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    Hi glad you are here.
  2. Parts of the windshield were broken through but most of it stayed intact. They were all cut by flying glass.
  3. So I shot a nice buck at bow season and we took 4 buck and two doe on opening day. I came up this weekend to get the meat and pretty much just walk around and enjoy the outdoors. I did have a doe permit left. Had a couple of chances but didn't shoot. I left the woods thanking for the harvest. I left this morning around 9:10 and as a drove by my neighbor he was just heading down to woods. We talked for a while I left. Timing is everything. Just before exit 39 Bath I see a guy in the right lane waving me down. Blood on his face. I pulled over and saw his car windshield crushed. There was Mom Dad and two toddlers and a baby. I immediately called 911. They spoke broken english. Dad was pretty cut up and everyone else had blood on them. Two other people stoped and I think one was an Off duty police officer. We aided the family and got them out of the car and into a warm truck. Not much english spoken and I held the 4 year old boy for 15 minutes. He kept on telling me get the yukies off of me. That was the blood from deer and dad. I took him to my truck and had wipes when he saw my dog he was happy. Sherif was grateful and I left. Hope they are ok. Life can change in a second! . .
  4. Yote going after a young buck.
  5. In the story they use the words "child" and "minor" a minor is 18 years old or younger. No arguing but that is a fact. Need more details on the story.
  6. 300 yards such a shame, accident for sure.
  7. Only saw two doe last two days. May stay until Wed morning. Got hit with some snow made it hard to see 4:30 and on.
  8. I use it and it seems to last a decent amount of time. I buy one every year as a scent cover.
  9. I was at my Processor Friday he had taken in a little over 200. He said it was a bit slow.
  10. Just trying to piece together this repeat of 2015. 2015 was almost a full moon phase couple days away. 2021 full moon Nov 20. Both years we had doe being chased 5 days prior all over the property. This was big bucks chasing also. Just some info.....
  11. yes that would be nice. My neighbor does that. I'll try to get it together before they come down tomorrow! Thanks
  12. We did this a few years ago. Never thought we would repeat. 4 buck 2 doe by 8:00. 8 pt 2 6 pt and a 4 pt. Mine in the big one. Never took two big bucks in the same year. So happy. Just my niece didn't connect. She is still out there!
  13. Can't make it up 6 deer by 8:00. I got the big one. 4 bucks 2 doe.
  14. When I watch the resolution is still pretty low. That buck is a real nice 8 or 10 pt but you really can't tell. I used my I phone.
  15. What a day today. My brother and I saw three different chases going on. I have vide of the first. Adult doe with triplets. Bucks were chasing one of the little ones. The video I uploaded to You Tube is low resolution Ill try again, in we saw about 8 bucks today looking for love! My brother has the buck tag so I'm hoping he gets a shot!
  16. 1/3 cameras are working have to look into it. Here are 4 nice ones.
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