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  1. Oh nice, I have been known to put a few deer down November 4th. I was just saying it because the weather is finally starting to act normal
  2. Took the dog out instead of deer hunting today. Ended up with 2 pheasant and 1 woodcock. Only bad part was pulling 40 ticks off of her at home. It was so bad I went out and bought tick shampoo. Cant upload a video of the pup retrieving a pheasant though
  3. I'm looking at the new Tundra Hybrid. I'm just waiting for the MPG and prices. Im also interested in the weight of them because I don't want to have to get commercial plates for a pick up. I heard some may be a smidge over 6,000 pounds which is the border for having to get commercial plates
  4. No birds for me today. Couldnt get on any woodcock and the one pheasant my dog pointed in the hedgerow I whiffed on. I didn't even get a shot off because the gun got wrapped in a vine when I was shouldering it. Next week its back to deer. Still a fun day to be out though
  5. Why take the risk? Un screw the breech plug and clean it out. I wouldn't want what essentially becomes a pipe bomb in my hands, if I had the ability to just in screw it and clean it
  6. Feel like a lot of deer are going to be shot tomorrow. Ill be out woodcock and pheasant hunting instead of deer. Next week ill be out in the deer woods though. Passed a bunch of doe and a nice young 7 point the last 2 weeks, but next week Ill be shooting the first doe or nice buck that walks in front of me
  7. I depends. I prefer bows more, but If it was purely about putting meat on the table, then a rifle gets the nod
  8. Have you done a bird introduction yet? If you haven't, I would do that before taking him hunting again. All you'll need is one or two sessions to get him bird crazy if he has the drive. After that, start planting birds in the field and teaching him to quarter
  9. Can't say I know any good guides down there, but if you want to try fishing on your own, id be more than happy to share my spots with you. I've been fishing down there for 14 years
  10. Happy Birthday Bud! Hope you have a great one!
  11. Id hunt no matter what. It would be a hassle to hunt public land, but its worth it to be out in the woods.
  12. Be careful with blackhorn guys. I have pitting on my muzzleloader after leaving it dirty for a few months. It was very light pitting and the gunsmith didn't think it would effect the accuracy, but I thought I wouldn't get any rust. Im still going to use it, but ill be cleaning it after I get it sighted in.
  13. All you need is practice. My grandparents used to hunt with a guy that would regularly kill running deer, but that's how he grew up hunting. They grew up hunting in Europe where running game was the name of the game. Id say most American Hunters do not have the skill to consistently kill running deer. Not that they can't achieve the skill, just that they don't practice it at all. Its all in the form and practice. Since most of us don't regularly shoot at running game Its not a skill most of us care to develop. I my self am in that group as I don't shoot at running deer. I'm not opposed to trying, but I've never really had a good opportunity.
  14. I paid 600 two years ago for mine. The place I went to for my first two mounts charged 495, but they increased it to 550 and their skill didn't match the price so I decided to pay extra for a much better mount. If I ever get another deer over 130, ill get a pedestal mount done
  15. I have a nasty feeling that this will only end up worse for us. Careful what you wish for guys Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Careful guys, I have a feeling this is going to end up being worse for us than with him there
  17. I gotta get back to the beaverkill! Nice fish though
  18. I personally only use non-lead ammo in all of my hunting, but I wouldnt want to impose this on anyone else. I just dont feel its right to do that as well as not really seeing too many benefits to it.
  19. Calling my brother a "keyboard Attorney" is an insult
  20. Only a bachelors here at the moment, but more is on the horizon. Say what you will about me, wont bother me at all, but don't insult my brother.
  21. Keyboard attorney that has more education than you can even think of* Make sure to get it right now...we don't want these people to know how dumb you are
  22. Don't forget to cc me in the email!
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