give them away to friends and family.
  12. I "hunted" one morning, briefly because I happened to be there. Mostly just to test out the stand itself, spot any trouble limbs I didn't see the day before. Said to myself, I'm not shooting a doe, I'm not shooting a young buck, I'll only shoot a nice buck (extremely unlikely) and only if he's facing the right way, to run towards the house and not away from it. As it turned out I had sweated up the hill side so bad the day before setting it up, that the deer wouldn't go anywhere near it. Before I left I swapped cards again in the cams. That night a doe had come in and stopped dead. I could just see her raising her up up and down, back and forth smelling. She wouldn't go any farther.
  13. Might be deer repellent. I always thought "why?" looking at them. As I've probably mentioned in the past, I thought "why" until the last deer I made a total mess of. Frozen fingers in the dark, crazy wind, blowing snow. A hack job. So I bought one. Since then I've shot at four deer in five years, haven't hit one since. (hit various vegetation, saplings, branches, no deer) So Im thinking it might be bad luck.
  14. Threads like this, on this forum or the other, these they all sound the same, like a bitter ex... "They never even cross my mind!"
  15. Who wants to be angry all the time? Depressed all the time? There's forums I stopped visiting all together and others I only visit occasionally because it's all doom and gloom all the time. Even if it's accurate and true, I don't need it 24 hours a day. Sort of like the reason people object so much to things like football players kneeling for the anthem. Because watching sports is escapism, to get away from things like that, only to have it forced on them again. I visit certain forums for the same reason, momentary escapism. I don't need to be beaten over the head with sociopolitical aggravation everywhere I go.
  16. cas


    Might want to read the most recent Kathy laws, I don't think "doesn't count as.." applies anymore sadly. No offense meant, the Scouts, depending on condition and wood vs synthetic, are priced to current market, maybe even a hair low. But the others are up there.
  17. Sawyers used to cost me $14 for a spray bottle. It's $19 now for 24oz Gordon's permethrin10 you can make about 4.75 gallons for $20
  18. And before you ask, I look damn sexy in them. (Good lord, I could probably put them around just one leg. If I could put them on they'd completely disappear!)
  19. It's all making sense now! I have a pair of the Skims thong panties on my desk right now! Seriously. lol Not too long ago I bought something online, maybe on Amazon? I can't recall now if it was reloading related, or archery related? I think the latter. In the box was this little plastic envelope that said Skims (I thought it said "Skins"), I looked at it and thought "Did I order something else I don't remember? Did I buy mole skin for my bow? I know I wanted to, but I didn't think I had?" What was in the package was the right color. So I opened it up and it was this tiny little pair of thong panties! WTF!?? I couldn't figure out why some sporting goods company would even have them, let along send them with what I ordered. Now I know! There's some kind of tie in from the website!
  20. I've never seen forum software so overloaded with ads, good lord. And forget trying to view it without logging in, opt up and "sidebar" ads that block the whole screen that I can't close out. What a shame.
  21. I buy the stuff from Tractor Supply, mix it and use it on my turkey hunting clothes. My boots and pack (that I use deer hunting) I use Sawyers on. It does smell and fairly strong. In fact this spring when I unpacked it all to re-spray, I was quite surprised how strongly it still smelled. (and wondered if I even needed to spray it again it smelled so strongly) If you want to hunt the wind where I hunt, you can just go back inside, because it aint happening, unless you want to spin in circles.
  22. If you have a weed whacker with sufficiant power, you can buy a saw blade head for it. They also sell brush blades for them. But I've cut saplings several inches thick with the saw blade. (for making / widening / clearing trails, you wouldn't want to use it for tree branches. I mean... I HAVE lol, but it perhaps wasn't my best idea.
  23. Part of the problem is the internet has made it far too easy to order things/waste money. Amazon, "it's $12, what the heck, why not.. click!" Two days later I'm starting from scratch. lol It's allowing me to experiment, which while I'm enjoying it, I'm not getting anywhere with it because I keep changing things. I just keep going heavier and heavier with the arrows. They're shooting well now, and they're quiet. In part because every time I bump it up, (I'm in the low 600's now) it's still faster than my old bow was with "regular" weight arrows with 100gr points.
  24. I haven't seen one for sale in decades, though that doesn't mean much, I've been out of the loop. Also at one time you could buy a contraption that turned your bow into a "crossbow" of sorts, in that it locked back and had a trigger mechanism. Probably wasn't legal in too many places at the time.
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