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  1. Well the asshat was 18. So I guess as far as you go string him up. Parents and teachers have no liability. He was just a kid let's just give up on him or her and move on.....
  2. don't agree so where do you blame it? You contradict yourself. Bringing up a child starts the day you hold it. I really would like yo know what went on in that household. We will find out.
  3. Back when I was a youngster my buddy and I went to an old farm house in the Catskills his friend bought. Hunter mountain 200 acres. He had a 30 yard dumpster to fill. If I told you what we threw out it would make your stomach turn. The bright side of it was that when he returned the following weekend most of the stuff was gone from the dumpster!
  4. I just watched my Nephew last night he is 12. We watched some hockey but most of the time he was watching, Ticktok, Stitch and playing Mortal combat. Games and social media are destroying the younger generation.
  5. How does a guy like this slip through the cracks and destroys so many lives. He is 18. This would be a time to look back at everything in his life to see what got him there and who missed the signs. Pray for those people.
  6. Sickening. Heard (not confirmed) he was from outside the area. Pray for those people just doing their Saturday routine.
  7. Went to school there many moons ago! Sounds like he had a good game!!!
  8. I hear ya. Taken me 59 years to finally get to that cabin full time! lol Hope I get to enjoy a good 20 years there. I was just saying to my buddy. Seems when you get to 60 so many around you are getting sick or dying.
  9. Yes totally addictive. Good for you!
  10. Wow nasty Kitty hope you get it.
  11. I always have my best workouts in the morning. Two cups of coffee and off I go. When I worked in NYC and commuted each day I was up at 4:30 and working out by 5:15. Kinda got used to it and it worked for me. Afternoon or evening workouts were the worst. My co-workers always asked me aren't you going to eat I would just say I graze all day long! lol
  12. I was driving home on RT 17 through the Catskills boy was there some type of hatch going on. Bugs everywhere, made my truck a mess. This was on Wednesday last week.
  13. Have a wonderful day Ladies!
  14. That is what I had last night.
  15. Hard to stay away from the beer and all the low calorie/ carb beer tasts like shit.
  16. Cleanest trophy room I've ever seen! Nice
  17. My Brother is cooking. Ultimate taco melt with venison! Watching the Ranger game!
  18. It was a nice trip. My brother Inlaw met me there on Monday. We mowed around the cabin and fixed what needed fixen! Hot water heater blew an element so I had to get on from REA. Soil samples came back from my fields and they need to be put into clover for a few years before hay. Had a guy come over to give me an estimate on a 24 by 36 garage/bunk house. Garage part will be 18x24 bunk house 14x24. Bunk house is an overflow for guests. Garage for my truck and a small tractor. It was a nice trip cause I wasn't up there since last November. My move will be in August. Teddi reports to West Point June 26th. It's all coming together. One big hitch is my brother. He is my wing mate. He had a lesion removed from his face. It was cancerous. Went back a second time to take more out. It didn't work. Now it's a third surgery or radiation. I'm trying to balance my move upstate, the sale of my house and his condition. I'm in contract on the sale so we have to be out in August. A lot to think of and I know he comes first.
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