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Damn inch worms

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My neighbor alerted me that the inch worms were eating the Scotch Pines we have. I sprayed today, they did a number on the ones I transplanted. Sucks but hopefully I spayed in time. Will do it again this weekend. They just eat the Scotch pine its weird? 

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I know what you are saying, I have an apple tree I planted when I first moved to this place almost 40 years ago that has been ruined by Gypsy Moth caterpillars. It was one of those trees that was supposedly a five variety but the apples it produced looked and tasted pretty much the same. It produced so many apples a few years ago that some of it's branches broke from their weight. I was looking it over the other day and only one large limb is growing leaves, the rest of the tree is bare and it's prognosis is not looking good.

By the way I see they are now referring Gypsy Moths caterpillars as "Sponge Worms", I guess real Gypsies must have been offended of the naming a destructive caterpillar after them.


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