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  1. I've shot a 48 in a past, and I liked it (not being a Glock guy, though I have owned several). But since I didn't have any real use for one I didn't think about it again. The 48 is a G19 sized gun, general size wise, so it's not "small". Being stuck with 10 round mags I'd take the 48 over the 19 I think. (and I've owned a couple 19's) The shorter barrel won't be an issue at 25 yards, at least not because of the barrel. lol I have an XDs .45ACP and recently pickup up a Hellcat in 9mm, and to be honest I shoot them more at the 100 yards steel than any other distance. Stretching the legs on the little gun is fun, not difficult really and a trust test of gun, ammo and shooter accuracy. And if I can hit the 3/4 size IPSC targets at 100 yards I can hit them at 15. And whatever you buy, buy the right holster for it.
  2. Heck just the fact that I can't post from Firefox pisses me off. I never remember until it doesn't work, then I have to open a different browser to finish what I typed. And when I do finally get it to go, it double taps like this. (and all my recent posts) #@^%@*#!
  3. Any site that can't accept new members dies. Some slowly, some quickly. Sadly been through it before on MUCH MUCH bigger forums than this one. Just the way it is. People move on, lose interest , pass away. The slow down only makes more people leave. Sucked watching the ship sink from the inside, had all the admin controls except for the ability to fix the registration problem (third and fourth party software issues) The fact that people can't join adds to disgust, and bad mouthing of the forum. Even if it's reformed elsewhere in a new form with the old name, people are resistant to join. Again, having seen it first hand.
  4. Many years ago I tried hunting with a pair of electronic muffs, sitting in the woods with them cranked up. I could hear so much! Then I hear what sounded like a bull moose approaching to stop on me at any second! Spinning around quick, it was a red squirrel about 15 yards away. "Hmm.... maybe they're turned up too high." lol That night laying in my bunk, my ears were ringing something awful. Apparently listening to everything all day did a number on my ears. I actually ended up with several pair of electronic muffs, and I never use any of them. I don't care for them, they just don't work well enough for me. "muff" wise that is, even turned off. The only time I'd ever use them was occasionally working matches, doing scoring. I've always been protective of my ears, and hate loud noise in general. I carry foam ear plugs in my pocket every day and use them for ANYTHING that makes noise. (Hammer, vacuum, lawn mower, anything and everything) ANY shooting, I shoot with foam plugs and max rated muffs over them. I handgun hunted exclusivity or many years, a lot of it with single shots firing rifle cartridges in 10-16" barrels, some with muzzle brakes on them. You DO NOT want to shoot them without ear pro under any circumstances. lmao My usual setup while hunting is an average level foam ear plug in my right ear. Then I will keep a rubber ear plug in the corner of my mouth. It takes a half second to move it from my mouth to my ear, and in 30 some years of doing it this way, I've never missed a chance at a shot because of it. Funny thing about hearing and hunting, sometimes it's very important, but other times it's not important at all. Deer in dry leaves, sure. Same spot in decent snow, there's nothing to hear. Windy.. can't hear anything anyway. There's a stream 70 yards away, can't hear anything anyway. Trucks going to down the highway 3 miles away, yet still drowns out everything else. I came to that realization last muzzle loader season, I never realized how much noise airplanes made. There's a jet at 30K feet and I can't hear a damn thing because of it! How is that possible? At home they fly overhead all day long and you never notice them or hear them, drowned out by all the ambient noise that we don't "hear" either. I also didn't realize how frequent they flights were. I commented turkey hunting that the woods were so loud I couldn't hear anything. between the birds, the spring streams, far away motor vehicles, far away aircraft... it was deafening in a way.
  5. I regret it mostly because of my own stupidity. I KNEW better, but started to listen to the internet and a couple people who's opinion's I respected, somewhat, up until then. lol
