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  1. Here is the first of the crew to chime in. That didn't take long did it?
  2. Now Biden proudly states his intent to destroy the NRA. Again folks, don't forget those on this board who so fiercely campaigned for this awesome pair of public servants. So when you start seeing your rights slip away, don't let them forget either.
  3. Well if and when it does go to hell, just remember on this board who to thank! Oh...and in regards the question about whether or not Biden has fired any shots or not, just ask him. Oops...sorry...he wouldn't remember! But he does know what caliber deer rifle he hunts with, a "30...330". lol
  4. When it come to heating systems I think it best to call an expert to take a look when in doubt. It has been decades since I worked on anyone else's HVAC so I do not hold myself out as an expert anymore to anyone. That said though this is basically how this goes, and I'm not sure what you think you saw sparking other than the igniter lighting the pilot. I can't see how a wire against anything metal can spark if the insulation on the wire is intact. Remember....Safety always first! So if you have more issues calling an active professional would be best. 1. Thermostat calls for heat. 2. Gas valve lest gas enough for pilot open and igniter lights pilot. 3. If pilot lights, it then heats up the thermocouple and generates small amount of current that then tells gas valve open for main flame. 4. If pilot does not light after set time (seconds) the main valve does not open and furnace goes off for safety. 5. If pilot does light but then shuts down, it can be thermocouple is either failing/failed, or sometimes if not in proper position with pilot flame to heat it up to generate the voltage required to tell main valve to open and shuts off on safety.
  5. Sorry folks to ask what I know has been asked here before, but I can't find it. I am on my way to my daughters in Webster tomorrow for my grand baby's birthday party is I don't have time to cut my own deer up this time. Who have you folks used out that way that you have had good luck with? I generally do my own because of bad past experiences. All the typical horror stories like hair and bone fragments, mixing my deer in with other people's deer, getting shorted, etc. I know I have passed signs out that way when I drive back and forth to work in Canandaigua, but have no experience with any of them.
  6. I know full well why I missed clean on a buck this year. I rarely shoot long range, typically hunting with my firearms like bow hunting, up close. But I have shot and killed deer with one shot in the past, with my longest 267 yards (30.06 Remington, and checked with my rangefinder the next day) so I am pretty effective at killing deer with my firearms historically. What happened to me was eye surgery mistake when I was in Alaska. They did cataract surgery on my telling me it was how you fix the severe astigmatisms I had (found out after the fact they were wrong) and my one eye hemorrhaged, while the other one developed bad floaters. After what happened to me this year, I won't try shooting any distance from now on unless I have a rangefinder with me.
  7. It's been a strange season for sure. I passed a number of small bucks and does with fawns, had a clean miss on a nice buck that was farther than I thought. And, played cat and mouse for days with a BIG bodied, wide rack 6 point. I got within 50- 60 yards of him several times but he always busted me. lol. The big buck I missed, the next day I accidentally bumped him into my neighbors after legal shooting time on my way back to the house and I believe they shot him. I won't get into that now because it still makes me mad and nothing I can do about it anyway. Today I saw nothing in the morning, and had decided I would take whatever buck came my way or a mature doe if she was alone. Then in the afternoon I got a later start than I wanted because longtime friend/neighbor who I have not seen in years saw me in the yard and pulled in to talk. Because I was not going to get on stand until 2pm after our talk, I figured I would finish my season in comfort, deer or not. I settled into the middle of the same brushy island I shot my buck over last year. Rather than finish the season perched in the ladder stand, I plunked myself down in an old fold up lawn chair I had stashed in the island years ago. It made for the most comfortable seat I had all season. At 3:45 I caught her coming from the apple orchard bedding area to cross my brushy field, headed for the cut over cornfield on my neighbors property several hundred acres away. The wind was in my favor but she sensed something was off and picked up her pace as she passed me broadside about 50 yards out. I had to practically turn myself around to keep up with her walking but thankfully it was my natural swing direction. When I got my red dot on her and shot I knew I hit her hard, because her whole body recoiled and her rear half of her body went so high in the air I thought she was going to somersault. When her feet hit the ground she exploded out of sight into the brush. I gave her 20 minutes just in case before getting up to look for sign I hit her. There was no hair, no blood that I could see, so I picked one of the several trails that parallel each other going in the same direction she ran and walked slowly. Thankfully, about 60-70 yards was all she covered after the shot so it was an easy recovery, a perfect outcome. I even had my "blue" four wheeler parked in the same Island within eye sight of me and her. The hardest part of the hunt was getting her hung up by myself. So, unless I get out for one day with muzzle loader I guess my season is over for the year. My freezer may not be as full as most years, but my hunting season and memories are plentiful.
