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looking for new hunting land plz help

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  My landowner sold the land I was hunting for over 30 yrs.It was just me

and my 18 yr old son.I had established a great hunting area foodplots,

a pond, I had grown th oak ridge very hardy.I am a safe hunter now in my

early 50's looking for new land in the orange county or lower ulster county.

I have farm equipment, and hunting stands, and a great wealth of management

knowledge.My ideal setup would be to partner with a land owner who would

like to experience a great landowner/hunter relationship.I can give you land

owner references as well as personal ones.I don't want to hunt state land.

been there done that. I just wanna find a nice place to share with a couple

other people and bring my son along.Thanks to anyone who can help I promise

I am a most honest,dedicated,and respectful person.



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Where are you looking? Area? Closest town? Nys is pretty big

I've hunted almost everyday of my life.. the rest have been wasted!

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One of the bigger mistakes people can make, and I have been there, is to tie yourself to one piece of ground if you don't own it, and in many cases, even if you do own some land.


Please understand when I am saying this as I am not trying to be mean - I'm not throwing stones because I have done this before myself. It's not the landowner's fault - it solely relies on your shoulders. Complacency kills, and in this situation, it really has. I believe you have posted before about this sale potentially taking place - and posting about it in July is a bit of a late start for this season. I've been there and done that, and I hope I never make that mistake again. I wish you the best of luck finding a place, sounds like someone could mutually benefit from letting you on to hunt. or pursuitoutdoorstrailcameras on Facebook
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I am in the orange county area but can travel a bit. Resident ego your right but my time

was tight and it was close to home. I am a great hunter with a lot to offer anyone who

has some land. I like to manage as good as possible any land I have access to. Food

plots etc.Anyway I really thought starting now I could get on the land pretty much scout

it this upcoming season then go from there. I live in walden ny orange county. So again

anyone who could help I would be grateful and have alot to give back to the land owner

also not afraid to work for the land owner on weekends or some evenings.

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