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Teleconference of East Coast Gov’t Agencies Planning Gun Confiscation Leaked

Submitted by IWB, on August 7th, 2016
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The State’s Attorney’s General of Virginia, New York, Massacheusetts, and one other east coast state, along with DHS, FEMA and the A D L had a teleconference yesterday describing huge plans for gun confiscation in those states.

Amazingly, someone either risked their life or hit the wrong button because the supposedly private teleconference went out as open access to state and government agencies.

The plan was to use police and all the other agencies listed above to bull rush the gun owning citizenry and seize their guns and to do it very quickly so a counter operation wouldn’t have time to muster.


They then began to ridicule those who would be on the front lines in this operation and laughed at how easily they will be thrown under the bus.

Turns out some of the people being ridiculed were actually listening. It was police listening over their computers in their cars. Apparently they have made disks of the 2 hour meeting and only distributing it to other trusted police members. The source of this story is Mark Koernke of The Intelligence Report at The Micro Effect and Liberty Tree Radio.

http://www.indianafreedomtalkradio.com/intelreport.html Go to this website and download 8 AM Broadcast for 8/4/2016, then start it to listen. more talk curser up to the area of 24 minutes and start listening.   SPREAD THIS INFORMATION PLEASE TO OTHER HUNTING FORUM YOU KNOW TODAY.

Listen 20 minutes into the 8am broadcast for 8/4/16 for this to surface.

Apparently, the cops don’t want to release this publically because it could all be an op to see who would leak sensitive information.


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