  8. Strikes me as a lonely old fella that needs them raccoons as much as they seem to depend on him. And boy howdy I've never seen such fat raccoons in my whole life. Pound after pound of hot dogs, cookies, and 50 pound bags of dog food really seem to have plump them up. He better hope they all don't try to go under the deck at once or they might flip the house over. lol
  9. I'm with you on this. I let multiple opportunities to shoot small bucks pass without a shred of regret this year. Don't get me wrong; I don't fall in the only shoot big rack deer crew, I just didn't feel it enough to shoot. Then when it came to filling doe tags I have been passing there as well for one reason or the other. I have always been unable to bring myself to shoot a doe with fawns. This season I had two heathy fawns being followed by their big, fat momma into an orchard about 30 yards in front of me. The fawns decided they wanted to wander off and passed me within feet from my tree. After a few minutes momma walks out and with her ears out stretched to the side listening for where they went, raised her nose in the air to try and smell them, and then clearly looking for them had an expression of concern in her gaze, as she put her head down and hurried in the direction they went, grunting out to them with almost every step. She was a nice big doe to fill a tag with, but I just couldn't bring myself to shoot her when I saw what a good mother she was being looking after her fawns. I think just watching the show was enough for me, and to shoot her would have ruined the experience. Headed up to my stand now for the last couple hours today. Maybe today will be the day. : )
  10. Looks more like you hit her front on, off center to one side and blew out a shoulder. Any deer I have ever had plowing ground like that has had one or both shoulders blown out. They nose dive into the ground and slide on their chest pushing up snow and/or leaves until they regain their feet. My guess is shoulder, and if lucky caught a lung. If you didn't push too far and you take it slow I think you will find it tomorrow. But, I would go slow and be ready because I helped my cousin recover one hit that way many years ago, and it was still alive and trying to get away. We did get the deer, a six point. Good luck.
  11. Just got a chance to re-read my earlier post and wanted to say sorry for all the typos and spelling errors. I was typing on my laptop while sitting in the car waiting for my wife, and did not get a chance to look it over before posting. It does not help that the eye surgeons in Alaska did the wrong surgery on me and badly damaged my vision. This also may have played a roll in the deer getting the drop on me today. Back after him in the morning!
  12. Was dealing with a smart buck this morning. Everything felt great this morning, like it was going to be "the" morning. It's the first time I felt this way this season. I've passed several small spikes and a one antler deer more time than I can remember at this point, but knew there was a nice one in the area. I settled into my chair the ground at around 6:45am, and snugged in watching the hillside above me and the hemlocks below. At about 7:30 am I watched two small does walk down the hill in front of me, and they milled around by the hemlocks before going in I assume to bed down. It has always been a popular being area for deer. At 8am I was still primarily focusing on the same spots but occasionally peeking down into some think stuff below and to my right, another popular pass through spot for deer. And, just as soon as I cast my eyes in that direction I caught a huge body deer cruising through the thicket below me. His body looked 3 times the size of the does, and I just knew immediately it was a buck. Then caught sight of his rack. I never paid any more attention to the rack because I knew he was a shooter , and instead smoothly got in position to shoot. He was about 60 yards down hill and going to pass broadside. I could have poked a shot trough the berry bushes but instead chose to wait until he was going to be directly side ways to me and in the hard woods where I could get a clearer shot. I put my rifle in his direction and watched him go behind a tree about 22 inches diameter, and waited for him to step passed the tree and into my scope. And I waited, waited, waited, thinking when are you gonna step out, but he never did. I never saw him again, I never heard him run or spook off. He just disappeared! At 10 am I had to leave to go with my wife to a doctors appointment, so on my way out of the woods I examined where he had been when I first saw him, and I followed his tracks. That son of a gun came out of that thicket and walked sideways up the hill just below me and from where I last saw him, looking up hill you could see my chair clear as day. He must have either seen me move, scented me, or just knew something was not right, because all he did was stop walking at that tree, turned, and walked right back down the hill to where he had come from. If I had just once pointed my rifle back to where he was coming from on that side of the tree instead of focusing on where he was going but never went, I would have still had an open shot at him. This chapter ended with him wining, but I think considering he was not scared off there is more of this story to come.
