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  1. Smooth preferably honey roasted
  2. Cams showing good movement 7 am to 9 am. Why not sit in am. Its cooler deer have had an entire quiet night to relax.
  3. Best way is to strip it off and then use static electricity method to apply fake velvet back on.. the injection method was common 10 years ago. The new fake seems to be the way. Saw my uncle do and elk rack with it. Amazing and you would never know the difference looking at it.. it also allows rack to be officially scored as they cant be scored with velvet on .
  4. I have best thing is to open the blades one or two times to decreast the stifness of opening at speed. Once that was done they performed as intended. Before they did not at an old Makenzie target going thru and not opening as it came out other side. Bow was shooting 300fps. Target was 20 yards.
  5. Ill take the steel with my own thermal seat. Over fabric any day. 40 years of sitting in stands. Dry and comfort is what i want. Not snow water holding fabric . Or get there and its been cut by an a-hole.
  6. Just not a fan of web/fabric seats . They will fail always do.. just helped friend check his expensive ladder stands of 3 one seat had hole chewed through it and they are 2 years old.. hes attempting to find a replacement to buy but it will be a take down stand to replace seat at best case.. steel aluminum bar seats dont fail bring you own pad and no squirrel critter damage.
  7. G-Man

    Age this buck

    Always best to say here that buck would be...x years old.. soils are huge factor in size. The valley i am in has been written up since the 40s for is soil and game abundance. Old conservationist magazines dont lie..
  8. Looks like a lot of plantation plantings around it. Those are probably clear cut patchwork on state land i assume
  9. Though some of you would enjoy this series.
  10. Have you got your opening day / weekend spot picked out? I have 4 hotspots and havent decided which i will choose all have had 4 to 5 k photos in last 5 days.. ill let the guys pick their spots 1st at camp and take whats left.. problem is i have 4 weeks off to hunt and dont want to tag out before vacation starts oct 22nd. But have to be out there in case the big one walks by.. 2nd weekend my friends son asked if id take him out for youth hunt so that weekend will be easy to get thru...lol
  11. That bear is over 400 no doubt
  12. Right now apples are huge draw. And clover fields.. preseason scouting should of told you where and what trees are holding softmast . Hard mast is a few weeks away imo.
  13. WILD STORY- Taken in the late 1950's. This is Bill Pinnell, one of the most notorious Alaskan brown bear guides on Kodiak Island. Seems an unguided bear hunter had disappeared with no trace a couple years previous, then Bill came across this scene one spring. The skull and bones of the hunter, along with the bear, were both found scattered about the area. The gun was broken and there was a fired cartridge in the chamber. What's your thoughts on what may have happened? • • • •
  14. Yep we cant change it but they are making $$ on it with green energy push. Follow the money and see where research shows the problem.
  15. Shame did the same here found to late bugs got em.. by far one of my favorites dipped in egg breaded and grilled with chicken wing sauce.. cant tell the difference but no bones..
  16. Far from debunked as a simple 500 year shift event showed reginal climate changes... again oceans were not being superheated then either by addition of micro plastics
  17. While there is some evidence of regional climate changes during the Laschamps event timeframe, ice cores from Antarctica and Greenland don’t show any major changes. Moreover, when viewed within the context of climate variability during the last ice age, any changes in climate observed at Earth’s surface were subtle. add this to plastic helping super heat the oceans and subtle is 1 degree thatvis what is causing all these issues today while 40 k years ago there weren't other contributing factors nor would a 500 year geological time show any significant change . Drought fires floods all may of occured and may not have shown in geologial records nasa is government run and will release only which info it is allowed to release. Simple natural laws of physics show the realistic effects regardless of what a single government agency releases over a 10 year study.
  18. there are multiple sources for everything a simple google search will show hundreds. Nooa is a great unbaised source just presenting facts of the polar shift. Simple science from school using bar magnets shows you how magnatic field react when shifted.. way to much info to copy and paste. Spend some time searching on line. and you will find a lot more.
  19. I use a reddot on my shotgun for turkey and another on my bps game gun for deer.. bothe work well do not see a reason for it on a rifle for longer shots when a scope with lighted reticle would be much better.
  20. Polar shift is found on nws amd any airline chart updates. Plastic in oceans xan be found on multiple papers and documentation as well as a special on earth after people. Permafrost animals can be found on any scientific paleontology site as well as cloning papers . As well as several national geographic specials on mamoths..
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