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  1. Yep was 6 am after a rainy night..that or he was sweating so far from water....
  2. That is the 1st beaver ive ever gotten on camera.. not even a ditch there that he was possibly following...
  3. There is no water within a almost half mile of that beaver... crazy i would assume young male looking for new territory.. maybe he was heading to neighbors pond... idk
  4. Got base set up, have to level and secure it ..
  5. Not that i have energy just no one else to do it...lol
  6. Started base for new boxblind, posts are black locust, framing is red pine. built a set of stairs for barn loft.a new shelf in barngot storm door on barn man door Now onto food plots...
  7. 18 or 19 , 103 page manifesto ,self proclaimed white supremacist.
  8. Peas, cucumbers ,lettuce up , sweet corn just starting to show above ground
  9. Some doe are bred in october around Halloween, so they should be born while the majority will be next 3 weeks..
  10. Its not what you know but who!! this guy i gave my old bow and he killed his 1st deer with it a few weeks later.
  11. I know one hunter who started with crossbow and is now using a bow after 2 years of crossbow and he prefers compound to his x bow.. so yes it does happen, many start easy and after some success use more and more primitive or harder methods.. even with rifle , going to a pistol and perhaps ending with a flintlock pistol.. or a matchlock.. or back to a self made bow. Archery a d use of bows will not dissappear. It will become the end game of those that seek more of a challange.
  12. My niece cant draw 30 yeat and shes 12. My.nephew has hard time with coodination after a sever concussion 2 years ago hes now 19. Everyone is different.
  13. I have no issue with restrictions that exist in nys, if your not hunting with them in nys then your not pretty simple An excaliber is a recurve x bow and not under regulations. Simply nys compliant need to read regs and exceptions. There is no cam involved.
  14. A right to hunt and fish to be managed by game department would be far less. No appointments wildlife bologist making rules and reg.. much less than now ,plus funds would not be distrubuted by politicians, simply funded by license and robertson pitman act.
  15. Because we cant even get a right to hunt and fish in this state added to constitution. Remove game management from politics and dumb arguments like this are non existant. All states with game department managed wildlife allow crossbow in archery with archery course. The ones that dont are are managed by feelings and politics.. guess which states are prefered whitetail destinations......
  16. As i sit here in ohio and i know many hunters here who have and use both and they have been legal here for 30 plus years, the bow hasnt left never will. Traditional archery is still alive and several on this site use traditional equipment. If your not your crusade is false as compounds are not anywhere near traditional archey or the purity of the sport. Personally the challenge of more primitive equipment is alluring and i cnat wait to get the spear legalized maybe i could get a 2 week only season for prime rut at that may increase the sport and bring it to the forefront of the hunting comunity.
  17. Then if your using in nys your a serious poacher not hunter
  18. Some kids are to weak to legally draw a bow ( perhaps to many video games ) but they have a interest. You use a compound that is repugnate to true archers yet you calime that your in it for essence of the sport so maybe try your compound instinctive no peep sights or rest.... oh wait the technology isnt compliant with traditional archery anymore you need that drop away rest or a whisker biscut to hold your arrow on the rest.. and sights to aim. ... same tech The only real losers in all this are archers who have disabilites that are not allowed to participate in season.. And there are no dr notes for bad shoulders to use them. The real problem as i told will elliott ( former outdoor writer) on a bear hunt in new brunswick is the new york definition of disabled.. quadriplegic with a breath tube to use a crossbow in archery season is ridiculous and yes that is only legal way.
  19. Muzzleloader use to be side lock only, so i hope in keeping the essence of the sport your is as well ot just do what pa has and go flintlock, or maybe we should keep matchlocks or wheellocks alive.. The sport will always continue as it has in every state that has full inclusion for decades. Again if your not pushing for a traditional 2 week seaon 1st 2 weeks of november only, your real modivations lay in added deer removed from herd that you might get..
  20. Peas and cucumbers are up so is lettuce. Took a risk and planted some sweet corn looks like warm dry week ahead, time to get out the tractor and work some big plots up.
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