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  1. I agree! We have a 14 Forester and are adding a 2019 Outback this summer/Fall!!! Never buying a 4 wd ever again.
  2. Wow, that’s crazy! Hope everyone involved stays OK.
  3. This is my Gracie. She rescued us. She has more tree rats and possums under her 1.5 yo belt, than I do under my 53 yo belt.
  4. RIP funny man. He was great in McLintock as a “dude”.
  5. No no that’s his brother! His name is Nutz SoH Hung!! He’s the little brother!
  6. All you need is a knife and two pair of pliers. They are SO worth it.
  7. You could eat the wings of the ray. Depending on the species of ray, they can taste like scallops or steak!
  8. It’s ok folks. High school lets out at three. Dang people, let shit go!
  9. My daughter is in middle school. The books are huge and heavy. However, most of her homework is done on an iPad.
  10. After seeing the picture... you got a bargain! Your health is worth more than $140.
  11. Beautiful pup. I’ve seen mini beagles go into rabbit holes, they have some strong hunting instincts. Best of luck with the stud.
  12. Dogs make life a whole lot better!
  13. In the immmortal words ..... holy cow!!!
  14. The one on Broadway is a better butcher. I used to get mine done by the manager his name was Peter. I went to grade school with him.
  15. I agree with you. I have a pair of Mucks for close to 8.5 years. I wear them throughout the year (in the summer I dig out/tend the garden) and the are in fair condition. Nothing is wrong with them except the outside color is meh!
  16. Wow, that’s an interesting looking rack!! Too bad he went to waste!
  17. It was the little Italy of the Bronx. Now it’s Little Albania. There’s still a few salumerias and Italian bakery’s around.
  18. Welcome aboard and thank you for your service. NY gun laws suck as for the hunting.....some bases let you hunt. When I was stationed in Little Creek Va, I hunted in fort AP Hill. Good luck either way!!
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