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  1. Yup, keep on voting Dems in, it's working out real well.
  2. The sad thing about all this is that some hunters will be voting for Kathy in November.
  3. No place to hunt in Allegany County NY? With all the state land available there, I don't see why anyone would have to lease property or purchase land to pay the taxes on, unless they have the money and want to. I do some roaming around that area and have hunted it during early bow and see very few hunters. https://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/73957.html Check out all the state land available to hunting.
  4. Back to the subject of having the itch to hunt deer. I think I have it 365. I'm back out in the deer woods soon after the season ends, and if there's snow on the ground when a weekend rolls around, that's a golden opportunity to take a walk. Later on when the snow melts, that's a warm welcome to stretch the legs and time to look for sheds and do more scouting. Then the last few months here in the summer, after working 50+ hours during the week, I was itching to get out and trim some stands, set some trail cams and keep in tune with the woods on the weekends. A lot of evenings shooting arrows now and hope to get out and glass some deer just for fun in the August evenings.
  5. I usually see a few deer, lots of tracks and I see where they have been eating the green vegetation. One thing I noticed last time out was small fruit had dropped under most of the hickory trees. Almost like they dropped early. I hope that's not the case as the animals really relied on them last fall, since the moths defoliated most oaks in my area.
  6. I hunt a lot of different areas so I try to get out every other weekend or so if I can. I'm mostly checking and trimming stand sites, but also looking at the current agricultural crops, seeing if the gyspy moths have finally all died and off and checking to see if maybe we'll have some acorns again this year. In the new area's I want to place a stand, I'm looking at old rubs and trying to pick a tree. Also setting out trail cams to try and get an idea of what deer are in the different areas I hunt.
  7. No way, could care less about it.
  8. I keep some cameras out year round just because I enjoy it to the max. Mine are mostly all Brownings and set to video. I set them facing north on a good funnel or spot that will have game pass through. All are at ground level to maximize view and animals that pass by a bit further out and all cams are in lock boxes secured to a tree. Once I started seeing the video I was able to capture, I've rarely set one to take just photos any more. I'll have summer video of bear, nice bucks, fawns, fishers, coyote, bobcat and just about everything that roams the woods day or night. It's hard to beat it for entertainment in my book. My favorite video so far this year was early May on a camera set up in the corner of a remote wooded spot. A big ole tom walks right in front of the camera, goes to a strutt and let's out a loud gobble! One in a million shot. Just one great example while cams set to video are the only way to go. I have a few cameras out that I haven't gotten to since last fall, so something to look forward to. I'll get to them soon, fresh batteries and a new card and let them soak till I get back there in the fall.
  9. Looks very mouth watering tasty. You got my vote.
  10. What? A man or woman with a shoulder injury is just lazy? I know a lot of construction workers that can barely lift their arm, have had to have surgery, go through hours and hours of PT and work through a lot of daily pain. Personally I’m glad we have options and can choose what to hunt with. I’m all for full inclusion.
  11. Awesome story! I know the heart pounding feeling as I had a similar experience about 6 years ago. I was walking up out of the river bottom here in the park when I looked up to see a cub climbing up a tree 15 yards in front of me. I was fumbling to get a picture and watching for mother when she appeared about 40 yards away in the brush. I turned around and started walking in the opposite direction as fast as I could without running. My heart was pounding for quite a while. It was a great experience.
  12. It won't affect my hunting adventures much. I'm lucky to live in deer country, can hunt out the back door or drive 5 minutes to a few favorite places. And it's 30 minutes to great wild trout streams and bass lakes. My yearly Adirondack canoe camp and bass fishing trip will cost more, but no biggie.
  13. Wow, going on 12 years for me, I must be a lifer. I'm always interested in seeing what's going on out there in the hunting and fishing topics. I cut way back on posting due to time and just liking my privacy. I guess I'll never be a big forum guy. I don't try to fit in. In house arguing over hunting implements and such is a huge turn off. The political threads stink too. There is a lot of good info and interesting talk on here, some good people for sure.
  14. Avian Pox can cause death also, but not on a very large scale. I saw a flock of 25 birds in a field yesterday. Populations seem pretty decent here in Liv Co. We have a thick frozen crust of snow on the ground right now and some cold temps, can't be easy for them to find food right now.
  15. I just really enjoy deer hunting to the point where it's on my mind 365. I hunt public land 95% of the time and do a lot of boots on the ground scouting, shed hunting and tree stand planning. I enjoy winter scouting with snow on the ground and I usually get right out there when the season ends and do a lot of exploring on into shed season, then spring and turkey season too. It's just a great time to be out there, and a good opportunity to learn more. I think that has helped me be a better hunter. Each season is different, so being in the woods year round helps me to be in tune as to what is going on, and helps to develop a strategy. I'm not a great hunter, it can be very humbling. I do enjoy the journey and keep on learning.
  16. I've packed my last 5 deer out, so no weight. Next time maybe I'll get a girth measurement.
  17. Today is a day off from work. I am waiting for showers to pass before I head in a few miles to pull a couple cams I set out back in early October and sneak around to see what I can see. I would normally be out scouting and moving stands this weekend anyways, but being able to carry my bow sure makes it interesting. It's a nice wet morning to sneak.
  18. Quality hunting clothing that allows me to sit in a tree stand from sun up till sundown and stay comfortable. Danner boots to keep my feet warm and dry on the 2 mile walk in and back out. A heater body suit that really keeps me warm, good rain gear and merino wool base layers just to name a few.
  19. Hoping you and your family have a speedy recovery. I hear of people having such a wide range of symptoms/severity.
  20. The day after Christmas I'll be with family, that leaves the last day, Jan 1st. Maybe. It's a good season for retired hunters I guess.
  21. We have family visiting around Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas or we are visiting them hours away. It’s awesome and I’m blessed. I do wish however that they would be starting the new ‘late season’ a week after Christmas so I could actually get out a few days.
  22. I had the exact kind of day, sat in a tree all day, perfect weather. I was between two bedding areas and near standing corn but no movement which is odd. It's on public land and there were a lot of boots on the ground this past week, so they may be laying low. Congrats to all that scored today!
  23. Those features, (draws saddles and benches) help and should not be overlooked. Also and I think more importantly, older bucks like to travel in or close to security cover, and any dip in the terrain will keep them out of view even more. I like areas with a mixture of brush for security cover above all. I have a stand on a bench that's been pretty good. It is at the base of a deep ravine so it tends to funnel deer to this spot. The uphill side is red oak, the downhill side drops off to a thick bottom.
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