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  1. Seasonal workers. Don’t worry. My prediction is they will be back. Election season.
  2. Again, totally predictable (and call me a conspiracy theorist, but likely planned or at least anticipated)outcome. A-hole sheep keep voting for those who see to strip us of our American birth rights. Just the tip of the iceberg, of what is in store for us. When will people see, their plan has nothing to do with hunting?
  3. I’m sitting here wondering just how many people are out there have just weighed the risk/benefit or cost benefit profile, and decided the aggravation and costs involved in purchasing firearms and ammunition is simply just not worth it to them. The left I think may be winning as the rank and file, and would be firearms enthusiasts and hunters just say F-it. This has much further reaching consequences in my opinion than hunting and shooting sports. Forgive my tying, spelling and grammar if it’s messed up. Trying to share my thoughts here as quickly as possible to get back to work.
  4. Just came out for lunch break and saw this. Happy Birthday Eddie! Enjoy your day!
  5. While I don't despise the people themselves personally, I do despise their actions that have resulted in this entirely predictable situation we face. A quick show of hands. How many on this site (or previously here) voted this country into this mess? Anybody have integrity enough to admit it? At the rate were going we may end up having to hunt with boomerangs!
  6. Ok...there you go again confusing the issues with pesky inconvenient facts! What's next? You gonna start the rumor that the mayor of NYC is all over the news begging for billions of dollars to provide for the flood of illegal immigrants? How dare you spread these conspiracy theories? Before you know it you will be telling us the masks are coming back! Or, that the government is gonna start hunting down anyone who raises questions or concerns over the direction of our country, or speaks out against tyranny.
  7. Congrats on the purchase! I have my grandfather's .300 Savage Model 99 and it's one of my prize possessions, just because it was his. I have had a tough time finding ammunition for it, but even if I don't get to take it hunting much, I'm really happy I have it.
  8. Yup! I maintain from the start that the America First movement, like it or not, has been the middle finger from the forgotten working class Republican and Democrats to the entitled elite class made up of both parties. No person with even half a brain and shred of integrity can look at what is happening in this country and deny it being destructive and a threat to our safety and way of life. My impression of why this particular thread is so quiet though, is because of two reasons. The first being, those who championed and voted for this nightmare don’t want to be reminded or called out. And, the second group of people are scared to speak up for fear of being targeted. I would have never in a million years thought I would see our country in such a state. This is frightening and heartbreaking to watch for any patriotic American, no matter what your political party.
  9. I agree, Doc. But, conversation and even argument, now matter how heated and passionate, when delivered by thoughtful people in a respectful manner, is healthy and a corner stone of a healthy society in my opinion. I don't feel like this site is under attack anymore. In fact, I think it is a nice place to visit, with generally friendly people. I can understand and respect your position. However, I think everything that is going on right now is going to have a profound impact on those very activities, as well as every other area of our life. Dividing people and then shutting them up will be to all of our peril. The issues we currently face in my opinion go far deeper than Republican and Democrat, and it is my great hope we can all come together as Americans before it is too late. To me it is like quietly knowing you may have a serious health condition but choose to ignore it in hope it will just go away. In my past experience, such an approach seldom ends well. Now, it's off to the garden for me, tending to the chickens, and then canning with the wife. Have a good day folks!
  10. I'm sitting here watching the news and wondering, where did everyone go? With the country obviously under attack and falling apart at the seams right in front of our eyes, this section is virtually dead. Why don't we see endless posts here about how much better our lives are, how much safer our country is, how much brighter our children's future? My suspicion is; embarrassment and guilt for those who feel duped and responsible, and on the other side, paralyzing fear. I know, I know, it is a hunting site, Well, can anyone tell me what the hunting will be like if and when China takes over? Think it can't happen? Get it together people, for the sake of our country!
