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Otto 2018 Whitetail Classic Entry

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I took my deer in to get a euro mount. The taxidermist saw it and said "That's an old deer".
He showed me how to age it by measuring the 4th tooth on the lower jaw with a metric ruler. Both sides were 4mm, according to his chart the deer aged at 5.5 years old.67534d85107be93fbf40aaf85bc289c0.jpg

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Deer 2
150 pounds dressed weight
18" inside spread
8 points
Savage 220, 20 Ga., Remington Accutips

This was my first outing with gun, for various reasons, including laziness. Seeing some great bucks taken recently inspired me (esp. TF) plus a Thursday morning sighting of this buck motivated me to at least get my butt in a stand. I was not even ready yet, had just clipped my harness onto the tree, had not loaded the gun or even wiped the snow off the tree stand seat. I turned around and noticed a deer about 150 yards away but could not see any antlers. I had to dig out my binoculars and when I had them could clearly see it was the buck I had seen the day before. I loaded my gun (Savage 220) as quietly as possible. I used a bleat can and got his attention. But he was not coming closer. I dug the grunt tube out of the bottom of my backpack, gave it one blow and that was all it took. He walked to me and I shot him at 65 yards. He took off and went behind some trees and brush. I gave him 20 minutes and found him 50 yards from where I shot him. I've never had such a short time in the treestand! Very thankful and happy for a great season. Hoping to take one with a muzzleloader too, plus I've got a DMP to use too.


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