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  1. What year is the bow? Are the poundage and DL adjustable?
  2. Just admit that you jumped to a demonstrably inaccurate conclusion without first checking to see if it was accurate-a pretty common occurrence on these threads as most are content to run with those types of statements. Admitting it, not so common.
  3. You stated very clearly already that other networks weren't covering it. Did you make that declaration without checking? This awful story is everywhere.
  4. That's great. Hope he buys Fox News next.
  5. Kathy Griffin is a hack, D-list comedian. Comparing her desperate attempt to be noticed to the actions of elected officials is not an equal comparison. There are supposed to be higher standards for elected officials- at least there used to be.
  6. Ha. I think a bigger problem is the inability to recognize irony. Seriously, some of you guys might want to take a minute or two between ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ and give a little thought to whether or not the clever little meme you’re about to share applies only to your enemies.
  7. No, i'm sure you're right. Those folks all looked intelligent and unbiased- not at all like a bunch of ginned up lunatics.
  8. Ha. Sure, those were a bunch of research scientists that stormed the capitol. Classic.
  9. Both parties have spent out of control. Niether will take accountability, and will continue to blame the otherside. We, as citizens are just beginning to feel the effects from Washington. That's because each party only cares about spending/debt/deficit when the other party is in power.
  10. Post the link. I would like to purchase some to sell at my store.... Thank you or PM me if you would rather
  11. I'm not peddling anything. That was Apexer, not me.
  12. Ha. That was YOUR link, not mine. Next time, look past the clickbait title.
  13. They're available on Amazon- might take a week or so to arrive.
  14. By any chance, did you read the article and interview that you linked? This is copied and pasted from it, without edits: ICT®: You’re fully vaccinated. So, when you leave your house, do you often wear a mask? Kavanagh: I wear a mask when I leave the house, I avoid indoor settings. Now, if I’m outside, when nobody’s around, I’ll be carrying a mask, not necessarily having a mask on. Certainly, when you exercise, you can’t wear a mask. But on the other hand, when you’re exercising, you’re spreading a lot of large droplet particles which won’t dissipate in the air, and you’re projecting them further. So, if you’re exercising, don’t run by someone on the sidewalk. You should be staying at least 30 feet away from people. And if you can’t do that, then don’t exercise outdoors. Get yourself a stationary bike and exercise indoors. This Delta variant, again, is much more infectious—1000 times more viral particles. We need to respect it. And we need to respect others. And that’s the key. Our society needs to start respecting others. And that means not just worrying about your rights but worrying about the safety of other people.
  15. OK. Well, you obviously look for the best available information, and not just someone who tells you what you want to hear.
  16. Right. But again, any mask is better than none at all. Think of it like rain gear- Wearing 'Waterproof' is best. Wearing 'Water Resistant' is ok. Wearing neither is dumb.
  17. No mask is 100% effective. Any mask is better than no mask. Are you saying that you have not been able to find any kind of mask aside from the cotton/cloth types?
  18. ...or smart enough to wear a non-cloth mask, like the ones recommended by the CDC.
  19. Football games are outdoors, for the most part. I don't think there are currently any mask mandates for outdoor events- i could be wrong about that. Mask mandates are impossible to enforce. Unfortunately, they rely on peoples' sense of decency and concern for their fellow community members.
  20. Great idea- we should let our enemies pick our President.
  21. I installed a tankless water heater to make it easier to winterize between visits. An unanticipated cost was insulation- local code forced me to use spray foam in the ceiling. That was costly- around $4k if i remember right. Also due to code, I was not allowed to have a wood stove as the primary heat source- i use electric baseboard instead.
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