  11. Cute puppy. Good luck with your new family addition.
  12. Good timing for this topic it seems. There is at least one deer that has decided to start ransacking my sweet corn field. The corn has not even tasseled yet, and the deer knocked my fence down, and was in there busting entire stalks over. This morning I cleared a wide swath along the back of the cornfield with my tractor. My plan is to try repair my fence, and to spend a couple evenings at dusk back there like I would deer hunting. If deer come out I think I will fire my shotgun into the dirt bank at the far end from where they enter. My hope is it will make them leery about hanging around and go eat elsewhere.
  13. Sorry for your loss. Losing one's pet can be heart breaking. I have gone through it myself many times, so I feel for you all. That she made it 14 years is clear testimony that she experienced much love and care, and was fortunate to have been part of a wonderful family.
  14. So is the car insurance industry. : ) I can respect your enthusiastic appreciation for coyotes, and agree with your assessment of their intelligence. But, I think there are many, myself included, who don't share that same love. It is not for lack of understanding of coyotes, or lack of respect for nature. I would guess people have their own, well founded reason for not liking them. In my case, for years I have personally watched them cruising my fields for fawns. It is one of the reasons I let my field go wild and stopped haying them. I figured it made it safer for the fawns and nesting turkeys. I think it did help with the deer, but not so sure it made any difference with the turkeys. I also had them come in on my beagles several times while rabbit hunting, and one actually had them kill one of my beagles. I have several friends who faced the same problem while running rabbits with beagles. We all began running our beagles with bells on their collars to try to keep the coyotes at bay. On a couple of occasions I had coyotes barking at my big female dog at dusk in our front yard, trying to lure her over to them, and I thankfully was there to call her back to the house. They will have one coyotes bark and act all playful to lure your dog close, and then others waiting behind and out of sight will bolt out to ambush your dog if it takes the bait. A dairy farmer neighbor once had a coyote trying to take his black lab down by its back leg, in his barnyard. Luckily, he got out there in time to run it off. I have heard neighbors complain of losing livestock to coyotes, but myself just got into chickens and have not had that issue so far. Without exaggeration my property and the surrounding area is thick with coyotes, and the eruption of several different packs all going off at the same time right behind my house I find hair raising, and certainly not pretty, at least to my ear. It would please me and my wife to no end, if one of the folks in my area who like to hunt them, by any means, would rid my property of every one of them. Unfortunately, I know that is not realistic, and agree it is entirely possible coyotes like cockroaches will likely be that last critters on earth.
  15. I like the idea of an apron to prevent the digging under. I will give that some consideration. We actually had that at our beagle clubs when I was into running beagles.
  16. Thanks for the tips Al. It sounds like I'm pretty much on the right track. I have kept poison in my garage for years, but always a bit nervous about it because of my dogs. I don't think either one I have would eat a dead rat (maybe roll on it..lol), but did lose a Cairn terrier many years ago to what I suspected to have been poisoned by a former a$$hole neighbor. The shooting method was one of my creepy experiences. I had gone to visit my father when I was about 13 years old, and had a bright idea that me and my younger stepbrother were going to go sit in his "coop" at night to shoot "a rat". The plan was; at night we would sit up on top of a couple steel drums, me holding my .22, and him holding both ends of the light and extension cord. When I nudged him he would plug the light in and I would quickly shoot "a rat". Well let me tell you; after sitting there in the dark quietly for a while, I gave him the nudge and he plugged the light in, and all hell broke loose! The reality was there was no one specific rat. Instead the room seemed to be filled with rats that went scurrying in every direction when the light came on. As me and my stepbrother launched ourselves from our perches making a frantic retreat, the rats appearing to me at the time to be as big as piglets all seemed to be giving me the angry, evil, stink eye. I was all but certain they were going to tackle and teach us a lesson before we could escape. I retrieved my .22 from the floor of the coop the next day, in full day light, and never had the urge (or courage) to try the same experiment again. : )
