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Police not recognized. Why?

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Each time there has been a mass shooting, all over the media, the police response is rightly critiqued .

When things have been done poorly the coverage is non stop. Why then is it, that in this most recent incident, when the police response seems to have been remarkable, and possibly many lives saved, the officers involved are not being celebrated for their bravery and heroism?

Maybe I just missed it. 

We learn from our mistakes and successes. So, it would be good to hear when and why things succeed, not just when they fail. 

Has anyone seen them interviewed, recognized for their efforts, and thanked on any television channels or news programs? If not, why?


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Main stream media is the lapdog of the left.

You will never see leftists praise police, no matter what they do.  The left sees the police as the enemy, because they defend law and order, which is something the left doesn't support.  The left defends criminals as victims of a systemically racist society that is full of prejudice and hate.  The left sees the police as enforcers of evil. 

The only thing the left will do when police do their job and protect the public, is add their justifiable shootings to the left's list of "gun violence VICTIMS", and use that number against gun owners.  The dementia is real and these leftists are dangerous.

I have seen praise for these officers on conservative forums online.  That is where the truly objective viewpoints come from.


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