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  1. Just trying to make friends. Give him a pass lol
  2. https://cnynews.com/ixp/705/p/if-you-see-purple-paint-in-the-woods-turn-around-immediately/
  3. So when I had the fire here my trail mower melted. Insurance was great and they paid for a new swisher mower. It came but no battery. I bought one at NAPA auto it was 80 bucks. I used the mower three times during the third time the battery came out of the mower deck. and got chewed up by the mower. Next battery gets secured much better then just the rubber cord they give you.
  4. Hey they shot pretty good. Here is a group at 20 yards.
  5. Was out with my Brother moving, swapping hanging new stands today. Came across this rub. Put up a few new Muddy and big game 18' stands. Really went up nice and very sturdy. Nothing like a new stand! lol
  6. OK guys I will check it out this afternoon. Thanks.
  7. I need new arrows. I found a dozen 2016 Gamegetters in an old bow case. Perfect condition, they are aluminum. Would you use them? Thanks FL
  8. Probably just need the winch and two big eye hooks in your barn.
  9. That's my Black mouth Cure Bailey at 1.5 years old. She is 90 lbs all muscle and full of energy. Down south these are the dogs that run deer and bear. They have a heart of gold.
  10. Every year this pole gets hiy by the local bear. We stoped by today and the dogs went nuts so they wren't here too long ago. REA is replacing poles in my are bet ya this one gets replaced! lol
  11. Army won today 57-0! My Daughter said she was bringing about 10 Cadets to the tailgate it was 20! lol All the food went we all had a great time!!!
  12. I wonder with the amount of Doe permits given out is it deer over population or hunter underpopulation? Everyone I know including out of state hunter all got Doe permits.
  13. We tyry to keep the young ones interested. This year in my area we have 3 youth hunters. More TK. I feel it's how us old timers feel and we just can't change the course of time. We do our best but for me we have 2-4 youth hunters in the next 10 years, thats not good. There is only so much we can do.
  14. I think you make perfect sense. I would love to shoot more often but the price of ammo is through the roof. It's sad and to think what we might endure in the future does not look good.
  15. Happy Birthday Eddie and thanks for your service!
  16. In most cases, deer with fibromas can live a normal and productive life and should be left alone and allowed to do so. In severe cases where abnormally large or unfortunately placed fibromas are negatively impacting the health of the deer, you are encouraged to contact your local regional office of MDIFW to report the case and consult with a biologist.
  17. I planted last week well within the window.
  18. Was finger printed to work at the schools was $100 bucks. maybe they can use the same one? Thanks
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