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  1. Hay was just cut and I was headed down to the pond for a cookout. Thought I saw a grouse in the cut field. Drove my quad within 5 feet of this WoodCock. Hope it didn't have a nest in the Hay field??? He or she flew off after a couple of picts.
  2. She seems good. A video that long she should of explained what she was doing with the mounts. Also your in the business mount Turkeys its part of the job! I wish her luck.
  3. Just checked the clumps of worms I sprayed, all dead! Seven mixed with water works great!
  4. My neighbor alerted me that the inch worms were eating the Scotch Pines we have. I sprayed today, they did a number on the ones I transplanted. Sucks but hopefully I spayed in time. Will do it again this weekend. They just eat the Scotch pine its weird?
  5. Enjoy its going to be great!
  6. I would seriously purchase the site if I knew how?
  7. OMG I'm in the same boat. Been hearing them just can't get up that early, maybe Saturday?
  8. I'm really cozy hear right now. Yes I miss some of the guys who left but it is what it is and now we make it what it is! You guys rock let's keep it going!
  9. Wow that is great got a few but the forgot me after 10 yrs. lol
  10. Wow ok got to look into how to do this. Thank you!
  11. You mean a bucket? Yes if so. I did a back drag with the bucket empty. Give it a shot with a loaded bucket?
  12. Tractor guys I need help. My tractor has been great with the cleanup from the fire but I rutted up some areas on my property. Could not wait for property to dry. What attachments can I use to fix this. York rake? Also I'll be spreading crusher run in a few weeks is there something for that? Thanks FL
  13. Update: I'm settled on dwelling and property loss. Still waiting for property loss check. So many neighbors reached out to help it was nice. Demo and removal of the shed is complete. I resided the house and installed 1 new window. Just waiting for the other two windows to come in. Today I'll do the fake stone on the bottom skirting. One step at a time. Thanks for everyones support! PS that bright green thing hanging from the eve is a bee trap bought at TS. It does an awesome job on the carpenter bees!
  14. No fever also. Lost voice, bad sore throat, then worked it way up to my head. Now congestion and headache. Urgent care would not give me anything. Said it was viral.
  15. Started feeling better this morning. Man this kicked my ass. Tomorrow will be a week. I keep on hearing gobblers up back around 6, if Im up to it maybe sunday.
  16. Can you believe when I was reading this the Farmer called me! I told him I wasn't feeling well but he said the way they do it its injected into the ground. He said they were done and shouldn't be an issue moving forward. Super nice guy really like him and I didn't want to make a big deal out of it.
  17. Last week My Farmer started spreading liquid manure all over our fields. This was mid week by Saturday I lost my voice and my throat was really sore. It felt like a really nasty cold. So between yesterday and today the must of dumped 20 tankers on my fields and I feel like hell again. Have you ever heard of anyone getting sick from the smell fumes? I'm sure it's a coincidence just had to ask. I'll go to urgent care tomorrow if not better.
  18. Hubby got one this morning. The first bird is being mounted. Total time in the woods for both birds 45 minutes!
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