  6. Some states it's legal to hunt turkey with a rifle, as well as some states it's legal to hunt with a suppressor. If it were ANYTHING other than a gun, the government would be FORCING you to make it quieter. You can't sell a car or a lawnmower or any other damn thing without some sort of muffler on it. Except a gun, then they take a 180 on it.
  7. I hunted four days (3 1/2 really) on I guess what would be the second week of the season. Did not get a shot, but I would call it our most successful season ever, seeing birds every day, several times a day and "interacting" (calling and getting responses) a couple times a day. Considering we barely SAW anything last year, and hadn't heard a gobble in a couple years, that's a huge step up. Down side was, it was it seemed to be the same male and two females each time. 3 birds isn't much of a flock, so in that respect I don't mind not shooting him.
  8. Not to wish any bad luck on anyone.... I did something I KNEW I shouldn't do, but did it anyway. Bought a Para Elite Hunter long slide. (Remington had just acquired Para some time before) It was very tight when I got it. In around 450 rounds it was more loose than any 1911 I've owned. It rattled when you shook it, a lot. It was also the most inaccurate semi auto pistol I've ever owned. Did lots to it to try to make it shoot better, didn't help. (trigger job, tight custom sized bushing, even threw an old "Dwyer group gripper" in it in final desperation). Every round fired through it was in load development trying to get it too shoot worth a damn. No joy. IIRC I paid $1200 for it (very stupid, but wanted to get one before they got worse, figuring Remington's effect on Para's already crappy reputation would only make it worse. The news Remington bought them spiked the prices) Sold it with full disclosure for $625 "The pretty turd." I built a long slide 10mm Glock. Never did fire it. Bought a stripped frame and an aftermarket slide and barrel. Filled it with "higher end" aftermarket parts, Ti striker & saftey plunger, match trigger, Kensight adjustable rear, fiber optic front. Went to try it and something or another was wrong. Took it home and decided that try as I might, I just didn't like the large Glock frame and the smart thing to do would be to part it out and sell the parts as new, rather than shooting it a little, decided I still didn't like it, then trying to sell used parts. So I did, took it apart and as my luck would have it, THE VERY DAY I listed the slide and barrel for sale was the day Glock announced they were finally making a factory long slide. OF COURSE! So noooobody wanted to buy my parts till they got down to a giveaway price. The double joke was on me, because once I sold it, I went and bought "the pretty turd". I should'a kept the parts Glock. After I sold the turd, I bided my time until I found a Dan Wesson RZ-10 with adjustable sights. A good, accurate gun, but the long slide itch was still there. So a few years later I threw common sense away and bought a Dan Wesson Kodiak, despite having the Razorback. And if I'm telling my full story, my first 10mm was a Ruger "Buckeye" that I turned into a Bisley. Though honestly, after firing 50-100 rounds of CCI Blazer 10mm through it when I first got it, I never used the 10mm cylinder again, favoring hotrod "Ruger only" .38-40 loads in it.
  9. Its all about money. That's why states keep expanding what's legal in "primitive seasons", they want to sell more tags. Period. If it were a "conservation tool" like they claim, they'd just extend the regular seasons or increase bag limits to achieve the same goal. It's a money grab. The state just wants more money. Shocking I know. We should oppose the idea on that grounds alone.
  10. Talking with someone once about them using a traditional side lock rifle, they said "But what if it doesn't go off?" To which my response was... "Then you're muzzle loading!" (I'm someone who hunts with lots of single shot rifles, single shot shotguns, has hunted the regular gun season with a flintlock several times. I find this idea not just a "no" but almost offensive)
  11. Thinking more about it, I believe it was the CZ. https://cz-usa.com/product/cz-reaper-magnum/ Many of their break action shotguns are made by Huglu, who makes guns for lots of other companies across a range of quality. so even though it's not the same gun... it could be the same gun. lol
  12. cas

