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  1. i think the road i used to drive in from was called Snyder Hill Road. There was a small racetrack near it. There were a few forest roads that broke off in a grid pattern. The camping areas were really just small clearing off to the side of the forest roads where you could camp. The town of Cortland was about a twenty minute ride- plenty of options for a meal.
  2. I used to have property in 7R, bordering Tuller Hill State Forest. The deer hunting was OK. Definitely not a lot of pressure on the State land as far as i could tell. There were camping areas on the forest roads that i rarely noticed being used. Not a lot to do in the neighboring towns.
  3. Maybe covering something up- some kind of engravement on the stock?
  4. You're funny. Not sure why you need to defend North's false accusation, or why you're making such a big deal out of it. Maybe you're just the type that looks for an online fight, or can't admit when he's wrong. Or, maybe you're just so deep in the cult that you can't think or read straight. And, as far as your statement about deflections by 'you people', isn't that exactly what you yourself did? Never mind.
  5. You can't be serious. North accused the guy of saying something that he didn't say. i pointed that out. And, that's nitpicking? And, who are 'you people'?
  6. Not at all. I didn't say or imply that others haven't made that claim. But, Left did not. And North stated that he did.
  7. Where in Left's posts does he state that Biden inherited the problem at the border? I see a comment about the economy, not the border.
  8. Would anyone really just hand over their guns in the woods without at least seeing a badge? That's crazy.
  9. Has this ridiculous 'study' been published in any legitimate medical journals? This is what the BMJ had to say about it: News Covid-19: Trial of experimental “covid cure” is among worst medical ethics violations in Brazil’s history, says regulator
  10. I'm talking about flags like 'Trump 2020 Fuck Your Feelings' which other members have proudly displayed in their yards for the neighborhood kids to admire.
  11. Right, being a traitor is punishable by death. If you haven't noticed all the hats, shirts, flags, bumper stickers, etc. over the past few years, i don't know what to tell you.
  12. How about with bumper stickers, T-shirts, FJB flags/signs/etc., hats, etc. etc. ? Are those intended to reduce the divide? Also, you might want to check the title of this thread (the one you started) before taking a stand on name calling.
  13. Totally agree. i'm extremely lucky that my neighbors 'know everyone' and seem to keep an eye on my place. Having a bad neighbor situation could easily ruin the experience.
  14. She voted with Trump 93% of the time. Trump and his sycophants require complete capitulation.
  15. I’m not a fan of hers- she’s too conservative for me. But, I do admire her principles.
  16. So, you’re celebrating her downfall because you’re an advocate for the people of Wyoming, and not because you’re a Trump fanboy?
  17. I find this whole thing curious. Liz Cheney has a long history as a staunch conservative. Yet, she's tarred and feathered for being loyal to country/constitution over blind loyalty to Donald Trump. It just doesn't make sense.
  18. Beautiful day out here on the East End. Good luck.
  19. Regarding the Adirondack Park, this statement from the governor's website: The bill language does not specifically reference the Forest Preserve, which is distinguished both in statute and the state constitution from all other public parks in New York State.
  20. Also found this on the NYS Senate website: Creates a list of sensitive locations where concealed carry is prohibited, makes criminal possession of a weapon in a prohibited area a Class E felony. Prohibited areas include federal, state or local government buildings, including courts; places providing health or medical care such as hospitals, nursing homes, domestic violence shelters, medical campuses, behavioral health and chemical dependency facilities; houses of worship; places where children gather including schools, libraries, daycare centers, playgrounds, parks, and zoos; state regulated facilities under OCFS, OPWDD, OASAS, OMH, and OTDA; public transportation facilities; establishments where alcohol or cannabis are consumed; locations being used as a polling place; educational institutions including schools and colleges; theaters, stadiums, arenas, racetracks, museums, amusement parks, performance venues, casinos, and venues for athletic games or contests; any public sidewalk restricted from access for a permitted special event; any gathering of individuals who are collectively expressing First Amendment rights of protest or assembly; and Times Square in Manhattan. The prohibition of carrying weapons in sensitive areas does not apply to police officers, peace officers, armed security guards, active duty military personnel, or any person who is lawfully engaged in hunting.
  21. Regarding signage on private property, it looks to me that this wouldn't apply to long guns. This is what i found on the NYS website: Property owners who do decide to allow concealed carry will have to disclose with signage saying concealed carry is allowed on the premises.
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