  17. First off, I will admit to having an extreme level of uneasiness for rats, and to a much lesser degree, mice. This comes from several childhood experiences/encounters with rats that haunt me still today if I think about them. I won't go into them now, although a few of you might get a kick out of the stories. I get the shivers when I think about my past run ins with rats. After years of talking about it, me and my wife finally took the plunge and bought two Brahmas, two Wyandotte already laying, and a Marnan Rooster to live in the little elevated coop I built last July 4th. Things have been going great and these chickens are now spoiled. They come running to the gate every time we go out, and eat from our hands. Happy chickens! Meal worms! : ) We were getting as many as 3 eggs a day but wife wanted more eggs, and thus the need for more chickens. So, I just finished building her a much bigger coop and purchased two more Maran hens that just started laying, and three Wyandotte hen pullets. The new coop is an 8x8 building. Judging how all five new hens are choosing to roost on the same roost at night, it looks like there is actually room for as many as 15 or 20 chickens . But we agreed we are at our maximum number of chickens for our flock. We are keeping the original 4 hens and rooster in the small coop for now, and the new chickens separate from them until they all can become familiar, and as a precaution for chicken health reasons. By Winter we will have them all together as one flock living in "The Big House". So, I'm asking my fellow, much more experienced chicken keepers here. Do chickens have to equal rats or do any of you have success in remaining, rat free? Aside from the obvious, like keeping the area clean, feed secured in metal cans with lids, and as rodent secure a coop as possible, what other actions might I take to avoid having rats show up and ruin my life? I have a Westie that loves to kill mice, but she is a senior citizen now and would not likely be a good match for a rat. And, while my my little old Sadie would have the heart to tackle such a challenge, she is a member of our household and I would not assign her guard duty at this stage of her life. Out door barn cats maybe? What say all?
  18. Happy Independence Day everyone! Proud and thankful to be a citizen everyday, not only today. And, thankful for all who have, and those who continue to sacrifice so much be be able to realize this Country's blessings. I pray for our wonderful Country's safety and future, so that my (our) children and grandchildren are able to know what it is to be American. Happy Birthday America! NYH
  19. Congratulations Eddie! 61 years is a heck of a milestone. It seems you were both blessed to get the right match.
  20. I never thought of that, but now think you nailed it! Probably some freaking attempt to cause so much frustration you stop using gas powered equipment. Lol Well guess what? It just backfired. My next step will be stop mowing my huge side yard, fence it in and buy sheep. I’ll go green alright. The sheep can mow all Summer and in the Fall we will eat the lawnmowers! And maybe, just maybe, I’ll put a couple feeder steers in there too, so I can add a few cow farts they are all so worried about as they fly around in their jets. And, in the Fall, also fill the freezer with beef. : )
  21. I agree the "safety" feature is a PIA on every tool I own that has them. I have a bad case of trigger finger in my right middle finger, and it locks up almost every time I have to contort my fingers to accomplish the feat. I then need to use my left hand to physically pry/snap my finger back open to let go of the tool I am using. Urghh! I rank these so called safety features right up there with the aggravating gas can spouts of today!
  22. I have my grandfathers Savage 99, and unable to locate ammunition for it anymore. I took one deer with it a few years back, and now regret not buying a bunch of boxes of .300 Savage when I had the chance.
  23. Exactly right. It is a common, and tragically, effective historic strategy. Go for the low hanging fruit first. The thinking is; who and how many will actually get worked up over crows, coyotes, rabbits, etc. contests being banned? Once this gets passed, next will come turkey and deer. Then what? The much bigger picture in my opinion is it is a bottom up approach to disarm the American citizens. Remember, "and then they came for me and there was no one there to speak for me" (Martin Niemoller) When will the people in this country wake up and see they bigger picture, pull their heads out of the sand, rather than continue to intentionally ignore the reality and label those who point to the obvious as conspiracy theorists?
  24. Beautiful job! I especially like the walls behind the wood stove. It looks very nice, safe, and heat efficient.
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