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hello all

squirrel slayer

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as i have watched this site for a long time now i am finally signed up as a member, i have seen good and bad post. some really good opinions and others well lets say they dont have aclue. ive been hunting since i was 12 yrs old, got my first gun as a bday gift after i passed my hunters ed class and shot my first squirrel opening day of that season. ive been hooked on the sport ever since. although i love a good deer hunt and a nice rack, i cant resist even in the midst of the gun season for deer to take out the ol' .22 and plink a few bushy tails.. as i have recently moved to a new area im still looking for a good bit of land that is accesible to hunt on for all seasons and if there is anyone out tere that has land they may be willing to share in my area it would be greatly appreciated. im hoping to get my wife into the sport by next year and would love to find a good place close to home to hunt.

Thank for having me and good luck to all you hunters this year.

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Welcome, Squirrel Slayer.

I'm relatively new to hunting (3rd year). I've been trying to move to other game but I have to admit, hunting squirrels with friends is a whole lot of fun.

Been trying to get the fiancé to do it. She'll hike with me when I go squirrel hunting but I'm trying to get her to pull the trigger one of these days. We still need to find her hunters Ed certification that she "misplaced".

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Greetings from ICOtec, we are a hunting products maker located in Ohio. We are interested in feedback from hunters in New York on current products in the market to determine how we might be able to help design products that are more effective and more affordable.

We are open to suggestions on our products and products from other aspects in the market. If you have an idea that you think is long overdue, let's have a discussion. We appreciate the form communities and are here to listen and learn.



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IOtec if you are looking for field testers for anything you are making this is the place to get some. I personally would love to test out some of your stuff, if you have anything you would like some feedback on and would like some promotion in NY let me know. what kinds of products do you have out.

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