  13. It may be the only way to realize the best return on my 30 year plus investment. If Wayne county 93 acres of property would cost 300-400k to replace, purchasing my property in its entirety may be pretty limited group of buyers . I would love to see it go all together but also need to be practical.
  14. So here I am in a bit of a different position. After owning our property (175 acres) since 1990, raised our kids in the house we built here (and 3 1/2 stall garage), and letting the fields return to brush filled with deer along with the woods, we are debating selling as one parcel or breaking into several smaller hunting parcels, and the house/garage separate. Thoughts?
  15. Passed on 2 spikes this morning, and 1 half rack almost fork horn. The spikes I think were brothers traveling right nose to tail. Very pretty morning to be out. The snow covered fields show the deer were very active overnight.
  16. Has anyone here had any experience with "Tracker" ATV's? I know the story of them now (formerly Arctic Cat), but don't know anyone who has owned one.
  17. Must be everyone is busy hunting, and/or as clueless as me on this subject. In any event; I found what I was looking for and shall be mobile again in a day or so. : )
  18. Please, if any one here knows who and where is the largest selection of ATV's for sale between Utica and Rochester, NY. There were no fewer than a half dozen dealers in the Utica/Rome/Cooperstown area about 15 years ago when I bought my last (Yamaha)one. Now, I cannot locate any. Any information is appreciated. Also, If request for this information not allowed on this site for some reason, maybe just point towards what city/town to look. Thank you
  19. On page 3 of this thread, I responded to the alleged outrage over the possibility that there might not be a smooth transfer of power if Trump were to lose the 2020 election. I must have written it in invisible ink, or perhaps it flew over the heads of those I was responding too. Or, perhaps it was too touchy a subject to try and address in any credible manner how Hillary, the left wing media, government agencies, and the never Trumpers violated that very principle. Here 5 pages of posts later, this thread has deteriorated to the point that people are being called "stupid", as well as inferring and/or implying in a disgusting passive aggressive manner that members here are racist. Good natured debate and differing opinions are one thing, but some of you are hitting a troubling new low on this site.
  20. Did you have the same "issue" when Hillary and her followers unleashed her hounds of hell in an all out assault against the winner, Trump, and our entire country, costing millions of wasted dollars, blood , sweat, tears, fear, innocent peoples livelihoods? Where the hell was the peaceful transfer of power in 2016? I do not believe it was an oversight by Chris Wallace to ask that question to Trump but not Hillary. I think he is to seasoned at his job to screw up that bad. It was by design. Had he asked her the same question about her accepting the election results if she were to lose, this whole damned thing may have been avoided or at least made a lot more difficult to keep going. Trump is and remains a "Big Orange (as the left like to refer to him) Middle Finger" directed firmly in the faces of the elite of both parties by the previously forgotten citizens of this country, of all colors, genders, ages, race, religions, etc. And the self entitled class made up of both parties can't stand it! They feel it threatens their way of life and their egos! They need to remember they are NOT our overlords, they are our elected employees! So, perhaps we should all join hands rather than keep hitting each other, borrow an old line from Trump, and tell a bunch of them from both parties..."you're fired"! God bless the "United" (people) States of America!
  21. Leaning? The non stop hatred and propaganda being spewed by the same people on this "hunting" site is nauseating! Their attempts to convert anyone here I think is doing nothing but making others even more committed to vote for President Trump. If for no other reason I say go ahead and keep it up!