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  1. All through the 90’s and early 2k’s, me and my uncle/hunting partner now gone, used to make 2 annual trips to their store in Binghamton. Just before fall we made the drive to stock up on more hang on stands, hunting clothes and anything else we might need or want for the upcoming season. In the spring we were back there for fishing and turkey season stuff. We really made a day of it. It was one of those things like the Syracuse outdoor show, boat shows, etc. that we just never missed going to together. When they opened the Utica store we were excited to have them close to us, but still drove to Binghamton. Lol I was stunned and saddened when Utica phased out anything to do with hunting. And even though I got the who gives a shit look from the manager at the time, I let them know my disappointment. It bums me out my uncle is no longer here, but I’m glad he was not around to see this, and the way similar things are trending. I feel ya on this one Eddie.
  2. The last batch I made was great! : ) So I bought six more and tossed them in the freezer. I plan to pickle 3 more today the same way, after doing some work today getting the garden ready for the new season.
  3. I'm going to join the local bee club, and sign up for their field training program. We will start with 2 hives and purchase nucs from one of the local people, so I know they are northern bees that are used to the climate. It will also support the local bee community and hopefully help ease their pain of my likely endless questions. lol
  4. Our plan was to try to help the bees, while also helping pollinate our garden and my fruit trees. If we are able to get some honey as well it will be an extra benefit. I found the speakers and everyone else at the class very friendly and helpful. We are looking forward to this new adventure. There is much to learn.
  5. Well, it seems it fixed itself? Uh…ok! : ) By the way. I spent the entire day last Saturday in a beginners bee keeping class. Now that we have something of a handle on chickens, with our first season of successful hatching of chicks from our own flock, we are getting into bees. Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Here I am at 65 just learning about the birds and bees! : )
  6. For the sixth attempt, and now from my phone. Thank you fellas for the birthday wishes! : ) I just got a new computer the other day for my birthday and it worked great until tonight. Something went nuts with it so I’ll have to make an appointment with the IT people. Go figure! After 13 years with my old one, I finally updated and now this. Urghhh! Thanks for remembering me! NYH
  7. Holy $H!T! Thanks a lot! In my almost 50 years of hunting, I never did like going to or leaving my stand in the dark. You just cured me for good. I now think I will officially join the 10am until 2PM hunting crowd! lol
  8. Great catch. Look at the size of those perch!
  9. Its not limited to Alexa and your cell phone. Our computers and televisions these days also have applications that need to be disabled or they do the same monitoring. They track and collect information on you to target advertising specific to you, and to sell to others. I have even heard the refrigerators and other appliances that have Bluetooth/Wifi/Smartphone connections have the same tracking capability. Spooky crap to be sure! Hello China!
  10. I’ve never done or eaten deer tongue, only lamb and beef. If I had a bunch of them I would give it a whirl.
  11. As a youngster, I used to love it when my grandmother made pickled cow tongue. It was almost impossible for me to wait the time frame recommended before you eat it. I guess it's a old timey type thing. And, other than on this site where people pickle heart, I don't know of anyone else who makes or eats pickled meats. They also used to sell lamb tongue in small jars in the supermarkets from time to time, and I loved them. You can't find the lamb tongue anywhere these days, not even online. My kids used to crack up laughing and get all silly yelling, "gross Dad" , as I teased them with a lamb tongue hanging out of my mouth. lol
  12. Used a slightly modified version of Wolc deer heart recipe to do cow tongue. Looking forward to eating it after a week or 10 days.
  13. Holy smoke! Isn't that Corporal Klinger and Colonel Potter?
  14. lol Good! The plastic coated one's make lousy toilet paper!
  15. Maybe he was just helping out gray squirrels identify as red squirrels!
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