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New bow hunter need advise

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3 minutes ago, OneShotTony913 said:

in Glendale Queens, Sure can meet at Proline just say when

Im not too far from Glendale (depending on traffic off the jackie and grand central)...in fact I went to elementary school in Maspeth right by juniper valley park. I don't really go to shops very much, but my local shop is Queens archery if you want to meet up there one time. Also we have a few events at Suffolk archers that would really be good for you. One of the events I volunteer at is coming up towards the end of August called bow hunters rendezvous. I highly suggest you go to that.

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19 minutes ago, OneShotTony913 said:

Thanks A Tbuckhunter

ill take all help I can get

When is good for you - Queens archery

will look into that event thanks again

Ill let you know when I'm free. I'm taking a summer class so I've been a little bogged down with school work. 

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4 minutes ago, OneShotTony913 said:

That's great I will be attening

This web page is the best looking for something like this for a while.

Thanks again

Not a problem bud! This really is a one of a inf event. Probably one of the most active state specific  forum ive ever seen. The event is specifically geared toward new bow hunters so bring a notebook to take notes. 

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