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  1. cas

    Snow in 4f

    Settled kind of makes it worse. lol Back when I would regularly hunt the muzzle loading season that was the norm, get there around midnight and spend an hour or three digging a single parking space out of the wall of snow a couple feet high and 10-15 feet deep. Then make many many many trips the 80 yards up the hill in the deep snow unloading my gear. So much fun. I was younger then and not so broken.
  2. cas

    Snow in 4f

    Well that's no good! lol That means there's 3 feet plus at the end of the driveway. I REALLY don't want to shovel a waist high wall of frozen ice in the middle of the night. Roseboom area, about 1900ft. I REALLY don't want to cancel my trip either. Things are, well... "not good" at the moment in day to day world, I really need to get away for a few days. This is crushing.
  3. Just not getting out of bed, that's a whole separate issue. I've long said "guilty sleep is the best sleep". Usually the third day of turkey season, secretly being happy to hear it raining, then going back to sleep. (only to wake up about 9AM to bright dry conditions like it never happened. Doh!) Or saying "nope, screw it" and going back to sleep in deer season. Or worse, going out for like an hour, saying "nope, screw it", going back to camp and back to sleep. Then as the last days of my trip roll around, being so pissed at myself. "Why do you do this every time!? You wait for this all year, then don't go out in the mornings! Idiot, every time!"
  4. cas

    Snow in 4f

    Two year bump and many years since the OP.... but back on topic! Trying to get back up after Christmas and wondering how much snow is on the ground? (I know this is a tough question and it depends on where. "Up on the hill" at the cabin is we can have several inches of snow, then a few miles down the road (and elevation), nothing)
  5. Not gone, no. Not shot because of it, lots of times. It is strange, just today I was thinking about how much I'm looking forward to getting back out with the muzzle loader after christmas. Then moments later dreading the idea of what follows if I shoot something.
  6. Siting out in the woods one day on the first week of gun season this year, I got to hear an interesting exchange. Between a dog on a local property and a coyote. I guess it was trying to draw the dog out. The dog would bark and bark for several minutes. And then when it would finally quiet down, the coyote would yip and bark and it would start all over again. This cycle went on for 45 minutes or more.
  7. I used a salt, soap and vinegar (???) solution I found on the net on my weeds at home. It was funny, I sprayed it on and I've never seen plants react so fast. Glysophate can take a couple days at times to show it's working. This stuff, a half hour later the weeds were changing colors. Later in the day they all looked like they were dying. It was amazing, I was thrilled. What was also amazing was that less than a week later they were all fine again, they looked as healthy as they did before I sprayed them lmao
  8. Lithium's are expensive... in fact last time I went to buy them on Amazon, they were TWICE the price I'd paid the year before. (thanks you know who) But they're still worth the money for me for my cams. Life gets in the way and sometimes I don't get to check them for six months or more. I have a couple that the batteries are a year old, but somehow show 100% or close to when I checked them on Halloween.
  9. I was getting pics of one on my cams last year, figured he'd had it knocked off when it was small and in velvet. This year, more pics of a unicorn, I assume the same one.
  10. Pre-covid craziness anyway, 30 Rem brass was easy to come by. The case head IIRC is the same as the 6.8 AR round that sort of came and went, but it meant that making it, it was also easy to make .30 Rem brass. Just a quick look, Graf and Sons who used to have it, doesn't. They do have .32 Rem brass that could be necked down. Not cheap at near a buck a case, but better than nothing at all. I've paid a lot more for other stuff.
  11. Had this issue on several occasions with my old bow hunting tree stand. Three does would come down the hill about every two days, right on schedule at sunset. It would still be just light enough when I would hear/see them coming. They'd slowly work their way down the hill and get to me too late, then just stand around and feed underneath me. Too dark for me to shoot with good conscience, but I could have easily many many times. Sometimes they'd leave quick, other times it could be a half hour or longer. I toss sticks at them a time or two. Pretty sure they were taunting me.
  12. I heard that from a biologist some time back on a pod cast. That the "pecking order" re-establishes itself, but it takes time. Depending on when it happens, it can take long enough that the season ends first. (breeding or hunting ) The next male in line doesn't just jump in and take over.
  13. 4-5 years ago I'd never seen a fisher/picture of one. Now I have hundreds of pictures of them. Even saw one late morning turkey hunting this spring. Have to wonder if it was coming to my calls.
  14. If you take the block out from behind the wheel of your truck, and it rolls down the hill, you can rightfully claim you're not making it roll down the hill. (but yeah, you did) When you intentionally do things that you KNOW will cause oil prices to go higher (backed up by your very own statements stating just that), you are to blame. Highest gas prices ever under 'President Biden". Second highest gas prices ever, under Vice President Biden. I'm sorry that's not a coincidence.
  15. That's why the photos stop where they do, he ran out of money.
  16. Monday was a glorious day, so much so I stayed out from pre-dawn till noon and walked waaay too many miles. And for that I was a hurtin' unit come tuesday morning and decided to sleep in and call it a season. Eating a late breakfast about 11:15, looking out the window and a hen fed it's way across the yard. The only turkey I saw that trip. I did see, hear and interact with birds the first weekend of the season, first time in a couple years. By me it was also the least buggy season I can ever remember, I suppose due to the strange spring and late snow dump. That part was wonderful.
  17. Only slackers go out at 2AM. I find them mid day the day before, follow them all day until they roost, then sit there all night waiting for fly down.
  18. There's no telling how long I sat here on Monday, didn't see a single turkey! That's not exactly true, there was one swimming around way on the other side. He never came close enough to get a shot though. Probably all for the best, I think it was probably sick or something, it kept making this awful honking noise.
  19. I went for five days, illness kept me in camp the first day, but the morning of the next four was exactly the same. Sitting on the couch at 4am, getting dressed in theory, but sitting there thinking "Why am I doing this? I don't like doing this anymore but I keep doing it." Now I'm trying to get a few more days in despite those feelings. lol And I will no doubt have the same thoughts in the morning. "Why am I doing this?" I've also become the worst hunter. Doing things and going places that I know won't be productive, but not really caring. Just enjoying sitting in the woods or on the edge of a field for hours. Extra bad turkey hunting. When I realize I've been out for five hours and have yet to make a call. Mostly because I just don't want to ruin the "quiet' (it's almost never quiet in the woods. I wish it were)
  20. Saw 10 birds in the woods tues-wed, hens and jakes. The first time in two years (in season. Two years in a row I had close encounters with hens the day before the season started) Heard gobbles Mon-tues-wed, first time in three years. So in that way, it was a very good hunt, relatively speaking.
  21. cas

    Digital calipers

    My Harbor Freight ones have strangely outlasted all the other digital ones I've had. (3-4) The set before these (the brand I don't recall), I had to take the battery out when not in use or they're be dead next time. Major pain.
  22. Do us a favor and keep us updated on the melting.
  23. Not working where I am. There's a are at least three I see on my cams often and we still got loads of porcupine. Someone suggested they might be part of the reason I haven't seen a turkey in years.
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