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  1. Sadler had a rather "colorful" life after his musical fame and a sad end.
  2. I bought one to try turkey hunting years ago, bring it every year, never try it. (for the flies) Mostly it's been used in my driveway, laying under cars.
  3. Wondering who the pole manufacturer is? lol At one time I was told there were actually surprisingly few manufacturers of flag poles in the country. (when I briefly worked for one of them long long ago)
  4. Step 1. Target illegal gun dealers, get media on board. Step 2. Make anyone who sells a gun an illegal gun dealer.
  5. China could pretty much beat us without firing a shot. We got just a glimpse of reality with the covid shortages. Just imagine them shutting off the flow completely and for good.
  6. Another case of New York feeling inadequate. Trying ever so hard to keep up with California. Think about the condors! Oh wait...
  7. I think our turkey population is in bad enough shape already, without making it worse by making the season earlier. A number of states are paying the price for early seasons.
  8. Maybe the 'yotes ate all the ones that gobble? In the "old days" (old meaning just a few years ago), I'd go out before sunrise and just stand in the yard. Then listen for the gobbles from the surrounding hills and decide which way to go. Often there would be two or three directions to choose from. Those days are gone. In all seriousness, sadly if I do the math of gobblers vs howls/yelps heard over the last three years it would be 1 to... hundreds?
  9. No, it's the public's uninformed PERCEPTION of African trophy hunters that make us look bad. Someone paying many many many tens of thousands of dollars to a country's game commission to take an animal, money which goes towards conservation and protection of all the other animals,is decidedly NOT a bad thing. As a side off topic turn, for as few elephants as there are left in Africa, there are still too many elephants in Africa. (too many people, not too many elephants). Sadly they're their own worst enemy, remnants of another age. They reproduce slow (two year gestation), pretty much destroy/kill everything they eat, and are very inefficient at that. (75% of what they eat comes out the other end the same as it went in). So sadly as much as we may like having them around, there's really no place for them in a modern world inhabited by so many people.
  10. I prefer the first week because the bugs are smaller.
  11. This is a topic I do not understand, mostly because of the conflicting information. Some people/websites say eat them before they flower (as in this thread). Others say after they bloom. Last year I steamed a whole bunch of their leafs (with some other vegetables), all picked from plants with full bloomed flowers, they were not bitter. This spring I picked some, all pre-flower and they were terribly bitter to to point of being uneatable. I'm starting to wonder what is fact and what is people's incorrect ideas. (I have no good answers)
  12. Bought it, sucked all the value out of it, while mostly ignoring it. Now they want to sell the name and the rights, but nothing tangible. That may actually be a good thing for true T/C fans, maybe some small entity can buy it and start producing what made them great, instead of plastic bolt actions. Slim chances are better than none.
  13. Warm weather or cold weather, toe socks. lol I bought a few pair of toe socks when I started working large shooting matches, walking all day long. My feet stayed dry and blister free. My feet are always drier and always cleaner at the end of the day when I wear them. I've had occasion to wear them for extending periods of time , work related "state of emergencies", where I ended up wearing them several days straight without being able to take them off. Yeah my feet still smelled, but my feet were miles less stinky and nasty than they would have been with regular socks. I have some regular toe socks, and in recent years have bought many pairs of these wool liners. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01LW7RHEY Turkey hunting in the spring I wear them under regular socks. Deer season I wear them under heavy wool socks. I have dozens of polypropylene sock liners that I never wear anymore since I started buying these. Warm, dry, clean, blister free. I've sold a bunch of hunters on them on shooting/hunting forums. (I get lots of PM with questions as no one wants to ask openly lol) Yes, your hunting buddies may laugh at you and will question your manhood, but they are great. lamo If they weren't a so expensive, and more importantly a big pain in the butt to put on compared to regular socks, I wouldn't wear anything else.
  14. My late "update", nuffin. Six days, didn't hear a gobble. (add that to the 12-14? days last year) I haven't heard a bird gobble since May 1, 2019. I did see a few hens three days in a row, but no company. Of course I saw birds all over the county, just not where I hunt.
  15. We used to know a guy who would hang his hunting coat in the barn with the cows. I guess the deer were used to the smell. Him too.
  16. Zero reason to do it anymore, especially today when we live in a world of basically dirt cheap, accurate, reliable rifles from several manufacturers. They aren't making any more surplus Enfield's or Mauser's and they will never be worth less than they are right now... unless you spend a couple hundred bucks to make them worth a couple hundred bucks less. (that don't make sense, ya know spending $250 to make a $500 worth $225. What you're losing is about what a Ruger America, or Savage Axis, Howa Hogue, T/C Compass, Icon or Venture costs)
  17. Caliber doesn't effect recoil* I'm seeing lots of confusing suggestions here. Guys are suggesting 300gr .45 bullets. They are going to recoil MORE than say a 173gr .50 cal round ball would or a 220 grain .54 cal round ball. If you're concerned about recoil, use loose powder, because you sure don't need 100grs of powder to kill deer. Who knows, 100 grs may shoot best. Or it may shoot the worst. Or it may shoot no better than 60 grs. Using pellets you'll never know. * (to really nit pick, it does... smaller calibers actually have more recoil if all things are equal. Smaller hole, higher pressure, more jet effect. But it doesn't really effect enough to apply here)
  18. Yeah... I'm going to "chance it" and pass. I already had Covid and for me it was nothing. Had I not lost my sense of smell, ever so briefly, I'd have thought I had a very mild cold. I have a feeling work is going to try to force me to get it. They can go #@%^ themselves.
  19. The term "standard" hasn't really applied in a long, long, long time. I learned how to drive one in my sleep. Honest. We owned several in trucks when I was younger but I never drove them. Then I bought my first car, a three speed. Two nights in a row I dreamt I was driving one of the trucks. After that I got up one morning and drove my car like I'd been doing it a long time.
  20. I'd sworn off the muzzle loading season for over a decade due to all the hooples in the woods, but I was all set to go this past weekend. Then a small matter of 3 feet of snow happened. Damn! While the guns are still out, I'm going shooting.
  21. Drives? I thought gun hunting on LI was "sit right here and don't move!" ?
  22. The best kind of hunting dog is like the best kind of boat.
  23. I was hoping the early predictions would hold true, the island would get clobbered and up north wouldn't be bad. I end up with 6-8 inches of wet snow, and north got pounded. Not looking good for hunting this weekend. Do I drive 5 hours to see just how bad it is? lol
  24. I bought a Wraith a couple months ago, sold it right away. Wasn't working for what I wanted to do with it. Anyway... make sure you turn the IR off when you're done. Otherwise it'll get real hot and unhappy and you won't know it with the naked eye.
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