    NYS Bear Hunting

    While I know people who tried it once without success, I've often wondered what the DEC's opinion of a honey burn was. You're using "food" as bait, but the it's not intended in any way for the bears to eat it, so it's not really bait. but knowing this state...
  13. Is this a new release? Or a rebrand of another gun? Or.. is there another O/U Turkey gun on the market? I recall seeing one a couple years back and getting really excited about it. When I looked into it I found videos and write ups about POA/POI and regulation issues. A sadly gave up on the idea.
  14. cas

    Snow in 4f

    Settled kind of makes it worse. lol Back when I would regularly hunt the muzzle loading season that was the norm, get there around midnight and spend an hour or three digging a single parking space out of the wall of snow a couple feet high and 10-15 feet deep. Then make many many many trips the 80 yards up the hill in the deep snow unloading my gear. So much fun. I was younger then and not so broken.
  15. cas

    Snow in 4f

    Well that's no good! lol That means there's 3 feet plus at the end of the driveway. I REALLY don't want to shovel a waist high wall of frozen ice in the middle of the night. Roseboom area, about 1900ft. I REALLY don't want to cancel my trip either. Things are, well... "not good" at the moment in day to day world, I really need to get away for a few days. This is crushing.
  16. Just not getting out of bed, that's a whole separate issue. I've long said "guilty sleep is the best sleep". Usually the third day of turkey season, secretly being happy to hear it raining, then going back to sleep. (only to wake up about 9AM to bright dry conditions like it never happened. Doh!) Or saying "nope, screw it" and going back to sleep in deer season. Or worse, going out for like an hour, saying "nope, screw it", going back to camp and back to sleep. Then as the last days of my trip roll around, being so pissed at myself. "Why do you do this every time!? You wait for this all year, then don't go out in the mornings! Idiot, every time!"
  17. cas

    Snow in 4f

    Two year bump and many years since the OP.... but back on topic! Trying to get back up after Christmas and wondering how much snow is on the ground? (I know this is a tough question and it depends on where. "Up on the hill" at the cabin is we can have several inches of snow, then a few miles down the road (and elevation), nothing)
  18. Not gone, no. Not shot because of it, lots of times. It is strange, just today I was thinking about how much I'm looking forward to getting back out with the muzzle loader after christmas. Then moments later dreading the idea of what follows if I shoot something.
  19. Siting out in the woods one day on the first week of gun season this year, I got to hear an interesting exchange. Between a dog on a local property and a coyote. I guess it was trying to draw the dog out. The dog would bark and bark for several minutes. And then when it would finally quiet down, the coyote would yip and bark and it would start all over again. This cycle went on for 45 minutes or more.
  20. I used a salt, soap and vinegar (???) solution I found on the net on my weeds at home. It was funny, I sprayed it on and I've never seen plants react so fast. Glysophate can take a couple days at times to show it's working. This stuff, a half hour later the weeds were changing colors. Later in the day they all looked like they were dying. It was amazing, I was thrilled. What was also amazing was that less than a week later they were all fine again, they looked as healthy as they did before I sprayed them lmao
  21. Lithium's are expensive... in fact last time I went to buy them on Amazon, they were TWICE the price I'd paid the year before. (thanks you know who) But they're still worth the money for me for my cams. Life gets in the way and sometimes I don't get to check them for six months or more. I have a couple that the batteries are a year old, but somehow show 100% or close to when I checked them on Halloween.
  22. I was getting pics of one on my cams last year, figured he'd had it knocked off when it was small and in velvet. This year, more pics of a unicorn, I assume the same one.
  23. Pre-covid craziness anyway, 30 Rem brass was easy to come by. The case head IIRC is the same as the 6.8 AR round that sort of came and went, but it meant that making it, it was also easy to make .30 Rem brass. Just a quick look, Graf and Sons who used to have it, doesn't. They do have .32 Rem brass that could be necked down. Not cheap at near a buck a case, but better than nothing at all. I've paid a lot more for other stuff.
  24. Had this issue on several occasions with my old bow hunting tree stand. Three does would come down the hill about every two days, right on schedule at sunset. It would still be just light enough when I would hear/see them coming. They'd slowly work their way down the hill and get to me too late, then just stand around and feed underneath me. Too dark for me to shoot with good conscience, but I could have easily many many times. Sometimes they'd leave quick, other times it could be a half hour or longer. I toss sticks at them a time or two. Pretty sure they were taunting me.
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