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Fox sightings

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I have seen three fox within the last two weeks.  Usually lucky to see one a year while driving, have never encountered one in 18 years of hunting in the woods.  Any opinion of why I may be seeing them so much lately?  Lots of tracks in my yard as well (I live next to Green Lakes State Park in Fayetteville, NY).  Don't think the Coyote population is down, heard them a lot during the Spring / Summer / Fall this year.  First Fox I saw (in Minoa) was the biggest I've ever seen, if it wasn't for the red hair and black tail I would've thought it was a small coyote.  I realize the winter coat makes them look larger but wow, he looked huge.

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It's mating season and they are really cruising this time of year. I've been out in the woods hiking/scouting/grouse hunting and have seen tracks all over the place along with the strong smell of fox urine. I was almost home the other night around 6 pm when I saw 2 fox locked up end to end out in a field.  Another factor leading to more sightings, at least in my neck of the woods would be that we don't have any deep snow and the snow we do have is hard packed making for easy travel. The hard packed snow may also make it more difficult to mouse in, so they are pursuing more squirrels, birds (daytime) and rabbits now.

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