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  1. Life happens. Job change, family change, health change, etc. Hopefully you guys get what you want.
  2. I used my griddle for the first time - is it me or does this require immensely more prep/conditioning/clean-up than a grill?
  3. Athena - English Bulldog Indie - English/American Bulldog mix Charlotte - French Bulldog Stuff gets chewed around here. But it's all good. I have to keep an eye on the sheds I find or they literally disappear lol. Always wanted an English bulldog. Have to say this far in, the French bulldogs are in a league of their own in terms of disposition and maintenance. I was not super excited about adding a third dog to the mix and a "Frenchie" at that. Boy, was I wrong. We'll likely be in the French bulldog category going forward.
  4. Heard similar about Seneca fishery going downhill. It is a much larger lakes comparatively thus bots spread out makes sense. But Cayuga has been known to be the best for the past few years. The new SR won't help it see any less pressure.
  5. Apparently some of the Michigan Ford team is out here in Phoenix testing out a few vehicles. They have a few Ranger Raptors and a trio of covered cars - presumably next Gen mustangs. Long front end. Staying at the same hotel. I was allowed to snap shots of the Ranger Raptors. Figured I would share. Both of the Raptors were right hand drive but they’re testing the engine and transmission in the heat and running them hard off road they said.
  6. For sure. I like some of the old guard stocks from an opportunity POV. Walmart, Apple, Toyota, etc. are all places where one could look at a long-term play and invest with some degree of confidence. Hard to imagine their balance sheet can't weather the storm of the next 12-24 months and rebound well enough for shareholders to look back and be pleased on returns. Most of these pay dividends, too.
  7. Well come on now - that would have positively impacted global supply levels, which are the driving issue at hand here w/pricing. Gas isn't just expensive here, it's expensive everywhere other than Saudi Arabia, etc. It's facetious to say that it wouldn't have positively impacted the American public....
  8. I got into USO back in march. Wish it was a larger sum, but it sure has been nice. This will be an interesting ride.
  9. Alot of this is self-inflicted. Shutting down pipeline development that first week was an omen. I'm not in the camp of placing all blame one way or the other, but there was alot of stuff that got out of whack and it's all supply/demand right now IMO. I was in NYC Wed-Fri and the price increases there were insane from 2021 levels. One probably has to keep the long game in mind should they have time. I pity those who do not and are not diversified with income streams or where they store/incubate their wealth.
  10. phade

    Buzz Baits

    Oddly enough I was thinking about a reply and it dealt with Oatka Creek, which along with Black Creek are neighboring watersheds. Buzz baits have proven to be the one lure that has allowed me to catch fish in stretches where they're not supposed to be. Oatka jumps back and forth into cold and warm water fishery, and using a buzz bait, I've pulled large and smallies out of the coldwater stretch where normally you'd find mainly trout. Those Walmart specials can do the trick. Strike King though definitely my go to when I'm on a dedicated bass trip.
  11. Good lesson to learn and good conclusion. We've had mixed interactions w/Amish. Good apples and bad apples in every bunch I suppose but admittedly I can see where stereotypes come from.
  12. I can't imagine that is accurate. Alot is subjective of course. One may say five people is alot, I guess. When I am in Missouri, nobody ever talks about going to NY. Nobody. Ever. Not even to visit for non-hunting, LOL.
  13. My wife got me the one with the dual air fryer and warmer. Box is 210lbs lol. Going to have to find some time to assemble this thing. I am excited for it. Pretty much got everything but an SV. Pizza oven, grill, blackstone, air fryers, smoker. Should be a good summer.
  14. Gray fox have made a huge comeback in our area. I shot one in daylight probably 15-17 years ago, but this past year, I watched the same 3-4 over the course of the season in daylight...maybe 10-15 encounters from the stand. They are really fun to watch and we let them go on purpose. The sounds they make are cool too.
  15. The hunter density would shoot up and be #1 if you had no Dacks in there IMO. Density does make a big difference after hunting in the midwest the past two years. It's actually pretty amazing. Gives one a distaste for looking out and seeing the literal orange army here on opening day.
  16. The red flag is the type of beer you drink.
  17. This report seems like they mailed in this effort. They list some factors but don't talk about increasing difficulty to access land that is huntable. Other states map out % of private land that is leased in areas, etc. Plus they are using charts with latest dates of 2017 in there. That is four-five years old based on how you want to look at it. Their jobs are like the weatherman's job at this point. Say something. It might be right, it might be wrong, but you'll still get paid and be the source of truth.
  18. Anyone one have one and recommendations? Looking to add some variation to the treadmill. I've used them before at gyms and have liked them, but I'm not familiar yet with the home market.
  19. phade

    Heat Wave

    Good question. Would assume they want shady areas. I know these temps usually bring out the mud crickets.
  20. When a boss tom is hammering away in front of my bead/red dot, there is excitement. After the shot, it's a short burst of a fist pump or high five and then it drops off from there pretty quickly. Same type or level of experience pulling a good fish through the ice or landing one in the net. When a good buck is behind a pin or crosshair, as soon as the release trips, my knees and legs go to jello and my heart about comes out of my chest. Just the way I am built, I guess. Getting up early really hasn't been an issue for me, for either. The bigger factor for me is the prep that goes on the night before. Getting gear ready, wash, packing, etc. If I am behind on that, THAT can occasionally trip me up with a morning hunt, especially w/work.
  21. The risk with doing that is overgrowth. If I am going to set cams on or around buck beds it will be done in the thick of summer heat and growth. At that point you know where and how to set or even trim to avoid grass and weeds. I don't often do the beds but rather trails leading to and from that bedding area in general. I find that it lends itself to more use and a slightly wider net, with less intrusion. I do occasionally set up on beds but in most instances the intel is less useful and I do it more for the photos and challenge in areas I know come season, the pressure will kill it. This is one of my two down times for cams, the other post shed to pre-season turkey. I usually set volume on or around July 4. Vegetation is thick so you know what you are dealing with and bucks are more easily IDed, etc. All that said, I set a cheap cam on our Missouri ground before we left. I'm hoping it is still there and would love to see the pics off of it. We really only get there to hunt - no summer prep, so that cam will have been out a long time when checked. This year, I'll likely set up a cell cam on external/solar and do it right and be mentally prepared for it to be stolen cost-wise. Last year we were getting our Ohio ground set up and that took alot more time, and still much more to do there. It left me unprepared to set cams efficiently in Missouri for a long-haul. This one is on a fence post up high in an open area where I "think" I'll be OK with summer grasses. It is loaded with lithium and the biggest card it'll take on a 30 sec or one minute rip.
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