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  1. The message I said should have been prioritized to parents and grandparents during the last election was; are you willing to look into your children's eyes and accept responsibility for what sort of future you allowed your hatred to bring upon them. This morning I saw a poll being reported that 78% (+/-) of those who responded say they do not believe their children's lives will be better than the one they lived. How very sad, stupid, selfish, and predictable!
  2. In case this ride scares the crap out of you!
  3. Wise words that can and should be more broadly applied. Wolves, coyotes, and all things we don't like to admit are here until forced too, when they threaten our way of life.
  4. My question was of course, rhetorical. And, I agree with your analysis!
  5. Hunting with dogs has been under attack for years by anti-hunting activists who see it as low hanging fruit. It is a strategic means to an end. You win over emotional people, the voting public who will view chasing poor little fuzzy animals as cruel, put an end to this form of hunting, and then work your way up the hunting ladder. Even if they are not able to legally put an end to it, their efforts have been already been successful in my opinion when it comes to having a negative impact on hunting with dogs. It's a very common complaint that land access has become much more difficult, with landowners either viewing it negatively, worries over liability, or just not wanting the perceived hassle of hunters and their dogs on their property. While I don't have beagles now, I did for decades. And, as a landowner myself, I much more welcome hunters and their handlers on my property with my permission, than the random neighborhood "pets" chasing deer past me while I'm on stand.
  6. How many people out there believe this; but are to afraid to say it out loud for fear of having someone come knocking for them, believe it but won't say it out loud because they know they were duped into allowing their hatred to help facilitate it, or believe it and just don't care because their goal to get Trump out at any cost was achieved? My public school education teachers always said the only stupid question was the one that is not asked. Why is it now such a bad and potentially dangerous thing, to ask questions?
  7. Even a mouse backed into a corner will fight back to save itself. What keeps me up at night is everything that is going on in this country right now, and realizing it is all part of a very deliberate plan, an attack against this country, and so may people willing to just ignore it all as if nothing is happening. Right now, Trump is the least of our worries, but he is at the top of list for those looking to take us down in my opinion.
  8. Got to love terriers! I had a Cairn terrier that pinned a big fat woodchuck once in a hole they were digging to install a pool in our backyard at the time. I heard a hell of a ruckus out back, and went out just in time to see Greta finishing him off and dragging him up and out of the hole. It sounded fierce while lasted, and he easily outweighed her. My senior aged Westie looks pretty all white and fluffy, but she is relentless in hunting down mice. I never saw her tangle with anything bigger than a mouse, I think because we never allowed for free range enough to run into anything. But I think in her younger day, if she had the chance she would have charged in. I have only seen two Airedales in my lifetime. Once when I was about 6 years old that was owned by a friend of the family, and the second one about 15 years ago a buddy of mine's neighbor owned. I think they look cool, and bet they must be even cooler to own if they have that little terrier bravery in a big dog body.
  9. That's what the "toll" us! But, we will be paying for it "toll" the end of time!
  10. Yup. It’s an outfit that rents space there. I was in a pinch to get my hair cut quickly last minute and that’s how it usually goes for me. Unfortunately, It also seems the people doing the cutting share their sad stories as they cut. I guess it’s a case of crazy hair but friendly face so it ends like another session in my clinic. Maybe they all have my number and are on to me, because I always end up feeling sad for them and tipping half as much as the haircut. By the time this lady got done telling me about her husband in the nursing home, I felt so bad I almost had her sit down in the chair to relax and give her the haircut.
  11. Rough day at the clinic today so I’ll make this shot. Thank you all for the input. I’ll take it all into consideration. And, Al, I did shotgun reloading a few times as a kid with an uncle, but aside from that am not very knowledgeable when it comes to reloading. Maybe we need to have you run a class or mentor type program. I’ll sign up!
  12. I have been keeping my eyes open since before deer season, for ammunition for the Savage 99 .300 my grandfather handed down to me before he died many years ago. Looked again today when I was out and about, but still come up empty. Any ideas where to locate any? I would like to be able to use it for deer hunting next season.
