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  1. Ny buck taken older than 2 is now 62% without ar
  2. A shortend season would perhaps lose hunters but you would have a increase of hunters per hour. When opening day was a Monday many took off the entire week resulting in more hunters innbthe woods as any given hour, a 10 to 14 day season would result in the same. The way it is now weekend hunting is extremely common. But loot at successful hunter and they hunt during the week. A shorter season or multiple short seasons would result in more deer taken with time for herd to return to normal patterns. as for qdm i dont like it in its form ,its become twisted to trophy management. Total deer management would be better . Focusing on herd health, you cannot stock pile big bucks this is well known. So shoot what the property offers as top deer and forget score/ age.
  3. Get off the fields and get In trails to filed 100 yards or so and you'll see deer in shooting light.. you will be more effective if you give up sight hunting as a visual hunter and use your ears to hear something coming in thick cover and when you see it it's in range already. Makes a huge difference in successful hunts
  4. 600 k hunters and 150k deer taken, you prove the point 10% take 90 % of game.. have more deer around doenst.make one a better hunter. And you can't stock pile big bucks , I know my neighbors benefit from my efforts every year.
  5. Hard to age anything over 3.5 imo he's mature and should be a target animal.
  6. One buck is not an issue 80 % of hunters don't even get a deer , bowhunter fought hard for that buck tag . Want more buck to make it thru , cut the rut out of deer season.. it will always be 90% of game taken by 10% of hunters.
  7. Point is all are effective at killing its the wielder that makes them efficient or not.
  8. Drives are very safe 1 person is in charge, standers go to assigned locations and stay there until drive is done even if they shoot world record buck. They don't move so they can see better or to be more comfortable. This is done for safety, many deer are shot by the " drivers" and they need to know where everyone is to be safe, shots from standers are not into the drive but are only at the deer when past or next to the standers. Over 30 years of driving and only had to kick one person out for not listening.. there are no second chances rules are absolute. Family or not. Also only one ever kicked out of camp permanently even with the begging to come back not happening..
  9. All kill deer all are effective, it's the hunter who is not proficient with them , I knew a traditional hunter that would put gun hunters to shame..
  10. 1 deer ever 3 years?? Wow camp is usually 6 or more deer during bow usually everyone getting on and acouple of guys filling couple of tags... good to know we are way above average
  11. There is hardly any time in last 10 yeard we have had enough snow to open trails that early anyway.. poor excuse.
  12. Landowners want it , the never ask them... damn politicians
  13. Usually save drives for.muzzleloader weekend lots of fun , productive, usually 10 to 15 guys but everyone getting older participation has waned as its a tough walk and sit .
  14. No deer along the tracks from NY to Willard ohio did see a few hunters out..
  15. Seems I do idk I just noticed it from chrome and duck duck go
  16. Seems Wyoming County has lost its mind..its simple you don't like the season don't hunt it..
  17. Pops up with my name if I use different browser.. same guy lol
  18. Happens have 3 top bucks killed by neighbors this year. Still nice bucks left around though..
  19. Your model 12 remingtonnand Ithaca were all machined back pre 60. Mine don't rattle either but pick up a new lower priced shotgun and they rattle.
  20. Never said to throw it away. I have many guns that rattle . But you do get what you pay for. That's all I stated . And the most prolific gun in world is stamped , you know it as AK 47 or as a sks effective and reliable. But it rattles...
  21. Never said that , but stamped vs machining is rattle vs no rattle. I have a mossberg 500 that riddles like a rain stick it still kills but is gonna rattle.
  22. Sap is out if tree they could loosen depending on type if tree, better than other problem of tree growing and strap is simply tore apart . We always loosen straps after season so tree has room to grow when sap runs in spring.( Feb/ march)
  23. Stamped gun parts vs machined ,inherrant to the style of manufacture, machining cost money.. move up to a high end gun and you won't have the issue. Not to be an ass but you get what you pay for..
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