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  1. Nobody on this thread or this forum has suggested or would support a ban.
  2. I haven’t found a wide selection. I use Hornady Superformance 165gr for my 30-06. Ive had great results.
  3. Ok guys. I’m not interested in going round and round on conspiracy theories and whatnot. If you’re interested in the subject, great. If not, your choice- but don’t forget to keep telling everyone that hunters are the best conservationists.
  4. Take it easy pal. I don't represent the organization. I just didn't find the link as threatening and dubious as you did. Don't attend the discussion if you don't want to.
  5. There's no suggestion that you should change what you use at the range. only in the woods.
  6. I don't think there's anything misleading. I seriously do0ubt that most readers will think that the statement is meant to imply that lead has been removed from pre-existing plumbing, or from everywhere else for that matter. The intent is simply to protect wildlife and probably humans that consume lead that's either left behind in the woods by hunters or remains in the game meat after butchering.
  7. Panel discussion on non-lead ammunition on October 7. Register at
  8. Or the people who would be impacted by the price increases that would be the result of higher wages.
  9. Could he have been duck/goose hunting, maybe pass shooting?
  10. Do Trump supporters really want to compare gaffes? Neither candidate is exactly a flawless speaker.
  11. Not everyone is a single-issue voter. For example, it's possible for a person to be a gun owner and to also be pro-choice. In cases like that, the voter has to make choices. For many, they choose a side and fall in line with all of a party's platform points. For others, it's not so simple.
  12. Tuller Hill SF is also nearby. I used to have property directly abutting it. The hunting was okay. Not a lot of pressure on the state land.
  13. You're probably right. But, I have to be honest, if I had a neighbor who was flying a vulgar flag (regardless of it's political slant), I would be bothered by it because I would feel that my neighbor does not respect my young children. And, if I approached that neighbor and asked him to reconsider it out of respect for the fact that there are young children living next door, and he reacted by saying 'too bad', I'd have a hard time respecting that person.
  14. I wasn't playing any games. Was trying to give you the opportunity to show that you have at least some shred of common sense or decency. I won't bother you any more. As we have already agreed, it's pointless.
  15. I guess you're right- it's pointless. If you feel no sense of responsibility to parents of young children who might drive past your house and read your sign, who then have to explain to their kids what the sign is about; If you feel no sense of obligation to teach your own grandson the importance of a civil disagreement or a respectful difference of opinion; If you feel that adults can't possibly stand up for their beliefs in a dignified manner- I guess it really is pointless.
  16. So, the language is acceptable then? No issue with children visiting your home with that type of flag flying?
  17. Likewise. That was my point from the beginning- the loss of civil discourse.
  18. I believe I did answer Culver's questions- have someone read my posts to you if you need help. Another internet tough guy. I'm quite confident that this conversation would go differently in person.
  19. I am ok, Crappy. You seem to be the one who needs a safe space- like a web forum where everyone shares the same point of view. If you can’t participate in an intelligent debate, stay out of it. There was no name calling until you chimed in. I appreciate Culver’s posts because he can explain his point of view without resorting to childish nonsense. You should try doing the same.
  20. The ones that say ‘Fuck your feelings’ and ‘ no more bullshit’.