  13. Was desperate to get a haircut this afternoon so went to Walmart. I was starting to look like a sheepdog. After the haircut I went to pick up some shotgun shells in case I ever manage to get out to chase rabbits or squirrels again, and was faced with the reality of almost nothing on the shelves and basically giving my life story to be able to complete the purchase. What have we allowed ourselves to become? This is NUTS!
  14. On this, at this time in history, we are in agreement. The list of the stupid, dangerous, and/or demented would take me all night to type, so I will not even attempt. I'm afraid if I were able to put them all together on the Island of Guam I might capsize the island. (lol...love that video clip) Here, I hope we can respectfully disagree, when it comes to the GOP. Just a few; Liz Cheney (and her father), Mitch McConnell (and his wife with her/their China connections), Mitt Romney, Adam Kinzinger, Lindsey Graham, has been Paul Ryan, and let's not forget the Bush family, etc . I believe; they, like the Democrats all openly fear, and hate Trump's guts, and as far as I'm concerned show the same level of disgust, disdain, contempt, and disconnect with blue collar working Americans. [I wrote a whole page explaining my rationale but decided not to to post it here, rather than open a whole can of worms and/or provide fodder for those who might return to this site and reignite their "grousing"!] : ) (pun intended)
  15. No worries! Glad to be able to make my point clearer. From your post I got the impression we shared many of the same concerns. Peace! NYH
  16. I have absolutely no idea where you got any of what you are saying from what I posted. Anyone who has ever read anything I have ever posted on this site would know better. There is absolutely nothing I would begin to compare in a positive manner of this current $hit show, when compared to where we were just 2 years ago under our former president. I think what he represented to so many was a well deserved middle finger to the political elite in this country of both parties, and that's why they did everything under the Sun to bring him down. Anyone who thinks it is a simple as Republican versus Democrat has their head in the sand. Trump was in my opinion basically a brilliant guy who unlike Ross Perot, knew he could not win as a third party candidate in 2016 as they kept taunting him into running. So, he infiltrated the Republican party and beat them at their own game, and then went on to beat Clinton, in each case with the support of all the working class, forgotten people, "deplorables" who watched their jobs all sent to China and elsewhere. And, I'm waiting for everyone to wake up and recognize every one of the things you mentioned that are going on in this country (don't forget buying up our farm land, and land near military bases and critical infrastructure) and connect the dots, that these are not isolated events. I can't help but think we are already at war with China at some level. And, I worry that so many of our politicians all likely being so compromised do to want to admit it, or have any idea how to respond out of fear, or without bringing to light their dirty deeds. PS. I'll take crude any day of the week from anyone if it keeps us safe.
  17. You give more credit here than I do. Nothing about this looks good at being sneaky to me. Rather, on going passive aggressive trouble making, trolling, for some bizarre reason . "Hey, hey...look guys what I just did over there!" "You know what they are doing now?" "Hey, they suck over there but I'm going back again to get more info for us!" "I'll teach them not to come over here!" "They will regret it!" "Hey, let's all go over there and bother them some more...ok?" Playing both sides against the middle may backfire. And if it gets him blocked from both sites he should not be surprised. How about we just all wish each other happy fishing, and in what ever lake you choose, and stop with the nonsense.
  18. The big lie is that there is any difference between most of the politicians of either party. They, and big business, driven my greed and insatiable hunger for power, and no allegiance to America, sold our country down the river years ago, as the citizens ignorantly and blindly went about their lives.
  19. Clever art projects. I love the one with the binoculars, and the one leaning back with arms behind the head cracks me up.
  20. Hey Al I have always been pretty efficient at bringing home game enough for me and the family, but never what I would consider a sharp shooter. I guess I never put in enough time to get that accurate. My guess is if I tried this, at the end of the session I would be wrapping them back up and handing out to kids next Halloween! lol
  21. Have not purchased a new firearm in years. Now I want one!
  22. I sort of went in the opposite direction here. After watching coyotes sweep my fields trying ( I think successfully) to wipe out fawns, I let let my fields grow wild. I figured I would try to improve on the cover, and at the same time cut back on my fuel and time spent mowing them on a tractor to small for the job. It has been a win/win situation.
  23. I would drop dead on the spot! And, if I didn't, I would quickly tell them it was not me that shot down their balloon!
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