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Always when the stand is empty


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Had a permanent stand the deer would peek over the top of ridge at  if it was empty they would pop over the top if it was occupied they slunk away out of sight..  put another portable stand up 50 yards from  previous leaving the permanent up..the deer looked at permanent stand but met their end from the portable... deer pattern us as much as we try to pattern them.

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My FIL has always been a fan of hunting from the ground and using natural cover. He looks for sign and finds a clump of trees or a pine with low lying branches that will break up his silhouette and tucks in there using a turkey seat. 

The thought process is this method is less intrusive and allows for quick adjustments based on the sign. I'm not going to lie, I'm starting to see a distinct advantage in that. Last year's buck was taken that way. I followed some fresh tracks and setup my chair behind some trees and 20 minutes later he walked 20 yards in front of me.

I have no intention of putting in a stand where I found the rubs this weekend. I've already located where I will sit and if the sign changes I will move. Very low impact and I'm not alerting the deer. 

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