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  1. nybigbuck

    2018 HuntingNY Whitetail Classic

    Sign me up. Good luck to everyone!
  2. nybigbuck

    Latest card pull looks good

    First one is a shooter. Good luck!!
  3. nybigbuck

    Most wanted for 2018

    Good luck, he's a dandy!!
  4. nybigbuck

    Top 10 whitetail destinations

    I know lots of big bucks get killed in Ohio but I'vebeen there 3 times and never even seen a shooter (2 different outfitters) and no other hunters in camp shot anything "big". Went to Saskatchewan 8 times and shot 5 nice bucks one of them was a B&C non-typical but that was before prices got ridiculous.
  5. nybigbuck


    Heck yeah! Hope they hang around after the bachelor groups break up.
  6. nybigbuck

    Opening Day "Faux Pas"?

    I forgot my Ozonics, bought a new bag to put it in and left it in my car, too far to walk back and get. Also forgot my binoculars at the house. Of the deer I did see most were within 20 yards so no big deal. Hoping the next trip in goes better.
  7. nybigbuck

    Besides that big buck...

    My son to get his first deer with the bow or gun.
  8. nybigbuck

    Finally a few good ones

    Look like a nice one in the field too. Good luck!!
  9. nybigbuck

    7mm-08 Ammo

    I use the Federal Premium Vital Shok 140 grain and love them. Have killed several deer with them both long and short shots.
  10. nybigbuck

    First cam pull in years

    Nice pics. Love the Coyote one! Good luck!
  11. nybigbuck

    Labor Day weekend card pulls

    Which do you like best? I see a Moultrie in there. Looking to get another. Thanks.
  12. nybigbuck

    Got a good 'un

    Good luck, hold off the little till at least Dec.
  13. nybigbuck

    Can't wait!!!

    Stands are in, 1 more trip in to cut lanes and we'll be ready for the season.
  14. nybigbuck

    Meanwhile 300 yards away. . .

    Good Luck, he's a dandy!!
  15. nybigbuck

    Like what I see!!!!

    He's nice but seems young. The 10 with the giant brow tines would be my first choice but all are beautiful bucks!!