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  1. Nazis? It wouldn't be the first person, or first time this kind of language got thrown around on this site. Just a month ago I came under attack and had a member here refer to me in such a manner. No matter what topic, civility is a thing of the past on this site. And, the so called "rules" pertaining to not attacking other members is a farce. As a result, I watch from the side lines from time to time, but rarely if ever chime in on anything here anymore.
  2. Can't wait for Mr. Lindell to finally have an opportunity to present in court, everything and anything he has to finally prove his case or not. For the sake of our country, I think we all should want to know the truth. I for one will be surprised if they ever really actually open this door and give him, or anyone else the chance in a legal setting. Why would anyone risk their reputation, their fortune, and their life's work, if they were not convinced they were on the correct side of the issue and able to prove it? And, what happens if he proves he is right?
  3. What does a tractor like that go for these days? My 2120 Ford has served me well for many years, but I may be looking soon myself to finally add something new to the homestead.
  4. I wish they would come take a few off my hill! We are over run with coyotes here. PS. I sent you a couple PM's several weeks back. They show not read. Did you get them? thx
  5. Got it in under the wire...Thank you! Another long day at the clinic followed by my 2 1/2 hour drive home for the weekend! Thanks for the birthday wishes! : )
  6. You crossed a big line here! I see you can now edit your posts based on the paragraph you added to the weird flex comment. I was asked to share my "point", and I did. I shared my perspective on how awful war is, at a time when it is again crossing our television screens. It had nothing to do with any "flex" or whatever the hell that is supposed to be. So for that you call me a Nazi? Pretty twisted! That was defamatory, and if you had a shred of class or decency would apologize for such a comment. I don't recall ever treating anyone here or anywhere else in such a manner. People who are "trying to understand" don't typically go on the attack in such an extreme and disgusting manner. That does not open communication and/or understanding, rather it shuts and/or shouts it down. This is precisely what bothers me about this site anymore. There are a few here who shout down, name call, bully at every turn, and have no boundaries to how far they will sink. I thought I was pretty honest about why I think people are entitled to their opinions, but believe non citizens opinions should not carry the same weight when it comes to the goings on in our country as the commitment and stakes for them is much lower.
  7. What are you dense? Or just antagonistic? My point was as I stated twice now. I wanted to know who here are not American citizens. I suppose in response to your "my life is here" comment, I would add there is a hell of a big difference between living someplace versus swearing one's life and allegiance to a country, in my humble American opinion. I grew up in a family proud to be American, and at a time when I put my hand over my heart as I faced the flag every morning in school while repeating the "Pledge of Allegiance" then singing "My Country, Tis of Thee", while at the same time we were being taught to crawl under our desks or hunker down to "protect" us in case of nuclear attack. My childhood was watching nightly news every night of the scenes of Viet Nam, while wondering and worrying about my family members fighting there. And, the older boys in my neighborhood I played ball with in the streets sometimes just months earlier, now also over there, and if they were ever going to make it home. I remember us kids lining up along the street and cheering and waving to the long convoys of soldiers in their Army vehicles as they drove past. I remember worrying if it would ever end; and then the feeling I experienced when the churches in our city rang their bells when it was announced the war was over and I saw those close to me with tears in there eyes probably from a mixture of sadness and relief. Non citizens may have an interest and opinions on our political situation, but they really have no dog in the fight. As far a I'm concerned, unless and until they have taken a sworn oath to this country, their comments should be taken with grain of salt . And to take it yet one more step further; to be lectured, verbally attacked, or brow beaten by bloviating non Americans who think they have the same say, rights and privileges here as citizens, simply because they choose to live here, respectfully, they can go pound salt. Care to attack some more? Peace!
  8. I want to know who's hand was up Walter's a$$ making him talk.
  9. Wow...really nice design. I like the idea of the round, adjustable braces too. If you will allow me one more question: what is the string and pulleys about?
  10. Oh...cool! Thanks for pointing the out because I missed it. My freaking eyes are not what they used to be, for sure.
  11. My heart felt prayers are with the people of Ukraine; but make no mistake, I am and will always be proudly, patriotically, and unapologetically American. My question was honest and sincere. Who are the non Americans with all the political opinions here?
  12. Great idea! Please share with me how you jack it up? I can't tell from the pic thx!
  13. At the risk of repeating myself yet again. Remember the names of those here and elsewhere who wished and/or helped bring this upon us. How very sad a place the world is currently. Look at the bloodied faces of the people of Ukraine and ask yourself; how worried are they at the moment about "green energy", or "climate change". I would be willing to bet, for them the meaning of "woke" is what they experience in the middle of the night at the sounds of bombing. Praying for peace in the world for all people.
  14. To place an order to have delivered to you door, call 30330!
  15. Perhaps our all knowing expert on American politics can enlighten the rest of us on the politics of his own country.
  16. lol. Did the hormonal effects and changes make them "identifly" as crickets?
  17. The Real Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates,Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. Author, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
  18. Agree. In fact, after clearly stating it was an accident and apologizing, and with the video as proof, I would have stated as they did, "I feel unsafe" but then followed by, "your aggressiveness is threatening to me, and I am leaving", "if you continue to pursue me I'll call the police myself" and them quietly walked away. Their biggest mistake was prolonging the interaction. That could have ended very badly had it escalated. I have encountered trespassers on my property over the years and made them aware they were not welcome, but until and unless I was spoken to like an a$$hole, I felt no need as the landowner to act like one.
  19. Naw.... don't worry folks! Give it a few minutes here, and we will get schooled by our resident left wing know it alls about how this is all a tin hat wearing conspiracy theory.
  20. I'm curious? Why? Because they value human rights and lives? Because they have not openly and seemingly proudly made it clear they want to replace America and become the World dominant Super Power? Because they are not behind the flood of fentanyl into this country that disproportionately addict and kill our young people. (By the way, what age demographic do we recruit and train to serve in our military?) It would be easy to continue with the list of questions why, but I won't. However, I don't think it never hurts to ask questions? Even those that seem "ridiculous" and/or extreme. Do you think it is equally ridiculous to worry that they or others with the capability, and who threaten to destroy or replace us in the world would use nuclear weapons against us? History even in my lifetime is full of events that most would have considered unimaginable, some good and sadly others very bad. I for one prefer to keep an open mind, my eyes wide open, pray for all the worlds people to live in peace and safety, even those who live in countries that threaten us. But I realize evil does exist in this world, those who do not share my view or values, and who are willing to go to any lengths and any cost to achieve their goals.
  21. Why so many Americans are now in a race to be bent over and take it by our enemies blows my mind!! I'm constantly reminded of a line from the kids movie All Dogs Go to Heaven, "Morons, I'm surrounded by morons!"
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